Multi-locations with Branches

Hassle free
multi-locations with Branches

Setup branches for different self-owned
location with Branches

Types of Setup with Branches

Hub and spoke model

Hub and spoke model

A single main center where most test are processed and other smaller centers which are meant for walk-ins and testing a few select tests only.

regional setup

Regional setup

A regional hub with multiple location in same area/ city - The hub will be created as processing center and smaller centers can be branches

self owned collection centres

Self owned collection centers

A lab with self owned collection centers with multiple users in each collection center and want patient data searchable across all centers

Benefits of Branches

quick setup

Quick setup

You can add Branches on an ad-hoc basis for users with no need to manually configure each.

simplified masters

Simplified masters

All Tests, Doctors and organisations are automatically shared without much hassle to duplicate masters.

centralized master

Centralised management

Branches will allow you to consolidate their financial data into a master system and avoid duplicating records. It will also remove the hassle of managing local accounts and provide better visibility across your branches.

muilty branches benefits

Comparision of Branch vs Sub center vs CC

Branches Sub Center CC Login
Register & Bill Only select org All org in that center Only one org
Sample Acession Patient of the branch All patients in the center Patients of the organisation
Report Entry Patients of the branch All patients in the center
Report Printing Patients of the branch All patients in the center Patients of the organisation
Search Patients All patients including other branches and main center All patients in the center Patients of the organisation
Outsourcing Not required all samples shared automatically Need to outsource samples to send to another center Not required
Finance & Admin
Finance Management Finance will be viewed for a branch Finances managed independently View finances for CC, can also use online payments to recharge accounts
Master Single master for all branches Independant masters Single master, only access for one org
Parent Login Not required Required for switching centers and viewing multicenter dashboards Not required

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