Integrated Laboratory Diagnostics System To Improve Lab Operation

Despite the growing number of systems, the solution remains the same. A dedicated team of experts and Public API documentation, ensure effortless Diagnostic System integration of lab software. Unify Medical Lab Integrations with security and zero data loss.

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Integrated Lab Automation Systems

Simplify Processes, Unify Systems With Medical Device Integrations Software

Seamless interoperability through our Medical Software Integration APIs, facilitating secure data transfer and swift implementation. Our medical lab integration software not only ensures cost-effective scalability but also guarantees a seamless experience, enabling your laboratory to adapt and grow efficiently.

Uninterrupted Interoperability

Get seamless connectivity across all systems with 3rd party Diagnostic System Integrations. Eliminate interruptions in workflow caused by multiple incompatible systems.

Data Security & Privacy

Simplified Medical Lab Integrations with 3rd party systems for convenient data retrieval and analysis. Your data is Secured with HIPAA compliance and minimal industry server downtime.

Medical Lab Integrations Support

Our dedicated Medical software integration Support team is always available to facilitate quick and proper implementation that aids your journey toward quality patient care.

Cost-effective Implementation

CrelioHealth’s efficient integrated diagnostic software can scale your lab operations on the go and break away from complex, expensive, and time-consuming setups, improving your lab's performance.

Tested Medical Lab Integrations That Unify Your Lab Operations

A wide range of supported APIs and medical software integrations enables seamless connections between your laboratory and essential third-party systems and applications. Integrated diagnostic software facilitates easy data transfer, streamlines workflows, and ensures compatibility across various platforms.

All Integrations 


Medical lab integrations with EHR enables smooth communication between labs and other stakeholders such as POL's and healthcare providers.

Athena Health

Athena Health

Nextgen Healthcare

Nextgen Healthcare



Tribeca Care

Tribeca Care


Lifepoint Informatics

Dr Chrona

Dr. Chrono



uDo test

UDo Test

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Billing and Claims tools

Integrated diagnostic software automates the transfer of medical codes and results, improving claim accuracy and reducing denials. B2B lab payment integrations seamlessly manage billing between laboratories and vendors, enhancing efficiency.



Catalyst Billing Solutions

Catalyst Billing Solutions

Adavnced Data 
                                            System Corporation

Adavnced Data System Corporation

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Cultivate effortless connections between various systems through Middleware, ensuring consistent medical software integration.



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Transfer studies seamlessly from instruments and systems to PACS integrations, improving image management and ensuring availability across systems with medical device software integrations.

Stradus PACS

Stradus PACS

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3rd Party Aggregators

Directly receive orders from physicians, aggregators, and patient ordering platforms with LIMS and medical software integration.

1 Health

1 Health

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POS devices and Payment gateways

Integrated diagnostic software works seamlessly with POS systems to handle payments through Square, Stripe, Apple Pay, Tap to Pay, and card swipe.





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Accounting tools

Efficiently manage financial records and streamline data retrieval through the medical software integration with accounting tools and RCM.


Amazon Web Services

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Medical lab integrations with ERP and SAP improve internal inventory management efficiency, simplifying procurement and resource planning processes.





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Get The Best Medical Lab Integrations Software With CrelioHealth


Guarantee ongoing interoperability with Medical Integration, a comprehensive solution that fine-tunes communication and compatibility across diverse systems, facilitating smooth operations and data exchange.

High Data
Security & Privacy

Leverage an Integrated Laboratory Diagnostics system for enhanced data security and privacy. With robust encryption protocols and strict controls, ensure the safeguarding of sensitive information, preserving its integrity and confidentiality.

Prompt Support for Medical integration

Receive prompt and reliable assistance for your requirements with Medical Software Integration, guaranteeing support. Our expert team is ready to assist you, resolve any issues, and ensure a personalized integration experience.

Cost-effective Implementation

Seamless Diagnostic Systems Integration, conserving time and resources through cost-effective implementation. Integrated Diagnostic Software that quickly adapts to your existing system for efficient operations.

Integrated Diagnostic Software Specialists

At CrelioHealth, our team of integration experts is available round the clock to cater to your needs. Whether you require immediate integration or support through each step of the process, we're here for you. Our specialists can seamlessly integrate systems on demand, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal functionality.

API Integration

CrelioHealth excels in LIMS API integration, offering seamless connections between your laboratory systems. Our expertise ensures effortless data exchange and interoperability, empowering your lab with enhanced efficiency and productivity. Trust CrelioHealth to streamline your workflows and optimize your laboratory operations through advanced LIMS API integration solutions.

Highly Rated And Globally Trusted As Medical Device Integration Software

Benefits Of CrelioHealth’s Integrated Lab Solution

Interoperable Data Manage

Effortlessly and efficiently manage data across your expansive healthcare network and intricate business operations with the seamless interoperability of our cutting-edge Integrated Lab Automation Systems.

Secure and Error-Free

Ensure a secure and error-free transfer of comprehensive information, encompassing patient details, sample information, bills, payments, and more, with our advanced Integrated Laboratory Automation Solutions.

Faster Report Delivery

Improve report delivery efficiency, providing stakeholders with timely and beneficial information through our state-of-the-art Integrated Laboratory Data, thereby enhancing communication channels.

Improve Communication

Facilitate collaboration and communication with partners, corporate clients, healthcare providers, staff, and patients, promoting efficiency in healthcare processes with Integrated Laboratory Automation Solutions.

Build Better Relationships

Facilitate uninterrupted connectivity and enhanced operational reliability, providing ease in building more robust relationships with stakeholders through Integrated Lab Automation Systems.

Ease of use

Optimize user interaction with streamlined services for staff, B2Bs, & patients through device integrations, like POS machines, barcode scanners, payment gateways, and more within Integrated Laboratory Systems.

Access Public API Documentation and Simplify Your Diagnostic Integration

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Drive Efficiency with LIMS Integration Through Public API Documentation

CrelioHealth's LIMS System Integration facilitates the integration of any system using open APIs, ensuring streamlined processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

Self Registration

Open APIs

Easily connect with our open APIs, generating tokens to register patients, schedule appointments, arrange home collections, and beyond. The potential applications are limitless.

Capture medical history

Incoming Webhooks

Stay informed with real-time updates on insurance claims, payments, and more. Our incoming webhooks settle bills in your LIMS System, ensuring seamless efficiency.

Unique slot availability

Outgoing Webhooks

Receive immediate updates via webhooks for patient registration, confirmation, and scheduling, ensuring precise record-keeping and documentation.

What is an Integrated Diagnostic Software?

An Integrated Diagnostic Software process refers to the seamless collaboration of various diagnostic processes and technologies within a unified system. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) play a pivotal role in creating an ecosystem for integrated diagnostics by facilitating medical lab integrations and medical software integration. Through LIMS, disparate laboratory systems and software can communicate effectively, enabling streamlined data exchange and analysis across different diagnostic modalities. This integration enhances the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic procedures by providing healthcare professionals with comprehensive insights and data visualization tools. Integrated Laboratory Diagnostics, supported by LIMS, foster enhanced collaboration among healthcare providers and contribute to improved patient care outcomes.

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*Disclaimer: Some Integrations with other systems may incur additional charges

Secure and Compliant Integrated Diagnostic Software for Your Lab

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Secure, Smooth, and Efficient Medical Software Integrations for Your Lab

Secure your free demo to experience secure and efficient Medical Integration with our stringent measures. Seamlessly exchange data between systems with Diagnostic integration, ensuring seamless communication and mitigating access risks. Further emphasizing the importance of Medical Lab Integrations, enhance security by integrating LIMS with SAP for encrypted transmission and robust authentication.

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