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Leading the Way in Anatomical Analysis With CrelioHealth

Transform your anatomical processes with best-in-class solutions and reduce manual efforts at testing without compromising on the turnaround time.

Improving Anatomic Testing With Better Systems

multi-stage sample tracking

Multi-Stage Sample Management & Tracking

Step out of the complex workflows that involve several stages of specimen processing, testing, and reporting with multi-stage specimen preparation and tracking to prevent errors, delays, and inefficiencies in the testing process & patient care.

custom reporting & management

Custom Reporting & Management

Generate error-free results in bulk all using digital data handling, automated solutions and customizable reporting tools that prevent paper management, errors and delays across the reporting process.

faster communication & collaboration

Faster Communication & Collaboration

Effective, quick and encrypted communication and collaboration prevents delays in specimen processing and reporting, enhancing patient care. Ease multi-stakeholder communication and collaboration for different departments and stakeholders.

Smooth Specimen Preparation With Standardization

Standardize all specimen processes with preset collection, labels, and digitization to make specimen preparation and tracking super easy.

Sample Accession

Specimen Type Selection

Assign appropriate specimen type at the time of collection and booking to the same test from multiple specimen type options for accurate & reliable test results.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Special Barcode Printing For Slides

Generate special barcode labels for easy identification of slides in anatomic testing that makes specimen tracking easy.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Multi-Stage Specimen Tracking

Track specimen information, status and studies at every stage of sample processing.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Specimen Archival

Automate specimen placements in archival, enabling easy tracking for research and studies.

next gen reporting

New-Age Reporting Capabilities

With multi-stage specimen learning involved, simplify reporting and collaboration processes with automated tools, dynamic snippets, and other customizable benefits.

Configurable Report Templates

Easy To Configure Report

Configuration of report formats is just a few clicks away. Have a high-end experience in on-site and remote reporting to technicians and pathologists.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Dynamic Templates & Intelligent Snippets

Leverage report customization ability with dynamic templates & intelligent snippets to make reporting more intuitive and easy.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Ability To Add Images To Reports

The ability to add microscopic images and findings from slide studies to reports eases collaboration with multiple technicians and pathologists while reporting.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Speech To Text Reporting

Fastrack the report-making process with speech-to-text capabilities for every step of multi-stage reporting.

Make Reports Smarter To Read & Interpret

Digital Report Collaboration & Approval

Get rid of hand-written reports at every stage of testing and manual report collaboration with auto-assignment, management and remote reporting benefits.

Historical Charts & Trends

Doctor Assignment & Management

Easily assign doctors for specific cases, verify doctor-approved reports, and count and track revenue from one source.

Smart Reports

Remote Reporting

Report from multiple locations without the need to navigate back and forth, which can cause reporting delays. Make tele-reporting incredibly easy and convenient.

Smart Reports

Audit Trails For Report Changes

Track and audit all report inputs and modifications for every reporting stage through a unified interface.

Scale Reporting Without Compromising On Quality

Facilitate Uninterrupted Analysis & Report Studies, All the Time!

Improve processing, findings and studies over a wide range of demographics, using specific search terms and keywords with advance search, filters and analytics.

Auto Approval

Report Keyword Search & Analysis

Robust keyword-based search function enables laboratory staff to search for patient data based using specific keywords or phrases. Ease searching and locating specific patient data that is accurate.

Quality Control

TAT Analysis

Trace bottlenecks throughout the operational and specimen processing stages with real-time TAT analytics.

More Benefits

Group-Based Batching of Samples
Detailed Worklist
Specimen Barcoding
Mobile App For Lab Management
Scan In Scan Out At Specimen Stages
Sample Archival
Provider Portal
3rd Party API Integrations
Ordering Portal For B2B Clients
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
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