image depicting a positive patient experience with a patient using a mobile patient portal, accessing their patient report, and engaging in effective communication with healthcare professionals

A Step Towards a Better Patient Journey with Resourceful Patient Experience Software

Enhance the patient journey with CrelioHealth's advanced Patient Experience Software. Enable a high-quality and exceptional patient experience by streamlining registration, billing, payments, reporting, and more with our innovative solutions.

Simplify Patient Management with Patient Experience Software

Improve patient management, save redundant lab work and improve efficiency with our Patient Experience Management Software. Access our easy-to-use patient portal for seamless booking, patient medical history, and real-time communication to enhance the patient experience.

Reduce Redundant Work

Redundant Work

Simplify patient registration process and manual record searching right from patient appointment booking, payment collection, to report delivery and beyond. Reduce the effort & errors on manual and wrong entries.

Easy Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Offer seamless patient booking experience and traceability to see the progress of lab tests, updates on offerings, previous medical history and storage using a secure patient login on the web and mobile patient portal.

Build Patient Trust

Patient Trust

Utilize our Patient Communication Platform to establish real-time communication about your value offerings & updates with your patients and stay connected with them to maintain customer loyalty & boost trust.

Explore The Features of CrelioHealth's Patient Experience Software

Enhance the patient booking experience, streamline both offline and online payment options, and establish a dedicated patient portal to facilitate effective communication. Simplify patient management with these advanced features to meet patient expectations at every stage of the patient journey.

image showcasing the enhanced patient booking experience with user-friendly interfaces, seamless qr code scanning at the lab, available calendar slots, and access to medical history for efficient scheduling

Improve The Patient Booking Experience

With our Patient Experience Software, provide smart & multiple booking options to your patients with customizable features & benefits, easing the patient registration process throughout and consuming less time than ever.

Self Registration

Self-Patient Registration Through Kiosk Mode

Empowers your lab to prevent long queues at the waiting room and repetitive work at the front desk by implementing self-registration through QR code scanning at your lab, referral centers & clinics. This innovative Patient Experience Software feature streamlines the patient registration process.

Unique slot availability

Unique Slot Availability

Our Patient Booking System allows for unique slot bookings across all centers with easy & customizable controls to schedule appointments for specific booking time, showing holidays, half days and working hours. With our Patient Experience Platform, labs can know your orders in advance, improve management & plan capacity accordingly.

Capture medical history

Capture Medical History Of Patients

Maintain clinical compliance and streamline registrations with our Patient Experience Management Software. Reduce redundancy at registrations by auto-capturing medical history of patients with digital TRF, insurance history and other key documents.

image depicting a seamless offline and online payment experience with secure transaction processes, multiple payment options, and convenient card payment method

Seamless Offline & Online Payment Experience

Our Patient Experience Software enables you to provide faster and convenient payment options for patients, whether they visit lab or opt for home collection services.

online payment integration

Online Payment Integration

Out of the box payment gateway integration with zero effort to ensure easy & cashless transactions at test bookings for all types of orders. Experience the convenience and ease of secure online payments with our Patient Experience Software.

POS machine integration

POS Machine Integration

Accept card payment transactions quickly & conveniently that reflects directly into your system without any interruptions.

Offline payments controls

Offline Payments Controls

Improve cash payment experience with complete discount control.

image illustrating a dedicated patient portal and patient communication platform, allowing convenient access to medical records, health trend reports, and personalized communication for improved patient engagement and care

Dedicated Patient Portal & Patient Communication

Digitize the post booking experience with seamless report access through a patient portal. Automate communication & notification to minimize waiting time for report collection using our Patient Communication Software.

dedicated patient portal app

Dedicated Patient Portal & App

Utilize our Patient Experience Software to enable patients to view their reports easily through a secure patient portal, accessible on the web or patient app. The portal also allows patients to store bills, insurance papers, discharge papers & essential health-based documents easily.

automate communication to patients

Automate Communication To Patients

Automate communication to patients with appointment reminders, test status alerts, payment notifications, and messages about bill dues. Our Patient Experience Software also enables you to deliver reports online all through WhatsApp integration, SMS and emails.

patient trends

Patient Trends

With health history and clinical records, enable patients to understand the changing health trends with color coded explanations.

image showcasing the capability to simplify patient acquisition at scale through value offerings and personalized healthcare packages, including discounts

Simplify Patient Acquisition At Scale

Keep your patients actively engaged through value offerings, targeted outreach and personalized services to increase patient satisfaction and retention with our Patient Experience Software.

enable promotions

Enable Promotions

Improve your lab’s online presence by running easy-to-setup personalized & specialized healthcare package using a shareable link on various online communication channels, social sites and even WhatsApp.

website store integration

Website Store Integration

Configure your lab’s website into a store with ease using custom themes, color codes and slot control options. Easily collect payments online and orders in bulk from your website using our Patient Experience Software.

automate feedback management

Automate Patient Feedback Management

Our Patient Experience Management Software allows you to auto-collect patient feedback through report footer links, apps and more enabling you to improve service delivery.

What's More in Our Patient Experience Management?

image depicting the language localization capability, showcasing the availability of language support and rtl option, particularly for countries in the middle east

Language Localization Capability

Utilize our Patient Experience Software to localize your service delivery using report delivery with language support. E.g., RTL option with Arabic language support is available for countries located in the Middle East.

image highlighting the themes and white labeling feature of our patient experience software, allowing customization for personalized branding of your healthcare services

Custom Themes for Branding

Enable branding by selecting custom themes suitable for your business along with color codes that support your brand. Use white-labeling options for reporting, messaging and other business communications.

image depicting the benefits of patient experience platform, streamlined patient management processes through our user-friendly mobile app

Benefits of Patient Experience Platform

  • govt portal integration
    Government Portal Integration
  • smart report
    Smart Reports
  • secure patient registry
    Secure Patient Registry
  • creating secure health ID's
    Creating Secure Health IDs
  • trends report
    Trends Report
  • consent based sharing & deletion
    Consent Based Sharing & Deletion
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Enhance Patient Care & Satisfaction with Cutting-Edge Patient Experience Software

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