dashboard image displaying prescription upload feature for test booking using provider portal software, along with insights on the total patient count, emergency & critical report count, overall report delivery turnaround time, and individual doctor-wise patient statistics provider portal mobile image

Enhancing The Provider Experience with User-Friendly Provider Portal Software

Improve communication and workflows by using Provider Portal Software. Scale your laboratory business and improve patient care with our dedicated provider portal for physicians and referring doctors.

Tackle The Most Prevalent Challenges for Labs & Providers Using Provider Management Software

Manage common challenges faced by labs and providers with our Provider Management Software.
Simplify test requisitions & bookings, improves claim success rates, & minimize delays in report delivery.

Easy Digital Requisition and Bookings

Easy Digital Requisition
and Bookings

Streamline test bookings and shorten lab test turnaround time by converting paper requisitions to digital data. Process samples timely and accurately.

Get Higher Claim Success Rates

Get Higher Claim
Success Rates

Easily make insurance claims by accessing accurate patient details and ICD codes. Eliminate manual interpretation and entries to avoid claim rejections.

Minimize Delays in Reports Delivery

Minimize Delays in
Reports Delivery

Provide immediate access to digital reports through multiple secure channels, and help referring doctors make informed decisions for their patients.

Enhance Your Provider Experience and Strengthen Lab-Provider Relations with Provider Management Software

CrelioHealth offers comprehensive Provider Management Software Solutions to simplify the experience of prescribing doctors and physicians. Our software enables easy access to information such as test availability, reports retrieval, & multiple channels for seamless connectivity, ensuring efficient workflows.

dashboard image of provider management software displaying a list of patients along with their referring doctor/physician and the name of the health organization/hospital, the image also shows statistics for patient waiting lists, including incomplete, complete, and approved status; additionally, a screenshot of the doctor's app is included

Dedicated Provider Portal & Doctor’s App

Effortlessly handle samples right from test bookings to report delivery using the Provider Portal Software and the Doctor’s app to ensure prompt and efficient patient care.

Easy Ordering

Easy Ordering

Simplify lab test bookings for providers through the convenient provider portal login, allowing them to order tests directly from their office. Reduce delays in sample collection and management.

Digital Signing  For Doctors

Digital Signing For Doctors

Streamline test requisition approvals and empower doctors to easily approve and sign test requisitions for their patients, ensuring better compliance.

Quick Access to Reports

Quick Access to Reports

Eliminate delays in providing reports from all affiliated labs by using our Provider Portal Software. Through a single portal and the Doctor's app, ensure prompt care by accessing reports efficiently.

image provider portal software displaying the doctor's name along with patients' appointment details, the image also includes a list of tests with ICD and LCD codes, as well as a list of EHR/EMR systems for integration

Better Information Exchange and Delivery

Provider Engagement Software helps you communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders so that you have prompt access to all the patient data.

Varied Communication

Varied Communication Channels

Inform providers using multiple channels like the portal, doctor’s app, & email when reports are ready. Provide instant fax support & stay HIPAA compliant.

EMR Integration

EMR/ EHR Integration with System

Integrate with the EMR/EHR used by your providers to fetch orders, past test history, and other patient data using our Provider Management Software.

Pre-Built ICD Code

Pre-Built ICD Code Library

Doctors can include relevant ICD codes in the lab test ordering process to make accurate insurance claims that are clinically justified to avoid rejections.

Enhance Provider Engagement and Experience with
Provider Management System

Access patient's historical trends for better care, streamline the process of uploading prescriptions for tests with our Provider Management System, and enable convenient remote bookings through QR codes.

Insights on Patient’s Historical Trends

Insights on Patient’s Historical Trends

Enable providers to deliver better patient care by having access to the longitudinal history of patients’ health records through the system.

Upload Prescriptions for Tests

Quick Upload of Prescriptions for Tests

Easily upload patient prescriptions from doctors while scheduling tests with our Provider Portal Software and have all the information prior to test execution.

QR Code-Enabled Remote Bookings

QR Code-Enabled Remote Bookings

Enable patients to book tests by using QR codes. With the Provider Portal Software, no more traveling from the doctor's or physician's office to the lab.

image of a physician using the dashboard to upload a prescription for booking a test using a provider management system, the image also shows the patient's historical trend report and test details

Your Brand, Your Provider Portal

Customize and white-label the provider portal login page with your branding elements, such as logo, side banner, and links using our Provider Portal Software to enhance your brand presence at your provider's office.

preview of customizable white-labeled provider portal login page with options to set the domain name, upload logo and banner image, write a tagline, and choose theme colour

Provider Management System That Is Safe & Secure

Our Provider Management System ensures laboratories meet regulatory compliance, including privacy regulations and industry standards. Stay compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II regulations for enhanced data security, high-end data encryption, and privacy.

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medical lab software gdpr badge for validation
medical lab management software iso compliance badge
creliohealth soc ii compliance badge

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Empower your Providers with An Exceptional Experience Through Our Provider Portal Software

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