blood chemistry lab automation features to improve turnaround time image highlighting blood chemistry lab automation features for improved turnaround time, sample scanning, sample management at multiple centers, and automated report value entry
image of a dashboard displaying a list of received samples after scanning their barcodes in a blood chemistry lab test image of a dashboard showcasing a list of instructions to send or receive samples at various centers, facilitating automated blood chemistry test image of a dashboard showcasing automated blood chemistry report value entered using blood chemistry software

Automate Your Blood Chemistry Lab With Future Ready Solutions

Experience precise results, personalized insights, and convenience with automated, customizable, and all-in-one blood chemistry test software that enhances the patient's overall experience.

Resolving The Complexities of Blood Chemistry with
Best-In-Class Blood Chemistry Analysis Software

Illustration showcasing easy & customizable workflows

Easy & Customizable Workflows

Easily configure workflows that involve instruments and technicians, allowing seamless automation of processes. This ensures accurate sample processing from start to finish without interruption.

Illustration showcasing better quality control chart

Better Quality

It is essential to ensure that testing and test results are accurate and reliable. Our system provides comprehensive features to enforce the necessary standards to maintain consistency and compliance.

Illustration showcasing automated communication dashboard


Effortlessly automate communication between stakeholders and share results with clinicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and other relevant parties using a reliable & secure platform.

Transform Lab Operations with Blood Chemistry Automation

Error-free operations with a minimal manual intervention using barcoded sample management and
interfaced systems for accurate information transfer.

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Smooth Equipment Interfacing

Seamless interfacing support provided by our Blood Chemistry Lab Software ensures easy and accurate data transfers between blood chemistry equipment, LIMS, and other systems. This reduces the risk of human errors.

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Easy Sample Accession

Print & label samples with barcodes to identify, segregate, outsource, and archive samples. Decide which samples to receive or reject based on your quality criteria. Quickly scan barcodes to receive samples at any location.

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Automated Sample Transfers

Transfer samples automatically across different lab locations, keep track of sample batches across multiple centers, and eliminate the need for manual re-entry of patient data on the system with just a few clicks.

image showcasing blood chemistry interface middleware instrument and software for seamless data integration and analysis, along with list of all blood chemistry lab machines

Interface Instruments

Manage Sample Load


Automate Report Entry

Increase Productivity By


Flexible, Customizable & Easy Blood Chemistry
Reporting on The Go

Leverage the reliably functional blood chemistry analysis software that offers custom report formats for your blood chemistry lab. Utilize the most flexible options for your staff to access, manage and deliver reports and analyze
them faster & effectively, with no post-analytical hassle.

image illustrating comprehensive reporting management with blood chemistry test software, showcasing report samples

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Reporting & Management

Upgrade the reporting experience for technicians with customizable options, dynamic report snippets, configurable templates, and more.

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Configurable Report Templates

Our Blood Chemistry Lab Automation System offers ready-to-use templates and on-the-go configurable templates for easy reporting for your staff.

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Intuitive UI For Report Entry

User-friendly test result entry and management with an easy-to-use interface minimizes errors and saves time, making the process quick and error-free.

image showcasing a report sample that demonstrates the enhanced readability and interpretability achieved with smarter blood chemistry reporting features

Smart Report Trends Make Blood Chemistry Result Interpretation Easier!

Offer doctors and patients a comprehensive understanding of every blood chemistry report with simple explanations, graphical representations, color codes, value-added tips, and much more.

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Historical Trends Report

Evaluate the change in patient results over a series of tests or over time & identify potential threats to the patient's health. Use trends report to monitor patient's health & track treatment effectiveness.

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Smart Reports

Make comprehensive lab test reports with graphs, blood chemistry test results charts, and easy-to-understand diagrams in simple, patient-friendly language with color codes and tips.

image of a blood chemistry test results chart ensuring constant maintenance of report accuracy and quality

Maintain Blood Chemistry Report Accuracy & Quality Always!

Our Blood Chemistry Lab Automation System provides top-notch quality in reporting for higher report accuracy and enables auto-approval for within-normal range results to improve TAT

dedicated patient portal app


Get blood chemistry results that fall within the system-approved range, reducing redundancy and workload of doctors & staff.

automate communication to patients

Quality Control

Get blood chemistry results evaluated as per the quality standards, & in case of errors, the system flags the results for re-processing.

patient trends

Alerts For Rejection/Redraws

Quickly identify, send alerts, and resolve rejected samples by notifying patients and clients of the redraw required.

image depicting real-time analytics and dashboards for streamlined lab operations, featuring automated highlights for critical and emergency reports, enabling doctors to take immediate action

Extensive Analytics For Quick
Decision Making

Monitor causes of delays and track bottlenecks in your operations in real-time looking at analytics and highlights to make quick decisions.

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Analytics & Dashboard

Monitor workflows with better visual, blood chemistry test results charts and traceability in processes to fix delays and hassles in your operations using real-time analytics and dashboards.

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Critical & Emergency Highlights

Respond faster and allow doctors to take immediate action for critical and emergency blood chemistry results with automated highlights and improve patient care.

image of a login dashboard for doctors and patients, providing easy access to blood chemistry report

More Ways to Access & Dispatch Blood Chemistry Lab Reports to Stakeholders

Make reports accessible to doctors & patients right when they are ready, get read status, and take better actions for faster report delivery to stakeholders.

dedicated patient portal app

Secure Logins For All Stakeholders

Enable doctors and patients to view reports hassle-free using secure logins on the provider & patient portal or via mobile apps for doctors and patients.

automate communication to patients

Report Read Status

Verify patient preferences for blood chemistry report delivery over various channels like email, WhatsApp, or SMS using the read report status option.

patient trends

Bulk Report Printing

Utilize the bulk printing feature to manage the requirement of physical copies of reports and group blood chemistry reports per any category or organization.

Post Analytical Automated Blood Chemistry Test Improves Accuracy, Efficiency & TAT

image of lab technicians processing blood samples using blood chemistry analysis software, ensuring improved accuracy and efficient blood chemistry automation
SOPs & Quality Control Improve Accuracy By Up To
Auto-generated results & Auto-approval Save Reporting TAT Up To
Analyzer Interfacing Minimize Manual Errors To
Digital Delivery Of Reports Reduce Waiting Time By Up To
30 mins

20–30% of overall reduction can be seen in TAT because of reduced efforts in registration of samples from source and ease in delivering report through auto-generated push notifications on mobile app and emails.

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More Benefits of Blood Chemistry Lab Automation

Along with the previously mentioned benefits, our Blood Chemistry Software
offers several other advantages.

3rd Party API Integrations
API Integrations
Detailed Worklist
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Mobile App For Lab Management
Mobile App For Lab Management
Barcoded Sample Labels
Sample Labels
Sample Archival
Sample Archival
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