illustration depicting the process of improving toxicology reporting and simplifying it for greater success in a lab setting

Improving Toxicology Lab Reporting With Our Toxicology Lab Software

Transforming toxicology lab management with our out-of-the-box Toxicology Lab Solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with any system and easily customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Overcoming Challenges in Lab Management with Our Advanced Toxicology Lab Software

eliminating redundant repetitive manual processes

Eliminating Redundant & Repetitive Manual Processes

Our Toxicology Lab Software makes the toxicology ordering process error-free and easy for physicians to manage orders themselves or collect orders directly via any EMR/EHR.

getting rid of complex reporting

Getting Rid Of Complex Toxicology Reporting

Step up from complex rule-based systems using preset toxicology report format libraries that make toxicology reporting more flexible and configurable than ever.

no more expensive & tedious setup

No More Expensive & Tedious Setup

With our Toxicology Software reduce your toxicology lab setup efforts, overheads, and expenses with our plug-and-play quick setup crafted especially for toxicology testing labs.

How CrelioHealth Toxicology Lab Software Makes A Difference

illustration representing the ease of the toxicology lab reporting process with the built-in lab drug masters feature

Easy Reporting Process With
Built-In Drug Masters

pre populated & custom drug masters

Pre-Populated & Custom Drug Masters

Utilize our pre-loaded lab drug master or create your own custom lists or profiles for frequently performed toxicology tests in your toxicology testing labs.

pre load brands & drug profiles

Pre-Load Brands & Drug Profiles

Use our pre-configured, comprehensive list of commonly prescribed drug brands & drug profiles that can be added to your orders over a click.

illustration showcasing the simplified toxicology order management process in toxicology lab software

Simplify Toxicology Order Management

easy order management

Easy Order Management

Enable physicians to add prescribed drugs, or drugs easily for confirmatory tests for drugs. Receive orders directly from the Physician’s office on your system.

flexible system integration

Flexible System Integration

Directly integrate with different systems and transfer results seamlessly across other systems with API support.

Seamless Toxicology Lab Report Formats & Structures

toxicology report formats and structures for efficient lab reporting
visual representation of summarizing toxicology report results for enhanced analysis and decision-making
visual representation of toxicology screening for accurate and efficient detection of substances in samples
visual representation highlighting the assessment of sample validity in toxicology testing for reliable and accurate results
dashboard showcasing  the process of confirmatory tests for drugs in toxicology analysis for precise and conclusive results
dashboard showcasing trends in toxicology report results, providing insights into patterns and changes over time for comprehensive analysis and interpretation
dashboard displaying historical charts of patient drug history in toxicology lab tests, enabling analysis of past drug usage and trends for accurate patient assessment

Seamless Toxicology Lab Report Formats & Structures

Powerful Summaries

Summarize toxicology report results for getting to know results at a glance

powerful summaries

Toxicology Screening

Toxicology screen for a basic set of pre-set drugs or add drugs in run-time



Determine sample validity and set the criteria as per your needs



Verify & confirm traces of specified or confirmation drugs in the samples

confirmation histoy

Toxicology Report Trends

Charts to see patient history of drugs found for current toxicology tests

report trends

Historical Charts

Charts to see patient history of drugs found in previous toxicology lab tests

Historical charts

Unmatched Toxicology Reporting Benefits For Your Toxicology Testing Lab

illustration depicting equipment interfacing in the context of toxicology lab software, showcasing seamless transfer of machine and drug values for efficient data integration and analysis


Automatically transfer machine & drug values via equipment interfacing. Out-of-the-box Toxicology Lab Software support for most gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analyzers and machines.

visual representation of configurable toxicology lab report formats, highlighting the flexibility to customize the structure and design of reports to suit specific requirements and preferences

Configurable Toxicology Lab Report Formats

Customize the report format, and structure, and highlight your brand with report personalization. Auto-fill toxicology report results using interfaced machines for error-free toxicology reporting.

visual representation of reflex testing in a toxicology lab, dashboard showcasing the ability to effortlessly add additional toxicology lab tests based on initial screening results for comprehensive analysis and reporting


Effortlessly add drugs from Toxicology Lab Software or directly fetch drugs from your equipment for Reflex testing through interfaced toxicology equipment or machines and integrated systems.

The Toxicology Modalities We Serve For
Toxicology Lab Management

Explore our comprehensive Toxicology Lab Solutions for effective lab management. Discover streamlined processes and efficient workflows customized to meet the specific needs of various toxicology modalities.

drug compliance

Drug Compliance

Our LIMS for toxicology labs improves drug compliance testing through drug masters that ensure adherence to recommended treatment timing, dosage, and frequency.



Our solution streamlines forensic toxicology lab workflows and testing, from sample collection to court integration, by simplifying complex scenarios and providing audit trails.

pain management

Pain Management

We offer an intuitive platform to improve lab productivity and efficiency for healthcare providers administering opioids and painkillers for chronic pain patients.

addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment

Our lab workflows handle high-volume toxicology testing for addiction treatment with automation, portal integration, and quality control.

Advanced Security & Privacy for High-End Toxicology Lab Software

data security compliance in a toxicology lab software

Data Security Compliance

CrelioHealth is compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2 & ISO 27001:2013 & GDPR ensuring high-end security of data storage & transfers.

the privacy-first approach in a toxicology lab software

Privacy-First Approach

All data communication in our Toxicology Lab Solutions is encrypted to maintain privacy policies that match regulatory standards.

Explore More Ways To Use CrelioHealth

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Make Your Lab Future Ready With The Most Trusted Toxicology Lab Software

Experience the benefits of our Toxicology Lab Software solutions to optimize your forensics and toxicology lab business. Get the best expert guidance on our configurable and integrated solutions. Reach out to us and explore the potential of our LIMS for toxicology labs to scale business ROI as you go.