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Struggling with complex workflows, manual compliance, and integration challenges in your reference lab? Discover how CrelioHealth can make your lab a precision driven ecosystem.

Take Control of Your Lab Operations With a
Leading-edge Solution

Deliver A Holistic Patient Experience

Automate Your

Using CrelioHealth simplify specialized workflows with automation, ensuring accurate tracking and timely processing.

Unlock Remarkable Efficiency

Maintain Regulatory

Stay compliant with CLIA/CAP and other regulatory standards. Get reliable test results with an automated quality control.

Empower Growth And Scalability

Integrate Various

Get access to diverse selection of pre-built integrations. Connect and unify multiple systems, including EHR, RCMs, and more.

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Deliver Exceptional Service With Smooth Integrations

automated report delivery

Unlock the Integrations Maze

Eliminate the need for extensive customization and complex configurations. Simply plug & play and set a seamless communication between your lab’s systems.

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Focus on Your Core Tasks

Reduce stress of dealing with broken integrations and the need for constant troubleshooting. Ensure systems are in sync constantly without interruptions for focused outputs.

Connect, Collaborate, Grow with Seamless Integrations

Provider Network Integrations

With a diverse range of pre built EHR integrations overcome system limitations and meet the unique needs of your clients. Seize every prospect that comes your way and never miss out on valuable business opportunities.

Maximize Your Profits

Improve claim acceptance rates with RCM integration. Maximize revenue capture while preventing leakages due to manual errors. Experience the power of efficient revenue management with CrelioHealth.

24X7 Customer Support

Get expert assistance from our team 24x7. Simply give us a call, and our dedicated team will be ready to address your inquiries, resolve any issues, and provide you with valuable guidance.

Expand Test Menus: Multi-Modality Testing

Tailor your diagnostic offerings and unlock new opportunities for growth by incorporating testing of multiple modalities. With CrelioHealth, you can expand your business and serve a broader range of diagnostic needs.

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Automate & Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Simplify your reference lab's adherence to regulatory standards with automated compliance process management. Eliminate manual tasks for compliance and get free from mundane clerical work.

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QC Excellence

Ensure meticulous QC management for reliable results.

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Transparent Accountability

Maintain comprehensive audit trails for traceability.

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HIPAA Compliance

Safeguard patient data with adherence to HIPAA regulations.

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Customization, Simplified orders, and Actionable Analytics

With CrelioHealth, your reference lab can experience the perfect blend of Custom reports, streamlined orders, and data driven success.

automated referral communication

Simplified Order Management

Eliminate phone orders and manual record-keeping. Simplify order management with provider and client logins.

automated patient communication

Personalized Brand Reports

Create stunning, branded templates that reflect your lab's unique identity and impress your clients.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Capture, analyze, and share essential information to improve reporting capabilities. Transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

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Lab Management

Get full visibility on your stocked inventory, consumption and loss of inventory. Our tools give real-time data so that you can plan ahead of time.

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Transform your blood chemistry labs with comprehensive, automated and personalized future ready solutions.

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Lab Reporting

Simplify toxicology reporting and management with out-of-the-box customizable and integrated solutions.

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Patient Experience

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