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Make Home Collection A Hassle-Free Experience For Patients & Phlebotomists

Simplify the home visit experience with faster & easy booking, payments, live location tracking & more for patients and phlebotomists.

How CrelioHealth Simplifies
The Home Collection Process:

single dashboard to manage all bookings

Single Dashboard To Manage All Bookings

Sub centers operate independently with its own test/ organisation/ referral masters, and more importantly finances are managed independently, where you want to keep billing and collections for each center separate.

home collection process path
dedicated app phlebos

Dedicated App For Phlebos

A regional hub with multiple location in same area/ city - The hub will be created as processing center and smaller centers can be branches.

home collection process path 1
status alerts live tracking

Status Alerts & Live Tracking

A lab with self owned collection centers with multiple users in each collection center and want patient data searchable across all centers.

home visits seamless for patients

Make Home-Visits Seamless For Your Patients

Enable patients the ease & convenience to book home visit appointments & allow them to book as per their preferred time, track the process and share feedback.

Online Slot Booking

Online Slot Booking

Give your patients more visibility to book appointment slots online with additional details about time, working hours, center contacts and much more.

Status Alerts & Notifications

Status Alerts & Notifications

Notify patients once the home visit is booked. Send them a tracking link to track their phlebo location with their contact details and timely alerts.

Feedback Management

Feedback Management

Collect feedback from your patients and improve service delivery to enhance patient experience.

Home Collection Management For Admins

Improve Home Collection Management For Lab Admins

Help lab admins organize tasks assignments better for phlebotomists with fixed area definitions, tracking and much more.

Area & Time Assignment

Area & Time Assignment

Understand home visit request capacity and assign phlebos for visits with area and time specifications for better workload distribution.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Generate bookings with just patient details where tests can be added by phlebos on-site of collection.

Tracking Phlebos & Planning

Tracking Phlebos & Planning

Identify the status of phlebos wrt time, location and availability with tracking for effective planning and allocation for next orders.

Offer Better Control To Phlebotomists
With An All-Powerful App

Allow your phlebos to manage the home collection visit experience on their fingertips by
helping them with orders efficiently.

smart phlebo assignment

Smart Phlebo Assignment

Assign a list of tasks to your phlebos and schedule their timeline as per their availability and region.

order updates

Order Updates

Allow easy updation & corrections about order registration with edit options.

payment collection

Payment Collections

Collect payments & generate bills easily from the app.

better control phlebotomists powerful app
exact location & navigation

Exact Location & Navigation

Offer them maps & navigation details about their current order with live tracking capabilities.

relative booking

Relative Booking

Book & manage tests for relatives anytime hassle-free.

sample collection

Sample Collection

Enter sample details and acknowledge samples from a single app conveniently.

phlebotomists powerful app

Solution That Matches Different Lab Size

Our home collection solution is designed to match the requirements & complexities of both
a standalone local lab size as well as a multi-center labs catering different.

standalone local labs

Standalone Local Labs

  • Booking Experience
  • Incentive Calculation
multicenter labs collection

Multi-Center Labs

  • Phlebo Assignment As Per Area & Time
  • Phlebo Tracking
  • Phlebo App
  • Co-ordination Through A Single Dashboard

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