multi-center lab management

Effortless Multi-Center Lab Management

Have full advantage of multi-center lab management with minimal navigation and more productivity through easy, central access and control for all centers effectively.

Types Of Multi-Centers Lab

laboratory sub center

Sub Center

Sub centers operate independently with its own test/ organisation/ referral masters, and more importantly finances are managed independently, where you want to keep billing and collections for each center separate.

branches of medical lab


A regional hub with multiple location in same area/ city - The hub will be created as processing center and smaller centers can be branches.

multi-center lab collection center

Collection Center

A lab with self owned collection centers, with multiple users in each collection center and want patient data searchable across all centers.

automated sample transfer

Streamline Operations With Full Visibility & Control Aligning Different Centers

Manage sample workflows and automations for multiple locations without any technical complexities. Identify metrics to monitor performance and optimize key processes. Experience greater flexibility and control over data and system across your multi-facility organizations.

Universal Logins

Single Logins

Single logins to switch between centers, manage lab operations seamlessly across locations, from desktop or even your mobile device.

Automated Batch Transfer

Automated Batch Transfer

Transfer lab samples automatically for multi-location lab management, keep track of sample batches across centers and eliminate re-entry of patient data on the system with just a few clicks.

multi-center management finance dashboard

Identify Financial Whereabouts & Monitor From A Single Place

Multi-center lab finance management helps you to effortlessly track overall, end to end finance of all centers and departments in real-time from a single dashboard.

Multi-Center Finance Dashboard

Multi-Center Finance Dashboard

Manage finances of all centers from one place, with net receivable and total sales visible in one single place.

Real-Time Finance Report View

Real-Time Finance Report View

Get dynamic view of your finance data regarding billing, insurance and other financial ends with filters & advanced search for quick & real-time lab finance tracking.

manage all lab test information centrally

Manage All Test Information Centrally

Find all test related information well mapped and combined in a single, central place for centralized lab test management that facilitates quick access and manageability.

central mapping of tests

Central Mapping Of Lab Tests

Consolidate mapping all test information, provider information test prices across all location to a central location to create a central master list of all your test masters.

centralized master management

Centralized Lab Test Master Management

Sync up your test masters & formats for all locations easily and manage from one central location.

manage mutli-center lab inventory centrally

Manage Inventory Centrally

Access inventory information for all lab locations via a single dashboard enabling easy & centralized lab inventory management control. With multi-center lab inventory dashboard tracking stock across all organizations is effortless.

cash clients management

Warehouse Management

Create as many warehouses for multi-location labs as you want under your inventory store with options to create racks within each warehouse for storing the information related to specific location.

Powerful Dashboards To See Entire Picture At Once

Capture data from all labs simultaneously and share unified reports for more accurate and efficient decision making. See multiple facilities on a single dashboard with expanded visual of results across multiple locations.

Operations Dashboard
Finance Dashboard
Finance Reports
real-time lab operations monitoring dashboard
multi-center lab finance dashboard
dynamic lab finance report
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