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maximize productivity and improve quality control with creliohealth's best lims solution.
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Why Choose CrelioHealth's LIMS Software Solutions

boost your lab operations and boost productivity with our growing lims solutions.

Online Physician Provider Portal

Our integrated LIMS Software Solutions, paired with a digital physician portal, streamline the process of receiving orders and delivering reports between lab & healthcare providers.

Integrate LIMS Solutions With Any EMR

Connect LIMS Solutions with any EMR system available in the market, enabling effortless automation of orders and results. Streamline your lab workflows with our best LIMS solution.

Automate Insurance Billing With Seamless Insurance Integration

Automate insurance billing and integrate it with your EHR system using LIMS Software Solutions. Enhance patient satisfaction with insurance ID, data upload & export features.

Your Mobile-Ready LIMS Software Solutions

Optimize lab operations with our advanced app features for LIMS Software Solutions, simplifying the lab process for lab managers, doctors, physicians, and phlebotomists.

100% Configurable and Automated Workflows

Achieve seamless automation of sample processing, instrument interfacing, and workflow customization tailored to your specific needs with our LIMS Software Solutions.

Unique Patient Portal With Payment Options

Effortlessly manage report delivery, payment collection, booking requests, and review gathering with our integrated patient portal and mobile app for labs using LIMS Solutions.

Leading the Pack: Our Awards and Recognitions

Leader LIMS 2023 Momentum Leader Best Usability LIMS captera creliohealth software adwise

Advanced LIMS Software Solutions for All Types of Lab

Clinical Pathology

Optimize entire lab management with leading LIMS Software Solutions that delivers smart reporting, interfacing, and instrument integrations suitable for clinical pathology.

Molecular Pathology

Comprehensive molecular sample management with automated & custom workflows, data search, sample archival & tracking. Enhance molecular pathology testing with PCR plating automation.


Easy integrations with commonly used toxicology machines like Shimadzu LC-MS 8060 CL, and Immunalysis ImmTox™ 270 Benchtop. Maximize productivity with automated & faster results.

Genetic Testing

Simplify genetic testing processes with automated solutions and reporting. We offer multi-stage sample management & tracking that optimizes TAT with minimal work redundancy.


Improve histopathology testing experience for your staff with boolean search, sample plating, tracking features & more. Our process standardization helps you improve the testing accuracy.


Improve microbiology testing with custom report formats, antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) reports and more. Deliver better results with sample automation, tracking and analyzer interfacing.

Upgrade Your Laboratory Management with The Best LIMS Solution

supercharge productivity while reducing costs with creliohealth's exceptional lims software solutions

Enhance Productivity & Save Costs with Our LIMS Software Solutions

  • Automate-workflow Harness the potential of advanced LIMS Software Solutions for achieving effortless lab workflow automation. Opt for CrelioHealth's industry-leading LIMS Solutions to optimize lab productivity and efficiency.
  • No-printing-cost Pick CrelioHealth's best LIMS Solution to enhance cost efficiency by eliminating redundant data entries, notebooks, & printing expenses. Undergo streamlined operations & maximize productivity with our escalating LIMS Solutions.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Unleash the unmatched user-friendliness and harness the capabilities of our LIMS Software Solutions, enabling seamless compliance, and scalable business operations. Get hands-on experience with a LIMS Solutions free demo.
creliohealth prioritizes the protection of your sensitive information with our excellent security measures in our lims solutions

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security: CrelioHealth Ensures Safety of Your Data

  • data-privacy At CrelioHealth, we place the utmost importance on data privacy in our LIMS Solutions. Our progressive LIMS Software Solutions ensure the highest level of security, encryption, and daily backup for all customer data.
  • HIPAA-compliant We adhere to compliance standards such as HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II. Additionally, we implement robust auditing and logging mechanisms to track and record all internal & external data access on the customer account.
  • Web-security-encryption At CrelioHealth, we prioritize secure data communications with HTTPS for comprehensive web security & end-to-end protection. Our best LIMS Solution incorporates this crucial security measure to safeguards your valuable data.
lims solutions update and features are available from creliohealth

Upgrade Your LIMS Software Solutions With Latest Software Updates & Features

  • weekly-software-updates With CrelioHealth's best LIMS solution, you can say goodbye to paying for upgrades to your Laboratory forever! We offer regular weekly maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements to ensure that you always have access to the latest version of LIMS software solutions.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region We continuously update and enhance our LIMS products to meet market demands, including rapid implementation of COVID-19 workflow upgrades for all customers. Our goal is to deliver value and ensure that our LIMS Software Solutions meets the latest requirements for our customers.

What is LIMS Solutions?

LIMS Solutions, or Laboratory Information Management System Solutions, are software systems specifically designed to streamline and manage laboratory operations. These solutions provide a comprehensive platform for laboratories to efficiently handle various tasks such as sample tracking, data management, workflow automation, instrument integration, and reporting. LIMS Solutions play a crucial role in improving the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of laboratory processes. LIMS Software Solutions are particularly beneficial for managing medical testing processes, including hematology, blood chemistry, and toxicology. These solutions provide specialized features and modules that cater to the unique requirements of these testing areas. With LIMS Solutions, laboratories can effectively track and manage the entire lifecycle of medical testing samples, from sample collection to result reporting. By providing a centralized and automated system, LIMS Software Solutions enable laboratories to effectively manage and organize their data, reduce manual errors, enhance data integrity, and improve turnaround time. They also facilitate seamless collaboration between different departments, enable better communication with healthcare providers, and support decision-making based on accurate and real-time information.

Benefits of LIMS Software Solutions

Enhanced Productivity & Data Management

LIMS Solutions revolutionize laboratory operations by enhancing productivity and optimizing data management. These advanced systems automate processes, optimize workflows, and enable seamless integration of data from various sources. By providing real-time access to critical information, LIMS Software Solutions empower efficient decision-making. With robust data management features, laboratories can effectively store, retrieve, and analyze large volumes of data. Experience enhanced productivity and streamlined data management with LIMS Solutions for your laboratory.

Improves Quality of Patient Care

LIMS Software Solutions play a crucial role in improving the quality of patient care in laboratories. By automating processes and ensuring accurate data management, these solutions enhance the reliability and integrity of test results. Real-time access to patient information and seamless communication between healthcare providers contribute to timely and informed decision-making. With our LIMS Solutions, laboratories can optimize workflows, reduce errors, and deliver precise and reliable reports, ultimately improving the quality of patient care.

Explore The Features Of CrelioHealth's LIMS Software Solutions

Sample Management

Maximize the accuracy of sample tracking and ensure complete traceability with our top-notch LIMS solution. Maximize efficiency and minimize mix-ups with our advanced LIMS Software Solutions.

Workflow Management

Manage test orders seamlessly with LIMS Solutions, enhancing coordination between labs and healthcare providers. Improve efficiency, minimize errors, and reduce turnaround time with effective functionality.

Quality Control Management

Maintain quality standards in lab processes with LIMS Solutions. Track instrument calibration and maintenance, monitor quality control data, and generate comprehensive reports for efficient management & analysis.

Data Storage & Retrieval

Improve test result recording, management, and delivery to healthcare providers with LIMS Solutions. Automate result capture, storage, and analysis for enhanced verification and reporting efficiency.

Data Security & Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II by utilizing LIMS Solutions, safeguarding patient information, & ensuring privacy protection.

Instrument Integration

Optimize operational efficiency with LIMS Software Solutions, offering analytical tools and reporting capabilities to identify bottlenecks, track KPIs, monitor lab performance, and streamline workflows.

Elevate Your Laboratory Business with Our Trusted and Reliable Best LIMS Solution

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