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Why Choose CrelioHealth's Diagnostic Lab Management Software

image showcasing the intuitive and feature-rich diagnostic lab management software dashboards offered by creliohealth

Online Physician Provider Portal

Our Diagnostic Lab Management Software offers a physician-focused digital platform that seamlessly integrates and optimizes the process of order reception and report delivery between your lab and healthcare providers.

Integrate Diagnostics LIMS with EMR

Streamline your order and result processes by seamlessly integrating your Lab Diagnosis Management System with any EMR System, boosting automation and enhancing efficiency.

Automate Insurance Billing with Seamless Insurance Integration

Simplify insurance billing by automating billing and integrating with the RCM system. Enhance patient satisfaction with features like insurance ID, data upload, & data export.

Your Mobile-Ready Diagnostics LIMS

Efficiently streamline lab operations with our Diagnostic Information System app for enhanced process efficiency across lab management, doctors, physicians, & phlebotomists.

100% Configurable and Automated Workflows

Automate sample handling, connect instruments seamlessly, and customize workflows tailored to your specific needs with our Diagnostic Lab Management Software.

Unique Patient Portal With Payment Options

Simplify the entire report delivery process, payment collection, appointment booking, and review collection with our exclusive patient portal and mobile app tailored for labs.

Enhances Every Aspect of Your Testing Lab Operations with Our Diagnostic Lab Management System

Discover the immense potential of our cutting-edge Diagnostic Lab Management System to enhance lab efficiency and significantly reduce TAT. Embrace the countless advantages of our software in sample handling and analysis, and gain a comprehensive understanding of its benefits.

All Your Patient Bookings In One Place

Streamline your front-desk operations in Diagnostic Labs with our software, optimizing everything from patient registration to sample collection. With Diagnostic Lab Management Software, you can effortlessly maintain start-to-finish workflows using a single platform. Benefit from customizable forms, automated communication, and seamless integration with online payment systems, ensuring convenience for your B2B partners and patients.

Configurable Forms For Patients & Orders

Email, SMS & WhatsApp Communication To Patients

Multiple Configurable Rate Lists

image showcasing patient order bookings, patient waiting list, and communication channels, including email, sms, and whatsapp in the diagnostic lab management system

Tap & Collect Samples with Process Automation

Ensure efficient order processing by following a standardized sample collection process. This can be achieved by following the guidelines and instructions outlined in the B D Vacutainer collection guide. Simplify the process with our Online Lab Diagnostic Management Software, sample automation, and preset feature for convenient sample collection at the Diagnostic Labs.

Collection Vacutainers Based On Test & Sample Type

Define Collection Instructions For Your Staff

Prompt Important Instructions For Critical Tests

image showcasing a pending accession dashboard, a list of container types, and sample accession and standardization processes in diagnostic management software

Ease Your Test Sample Accessioning

Printing and labeling samples with barcodes are essential for identification, segregation, outsourcing, and archiving. Barcode labels enable quick sample quality evaluation and facilitate acceptance or rejection decisions. Moreover, you can conveniently scan the barcode to receive the sample at your desired location.

Sample Barcoding

Segregation & Quality Checks

Scan To Receive Samples

Automate Sample Archival

image displaying sample barcoding in a lab automation tool, a test sample accessioning dashboard with status updates, and the use of diagnostic lab management software

Streamline Sample Processing

To enhance efficiency, minimize costs, and improve accuracy, it is crucial to streamline and automate sample processing procedures in laboratory testing. Adopting a Diagnostic Lab Management System is a robust solution for effectively tracking samples and optimizing lab turnaround time management.

Batch Processing

Sample Process Tracking

Turnaround Time Management

Complete Process Automation

image showcasing streamlined test sample processing with diagnostic lab management software, featuring a dashboard displaying sample tracking and tat analysis

Quick & Easy Lab Reporting

Experience streamlined test report entry with our user-friendly and efficient reporting system. Our Online Diagnostic Lab Management System lets you quickly gather crucial patient data, ensuring accurate report generation. Additionally, it benefits from automated reporting through interfaces, diverse test templates, the ability to input report values in bulk via Excel, and even speech-to-text report entry.

Automated Reporting Using Interfacing

Multiple Templates For Tests

Bulk Entry Of Report Values Using Excel

Speech-to-Text Report Entry

image showcasing a dashboard of automated reporting using interfacing, a speech-to-text report entry feature, and a dashboard to enter report values in bulk

Secure & Reliable Lab Report Approval

To guarantee the delivery of accurate lab reports to your patients, it is essential to establish a standardized approval procedure with prompt delivery. Enable signing physicians to authenticate & validate reports securely by utilizing secure logins on the Diagnostic Lab Management Software or the dedicated Doctor's App. This ensures professionalism and accuracy within your medical practice.

Conditional Automated Approvals

Multi-Approval Process

Approve Reports On The Go

image showcasing the diagnostic lab management software dashboard to efficiently manage and automate the approval process for lab reports, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of results

Make Sure Lab Reports Are Delivered on Time Consistently!

Our Diagnostics Management Software offers comprehensive features designed to deliver lab reports to patients and healthcare providers promptly and efficiently. With robust tracking capabilities, it enables real-time monitoring of report statuses & empowers you to implement measures to improve the speed of report delivery.

Automated Report Delivery

Read Statuses For Delivered Reports

Bulk Report Print And Download

image of a dashboard displaying lab report delivery automation, ensuring efficient and timely results with status indicators for delivered reports

Take Control of Your Laboratory Finance Process with the Diagnostic Lab Management System

Optimize financial management using our Online Diagnostic Lab Management System, seamlessly integrating with your service delivery. Seamlessly consolidate all operational needs into one comprehensive application for streamlined processes.

Test Bookings & Payment Collections

Optimize online or offline payment collection and record-keeping with our Diagnostic Lab Management System. Streamline report delivery, payment collection, and invoicing through automation. Seamlessly integrate online payments and enable smooth transactions between B2B partners and patients. Simplify your process with our revolutionary system.

Online Payment Collections Integrated

Capture Offline Payments On Order Booking

Configure Workflows Based On Payment Status

image of a finance dashboard in diagnostic management system, showcasing test bookings and payment collections for streamlined financial management

Integrate With Claims Generators & Clearing Houses

To ensure efficient claims generation, only collecting payment is not sufficient. With CrelioHealth, you can seamlessly integrate with top RCM vendors, allowing you to automatically generate claims by capturing claim results on our portal promptly and without any delays.
Don’t see your vendor mentioned below? No worries, we’ll still integrate it for you.

Integrate Instantly To Auto-Generate Claims

Supports HL7, SFTP, And Many Other Types Of Integrations

Capture Results Of Claims On The Portal

image of a dashboard showing the automatic generation of claims by capturing claim results immediately on the portal for a seamless process

Test Prices & Discounts

Efficiently manage pricing for diverse business sources, departments, outsourcing centers, and B2Bs with our expertise. Simplify seasonal pricing management using our lab billing software, all from one centralized location. Centers and B2Bs, leverage the Diagnostic Lab Management System to easily handle conditional discounts and pricing adjustments and ensure enhanced security with OTP verification during approval.

B2B Rate Lists

Conditional Automated Discounting

Discount Approval Via OTP

image of a dashboard showcasing a discount management tool in diagnostic lab management system, featuring conditional automated discounting and a discount approval request portal for efficient and streamlined discount management

Lab MIS Reports

Effortlessly access a comprehensive business summary across multiple locations with a single click. Obtain this valuable information in various formats like MIS, Excel, and PDF. Utilize MIS reports for efficient management of end-of-day balances and daily collections. The user-friendly design of reports in the Diagnostic Lab Management System enables quick searching, filtering, exporting, and easy sharing.

Manage Daily Collections

Consolidated Summary Reports

image of a dashboard displaying a lab business summary with mis report, revenue report, and other reports available in various formats such as excel and pdf, providing comprehensive insights and analysis for effective decision-making

Laboratory Finance Analytics & Insights

Unlock superior financial management capabilities with the innovative Diagnostic Information System from CrelioHealth. Our advanced software equips you to manage all your financial aspects effectively and precisely. Access valuable real-time insights into financial data, transactions, and other crucial information for informed decision-making. Seamlessly track your finances and align your decisions with your business objectives. Elevate your financial management by investing in our industry-leading Diagnostics Management Software.

Real-Time Dashboards

Performance And Comparative Reports

Operational And Financial Analytics

image of a laboratory finance analytics and insights dashboard showcasing test dashboard, sample dashboard, and performance and comparative reports

What is a Diagnostic Lab Management Software?

Diagnostic Lab Management Software is a specialized software solution designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of diagnostic laboratory operations. It serves as a central platform to manage and automate sample collection, processing, analysis, and result reporting processes within a laboratory setting. The Online Lab Diagnostic Management System is specifically developed to meet the unique needs of diagnostic labs and offers a wide range of features and functionalities. It provides tools for efficient sample tracking, automation of workflows, result reporting, instrument integration, quality control management, data analysis, and billing and revenue management. Diagnostics Management Software is a powerful tool that helps diagnostic labs enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. By automating and optimizing processes, improving data management, and ensuring compliance, the software enhances patient care, faster turnaround times, and better overall outcomes within the laboratory setting.

Diagnostic Lab Management Software That Audits Everything, Controls Leakages & Drives Up Quality

Enhance lab operations with CrelioHealth's LIMS System. Our Diagnostics LIMS optimizes performance tracking, ensures quality compliance, streamlines audits, and boosts accuracy and productivity. Streamline your lab processes effortlessly.

Enhance Transparency with Audit Logs

Access the essential Audit Logs feature through our Online Diagnostic Lab Management System. This feature guarantees meticulous recording of every action and step, ensuring complete auditability. Whether it involves modifying patient information, laboratory reports, booking orders, adjusting configurations, or managing payments, you can effortlessly track and review each activity. This transparent and accountable approach maintains your lab operations' highest quality assurance standards.

Improve Security with Access Control

Our Diagnostic Lab Management Software incorporates the crucial Access Control feature, offering essential functionality. This feature allows you to assign precise access rights to your staff, reducing the risk of unauthorized changes and effectively managing discounts, cancellations, and modifications to reports or patient information. By implementing controlled access, you can strengthen data integrity & reinforce the overall security of your system. Safeguard your system from unauthorized access and maintain a robust security framework.

Benefits of Diagnostic Center Software

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Easy to Upgrade

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Data Storage Capacity

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Multiple Device Support

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Data Accessibility

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Security Features

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Data Backup

Explore The Features of CrelioHealth's Powerful Diagnostics Lab Management Software

Unveil the cutting-edge capabilities of CrelioHealth's Diagnostic Lab Management Software. Elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your laboratory operations with this all-inclusive software solution.

Efficient Specimen Tracking

Effortlessly monitor and track specimens with our Diagnostic Information System. Ensure precise testing and reliable handling of specimens from collection to analysis. Simplify & enhance specimen management with our software solution.

Test Order Management

Optimize test order management with our Diagnostic Lab Management Software, facilitating seamless coordination and quicker turnaround time. Ensure prompt execution of orders through streamlined workflows and automated processes.

Quality Control Management

Ensure accurate and reliable test results with our Diagnostic Lab Management Software. It incorporates robust quality control mechanisms, actively monitoring data and taking proactive measures for exceptional accuracy.

Accurate Result Reporting

Diagnostics LIMS enables labs to generate precise & comprehensive reports containing detailed interpretations and observations. This software facilitates communication between healthcare providers and labs, enabling informed decision-making.

Data Security & Compliance

Our priority is ensuring laboratories maintain regulatory compliance by adhering to privacy regulations and industry standards. Stay compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II regulations for enhanced data security & privacy.

Patient Data Management

Efficiently manage patient data with our Diagnostic Management Software, ensuring accurate and organized records throughout the diagnostic process. Access patient data, including demographics & test orders, with seamless precision and efficiency.

Optimize Your Lab Processes, Boost Efficiency, and Achieve Success with Our Diagnostic Lab Management System

Discover the capabilities of our advanced Diagnostic Lab Management System through a free demo. Our team of product experts will assist you in exploring the extensive range of features provided by our Online Lab Diagnostic Management System. Contact us today to learn more.