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Our Lab Automation Software automates and optimizes various tasks, such as data analysis, sample handling, & instrument control. LIMS Automation increases operational efficiency, reduces errors, & improves precision & productivity in all lab processes and research.

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How Does CrelioHealth’s Lab Automation Software System Boosts Business Performance

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Configure And Automate Workflows

Streamline your laboratory processes with our Lab Automation Software using pre-configured workflows. Easy-to-configure and automated workflows, you can customize and optimize your laboratory operations for maximum efficiency.

Integrate LIMS Software With Lab Instruments

Our software seamlessly integrates LIMS Automation with lab instruments. Integrating Automation Software Lab streamlines result management with data exchange, minimizing manual errors, and enhancing reporting accuracy and quality.

Automatic Outsourcing Of Test Samples

Simplify the outsourcing of test samples with our Automated Laboratory Software. Leverage LIMS Automation for sample accession, acknowledgment, and effective sample handling, enhancing efficient outsourcing management.

Rule-Based Auto-Validation Of Lab Reports

Our software employs rule-based auto-validation to enhance the accuracy and reliability of lab reports. Using Laboratory Automation Software, guarantee reports with predetermined criteria, reducing errors and expediting reporting.

Auto-Dispatch Completed Lab Reports

Accelerate the delivery of reports by automatically dispatching completed lab reports to the relevant stakeholders. Enhance communication & decision-making capabilities with the auto-dispatch feature of our Automated Laboratory Software.

Set Automated Alerts & Reminders To Stakeholders

Stay ahead in managing your laboratory operations by setting up automated alerts and reminders for stakeholders using Automated Laboratory Software. Keep all informed, ensuring timely actions, and enhancing efficiency, and accountability.

Leading The Pack: Here Are The Top Awards & Recognition Of CrelioHealth’s Lab Automation Software

The Automation of All Lab Processes with Our Automated Laboratory Software

Embrace the future of efficient laboratory management and precision with our comprehensive Automated Laboratory Software. Say goodbye to laborious manual tasks and usher in an era of unparalleled streamlined efficiency and precision, all while enhancing the overall quality of your laboratory operations.

Order Management

Our Lab Automation Software System simplifies and transforms the management of orders and scheduling through seamless automation. Say goodbye to manual order processing and embrace efficient, error-free order management. Just a few clicks empower you to save time and resources, guaranteeing precision and reliability in your laboratory operations.

image Illustration highlighting patient order bookings, patient waiting list, and communication channels, including email, sms, and whatsapp in an online laboratory management system

Patient Registration Automation

Enjoy a seamless patient registration process with our system. Patients can begin the registration process by either scanning their ID or utilizing a QR code, guaranteeing an intuitive and efficient experience. This innovation allows patients, providing a contemporary approach to engagement.

image illustration featuring a pending accession dashboard, a list of container types, and sample accession and standardization processes in online laboratory software

Sample Collection / Sample Preparation

Optimize your workflow from inception to completion by automating sample collection, accession, and batch creation via barcode scanning, which automatically imports vital data into the Laboratory Automation Software. Embrace a fluid and uninterrupted process.

image illustration showcasing sample barcoding in a lab automation tool, a test sample accessioning dashboard with status updates, and the utilization of online lims

Sample Processing Automation

Achieve flawless sample processing by seamlessly integrating your equipment with our LIMS Automation. This integration not only improves the precision and efficiency of your lab reporting but also reduces manual effort and the potential for errors.

image showcasing streamlined test sample processing with an online lab management system, featuring a dashboard displaying sample tracking and tat analysis

Result Entries / Results

Our Laboratory Automation Software seamlessly connects with analyzers and machines, automating the population of results in your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Welcome the era of precise reporting as manual data entry becomes a thing of the past.

image showcasing a dashboard of automated reporting using interfacing, a speech-to-text report entry feature, and a bulk entry dashboard for report values

QC Management

Effortlessly manage quality control procedures using our Automated Laboratory Software, which seamlessly automates quality checks. Featuring integrated instruments, customizable controls, and Levey-Jennings Chart analysis, QC management becomes a breeze. Ensure consistent & precise results with our comprehensive quality control solutions.

dashboard image illustrating automated lab report delivery for efficient and timely results with status indicators for delivered reports

Automating Business Processes

Effortlessly enhance and streamline your business processes using the seamless features of Lab Automation Software. Our software's integration with third-party APIs simplifies and expedites connections and transactions with various organizations, corporations, or client systems, providing you with unparalleled efficiency and connectivity.

image showcasing the online lab software dashboard for the efficient and automated approval process of lab reports, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of results

Communication To Stakeholders

Effortlessly keep all stakeholders well-informed and engaged. Automation Software Lab not only automates communication with providers, patients, and physicians but also establishes seamless B2B connections, ensuring comprehensive and timely information dissemination.

dashboard image showcasing streamlined financial management with test bookings and payment collections in an online laboratory management system

Billing and Finance Automation

Enhance your financial management with our Automated Laboratory Software, which enables billing & finance automation through POS machine integration & various other API integrations. Effortlessly automate collection cycles, billing procedures, finance management, and credit processes, streamlining your financial operations for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

dashboard displaying laboratory finance analytics and insights, featuring a test dashboard, sample dashboard, and performance and comparative reports

Report Delivery

Bid farewell to the traditional manual report distribution process. With our Lab Automate Software System in place, the digital delivery of reports is automated as soon as they become available, guaranteeing stakeholders timely access and facilitating swift decision-making.

dashboard showcasing a lab business summary with mis report, revenue report, and other reports available in excel and pdf formats, offering comprehensive insights and analysis for effective decision-making

Patient Feedback Management

Effortlessly gather and harness valuable patient feedback to enhance service quality. Empower patients to share their experiences conveniently and securely, whether through auto-generated links or a dedicated mobile app, thus playing a vital role in continuously improving the quality of services provided.

dashboard illustrating automated claim generation by capturing claim results instantly on the portal, ensuring a seamless process

Revolutionize Your Lab Operations with Advanced Next-Generation LIMS Automation Software

Securing a prominent position is paramount in today's swiftly evolving laboratory environment. Leveraging their expertise, Lab Automation Companies have crafted our next-generation solutions, primed to transform your laboratory, and laying the foundation for a notably more efficient and productive future.

Enhance Productivity & Save Costs

We have a profound appreciation for the central role that productivity and cost-efficiency play in the day-to-day functioning of your laboratory. Our meticulously crafted Lab Automation Software reflects our steadfast dedication to enhancing productivity and offering tailor-made solutions that seamlessly adapt to the specific operational requirements of your laboratory.

Privacy and Security Is Our Topmost Priority!

In today's dynamic modern laboratory landscape, where privacy and security are paramount, rest assured that our highest dedication is to diligently protect & secure your highly sensitive information by adhering unwaveringly to the strictest privacy standards. In a time marked by data breaches and cybersecurity threats, we grasp that safeguarding your data goes beyond being a mere priority; it's a fundamental authority that we diligently uphold.

Use The Updated Software and Features, Always!

Staying current with technological progress is essential for long-term success. Our Laboratory Automation Software ensures ongoing access to cutting-edge software and features, seamlessly incorporating them into your daily procedures to maintain a smooth and dynamic workflow. This steady commitment actively nurtures innovation within your laboratory, driving future success.

Standardize Processes with Quality Control

Consistently delivering dependable outcomes is fundamental to the success of your laboratory. With our Lab Automation Software System, you acquire the capability to efficiently standardize undertaking, implement robust quality control measures, and employ advanced tools, ensuring unwavering consistency in the delivery of reliable results, which is of utmost importance for your lab's reputation and overall effectiveness.

What Is Lab Automation Software?

Lab Automation Software transforms laboratory operations by leveraging technology, software solutions, and integrations to streamline a wide range of tasks and processes conducted in laboratory environments. Replacing manual interventions with LIMS Automation leads to significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity across various scientific disciplines. The scope of Laboratory Automation Software encompasses a wide array of applications, including sample management, data handling, instrument integration, and workflow standardization. Consequently, it reduces the risk of human errors and facilitates the processing of large volumes of samples and data with unmatched consistency and precision. Lab Automation Companies play pivotal roles in areas such as clinical diagnostics, health data analysis, cutting-edge research, and various scientific endeavors, expediting outcomes, enhancing result accuracy, and enabling groundbreaking discoveries.

Benefits Of CrelioHealth’s Laboratory Automation Software

Speedy Information Transfers

Our Automated Laboratory Software ensure swift data transmission, effectively reducing latency and ensuring timely access to vital information. This speed notably enhances the process of decision-making & increases overall operational efficiency.


Our system has been carefully designed to ensure effortless compatibility with various lab instruments, devices, and information systems. This design encourages smooth data flow between lab components, lower data silos, and enhancing connectivity.

Quality & Accuracy

Our Laboratory Automation Software is thoughtfully crafted to reduce human errors, guaranteeing data accuracy and reliability. Consequently, it significantly enhances the dependability of results and decreases the requisite for error-prone manual data entry.

High Performance

Lab Automation Companies significantly enhance laboratory performance. LIMS Automation empowers laboratories to efficiently handle enormous sample and data workloads without compromising on quality or efficiency of performance.

Standardized Processes

Maintaining consistency is essential for ensuring dependable & high-quality results. Through CrelioHealth's LIMS Automation, laboratories achieve and uphold process uniformity, effectively minimizing variations and strengthening result reliability.

Communication & Alliance

The Lab Automation Software System aids and encourages improved communication and collaboration with external healthcare providers, resulting in expedited reporting, decision-making, & an overall enhancement in healthcare service delivery.

Why Use CrelioHealth’s Lab Automation Software System Tools?

CrelioHealth's Laboratory Automation Software Tools offer an appealing alternative for healthcare organizations looking to streamline their laboratory processes and enhance patient care. These tools offer the flexibility to generate templates instantly or create customized themes, allowing for the development of personalized and professionally branded laboratory reports.

Furthermore, the capacity to tailor reports to suit individual patient needs, whether it involves employing a right-to-left (RTL) design or incorporating headers and banners in Arabic for Middle Eastern regions, ensures that patients access information in a format that resonates with their choices, thereby significantly enhancing your patient engagement and understanding, empowering them.

Additionally, Lab Automation Companies tools place a powerful emphasis on automation, integrating functions like auto-validation and auto-approval. These components minimize the necessity for manual interventions, expediting the validation and approval of lab results, while rigorously maintaining precision & unwaveringly adhering to industry standards.

Moreover, the critical result-based workflows prioritize the rapid identification and communication of critical findings, enhancing patient safety and streamlining healthcare delivery. CrelioHealth's Lab Automation Software Tools enable healthcare organizations to enhance efficiency, precision, & patient satisfaction, ultimately resulting in superior healthcare outcomes.

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