Transform Your Lab with Automated Sample Management and Tracking Software

Boost your lab's productivity with automated sample management and tracking solutions. With the latest Sample Management Software, you can streamline your lab's processes, manage your samples more efficiently, and ultimately, maximize your lab's capabilities.

Transform Your Lab with Automated Sample Management and Tracking Solutions

Boost your lab's productivity with automated sample management and tracking solutions. With the latest Sample Management Software, you can streamline your lab's processes, manage your samples more efficiently, and ultimately, maximize your lab's capabilities.

innovative sample management software that allow easy tracking and archival of samples through scanning barcoded sample labels

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  • ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED


What Our Lab Sample Management Software
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Streamline Sample Tracking and Management with Cutting-Edge Lab Sample Management Software

creliohealth’s sample management and tracking software is easily accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile to track sample, test, and machine status using real-time analytics

Sample Identification Using Barcode

By assigning unique barcodes to each sample, you can easily identify and track lab samples. This Lab Sample Management Software feature ensures accurate sample management.

BD Vacutainer Guide to Standardize Sample Preparation

Using the BD vacutainer guide you can define correct color codes for sample vacutainer tubes for standardized collection, preparation and segregation.

Sample Accession & Segregation

Efficiently manage sample accession & segregation processes with Lab Sample Management Software, ensuring error free handling and tracking throughout the sample journey.

Streamline Sample Batch Management

Efficiently process lab samples in batches using accession and batching features. Optimize lab workflow & improve efficiency by grouping and processing samples together.

Real-Time Sample Tracking

Track samples in real-time with Lab Sample Tracking Software. Easily monitor the status of samples, ensure timely & accurate processing and reporting throughout the sample journey.

Cross Location Transfers

Simplify sample transfer between various locations/centers and get real-time status updates with complete visibility across multiple labs using Lab Sample Management Software.

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Track Different Types of Sample Journeys with Sample Management Software

Track and manage various sample journeys with our advanced Laboratory sample Management Software. Gain valuable insights into the different paths samples take within your lab's sample management process, and optimize their management using our software for improved efficiency and productivity.

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In-House Sample Preparation

Efficiently manage samples that undergo in-house preparation within your laboratory using Lab Sample Management Software. It includes critical tasks such as sample collection, storage, labeling, and analysis. Enable precise sample segregation, allowing for simple identification and separation. Avoid sample mismatches, ensuring accurate matching with corresponding patient or test requests.

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Multi-Stage Sample Management

Lab Sample Management Software is typically involved as samples often undergo multiple stages of testing and analysis. Various departments and laboratory areas conduct tests and procedures on samples to collect comprehensive data. Our best Sample Management Software ensures step-wise tracking and efficient management, from sample accession to testing.


Sample Outsourcing

Experience streamlined Sample Management with our best Sample Management Software. Labs can effortlessly send samples to external facilities or partner labs for specialized testing and analysis, gaining access to additional expertise and resources to meet unique sample requirements. Our software ensures precise tracking and timely processing, enhancing the overall sample management process.

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Sample Archival

Sample archival is vital for safeguarding valuable data beyond initial testing, aiding ongoing research, ensuring compliance, and maintaining quality control. Our Sample Management Software simplifies archival through organized storage, thorough tracking, and automated processes, guaranteeing long-term integrity and facilitating easy retrieval, thus enhancing sample management overall.

Optimize Your Lab's Potential with Sample Management Software and Streamlined Processes

through lab sample management software interfacing with lab testing equipment, enhance lab productivity and save costs spent over manual intervention and errors

Enhance Productivity & Save Costs

  • Automate-workflow Optimize lab operations with our Lab Sample Management Software. Gain instant access to a dynamic dashboard, providing real-time insights into your daily sample volume, operational tasks, testing sources, machine performance, and TAT distribution throughout pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases.
  • No-printing-cost Are you tired of dealing with bottlenecks in your in-house operations or cross-location sample transfers? Our Sample Tracking Software is the perfect solution for troubleshooting these issues as well as minimizing costs associated with sample mismanagement and reruns.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Experience the streamlined sample journey with our Sample Management & Tracking Solutions. Standardize and simplify the process to ensure efficient and error-free management, eliminating the risk of manual errors and leakages.
improve report accuracy and quality with auto-fill report entries through lab sample management & tracking interfaces

Ensuring Accurate Reports, Every Time!

  • data-privacy Our Sample Management Software facilitates smooth interfacing with analyzers & machines, enabling automated & error-free result generation without manual intervention.
  • HIPAA-compliant Enhance reporting accuracy for various pathology tests, including genetics, toxicology, anatomic testing, molecular pathology, and biochemistry, through seamless integration of equipment and automated result generation in the system. This ensures precise and reliable reports.
enhance quality control management with sample management software real-time analytics and qc reports, also pre-configure qc rules and monitor them through the software on-demand and in real-time, enabling staff to maintain the quality and accuracy of sample processing

Maintain Quality with QC Management

  • weekly-software-updates Our Lab Sample Tracking Software is meticulously designed to perform comprehensive analyses and seamlessly adapt to the continuously evolving real-time operations of your laboratory equipment. This data-driven approach ensures continuous monitoring and optimization of machine performance, ensuring accurate sample processing across the entire testing workflow.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region Our Lab Sample Management Software is a robust solution that automates and optimizes quality control processes in laboratories. It integrates instruments, offers customizable controls, and enforces predefined QC rules, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in quality checks.

What is Sample Process Automation?

Sample Process Automation refers to the utilization of technology and software solutions to streamline and optimize the management of samples within a laboratory environment. It involves the implementation of specialized software tools like Laboratory Sample Management Software and Sample Tracking Software. These solutions are essential for improving efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity in sample-related processes. Sample Process Automation is a progressive approach that empowers laboratories to meet the growing demands for accuracy, efficiency, & data integrity while providing a solid foundation for high-quality research, & diagnostics.

Improving Sample Process Automation: The Benefits of Sample Tracking Software

Efficient & Accurate Processing

Ensure error-free handling and testing of lab samples with minimal manual intervention. This streamlines the sample management process and significantly improves overall lab efficiency.

getting rid of complex reporting

Speedy Tracking & Transfer

Implementing Lab Sample Management Software allows you to easily locate samples across multiple labs and quickly transfer their data. Ensure seamless sample tracking and transfer processes.

no more expensive & tedious setup

Quick Operational Analysis

Effortlessly assess your lab's daily sample volume and acquire valuable insights into operational effectiveness. Recognize opportunities for enhancement and drive data-informed decision-making.

Explore the Features of CrelioHealth's Sample Management Software for Efficient Sample Tracking

Easy Sample Identification

Our Laboratory Sample Management Software offers strong sample identification features to ensure accurate lab sample tracking. This includes advanced features such as barcode labeling and unique identifiers. This provides reliable tracking of samples throughout the entire process.

Prevents Sample Mismatch

Our Barcode Sample Tracking Software leverages patient data to generates unique barcodes to identify sample types for tests. This data, along with test information, can be retrieved through scanning, preventing sample mismatch at processing and facilitating error-free report entries.

Sample Preparation Standard

By minimizing errors & ensuring consistent sample preparation for various tests and procedures, our Sample Management Software provides standardized protocols for sample preparation. This facilitates compliance with regulatory standards, ultimately enhancing test result accuracy.

Error Free Sample Segregation

Safeguarding sample integrity & preventing cross-contamination hinges on effective sample segregation. Our Laboratory Sample Management Software features sample barcoding, ensuring precise sample separation, easy identification, & error-free handling with the highest level of accuracy.

Quick Accession for Batching

Enhance your lab's sample accessioning process through our Sample Management Software's sample barcoding feature. This facilitates streamlined lab sample batching, whether for in-house or outsourced samples. Experience improved workflow with efficient daily sample load optimization.

Effortless Outsourcing

Our software provides easy communication channels, dedicated portals, Dashboards, automated workflows, and real-time tracking capabilities. This ensures seamless coordination and efficient management of samples sent to external laboratories or third-party service providers.

What is a Lab Sample Management Software?

Lab Sample Management Software is a dedicated software tool designed to facilitate the tracking, organization, and comprehensive management of samples throughout their entire life cycle within a laboratory allowing efficient sample management. Laboratory Sample Tracking Software is an essential tool in Sample Process Automation. It is equipped with various features and functionalities, including sample accessioning, barcode labeling, inventory management, and secure data storage. These capabilities of a Sample Tracking Software enable laboratories to efficiently and seamlessly manage their samples, from collection to storage and analysis.

How CrelioHealth Lab Sample Management Software Benefits Your Staff, Business, and Operations

empower staff to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and improve collaboration with streamlined, configurable, and automated workflows also samples are labeled using a barcode for error-free management through the workflow

Empowering Your Staff with Lab Sample Management Software

CrelioHealth’s best Sample Management Software streamlines your lab operations, making your staff's work more efficient and less stressful

Sample Accession

Enhanced Productivity

Our best Sample Management Software automates repetitive tasks like data entry, sample labeling, and result tracking, freeing up your staff to concentrate on more critical aspects of their roles, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Reduced Errors

Our automated Sample Management Software mitigates the risk of manual errors by employing a systematic approach to data handling, ensuring that sample data is accurate and reliable. This, in turn, enhances the overall quality of your lab's services.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Improved Collaboration

Our Laboratory Sample Management Software enables seamless staff communication and collaboration through real-time data sharing, instant messaging, and collaborative features. Employees can easily share sample information, track progress, and exchange insights, leading to better teamwork.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Effortless Training

CrelioHealth's intuitive interface ensures swift staff adaptation to the Lab Sample Tracking Software. With self-paced learning and round-the-clock expert support, training periods are shortened, enabling new employees to become productive more rapidly.

creliohealth’s sample management software helps you scale the lab without compromising on cost-saving areas, helps you offer competitive pricing, and optimizes business service quality through its robust features

Boosting Your Business with The Best Laboratory Sample Tracking Software

CrelioHealth's Laboratory Sample Tracking Software can profoundly influence your business's success.

Configurable Report Templates

Cost Savings

Deploy the best Sample Management Software to mitigate the potential for human errors that could lead to costly rework, misallocation of resources, and the necessity for additional testing. It drives your precision, accuracy, and dependability in your operations, thereby translating into measurable financial gains.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Enhanced Reputation

Utilizing Lab Sample Management Software for efficient sample tracking and reporting leads to better lab services, accurate results, and improved reputation, which can attract more clients.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Competitive Edge

Our Lab Sample Tracking Software streamlines sample management, reducing processing times and errors. It ensures faster turnaround times (TAT) and superior service quality, providing a competitive edge in the industry.

Smooth Report Entry UI


As your laboratory business grows, our Laboratory Sample Tracking Software grows with you. It's easily scalable to accommodate increasing sample volumes and new services.

creliohealth’s lab sample management & tracking software provides real-time analytics that help you make better-informed decisions for operations management, staff, business, and customers effectively through readily available & processed information in the form of graphs, charts, and data analytics

Optimizing Your Operations with The Lab Sample Management Software

CrelioHealth Lab Sample Tracking Software enhances lab workflows for the staff and customer experiences through automation, process optimization, error reduction, and more accurate results, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Quality Control

Streamlined Workflows

Our Lab Sample Tracking Software optimizes your lab's processes, from sample collection to reporting. This streamlining reduces turnaround times and enhances operational efficiency.

Auto Approval

Data Analytics

The Lab Sample Management Software provides visual data dashboards to give valuable insights into your lab's operations. You can analyze data to identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions.

Historical Charts & Trends

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your clients will experience better with our Sample Management Software because it provides precise tracking and prompt reporting. This makes satisfied customers more inclined to return and recommend your lab to others.

Manage Your Daily Sample Volumes Efficiently with Best Sample Management Software

Experience the power of our advanced Laboratory Sample Management Software with a free demo. Our experts will guide you through the extensive features it offers. Manage your daily sample volumes efficiently using Lab Sample Tracking Software. Streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity. Get in touch with us to learn more.