The Smart Solution to Automate Sample Management and Tracking for Your Lab

Maximize your laboratory's efficiency with automated sample management & tracking solutions. Our modern Sample Management System enables you to streamline your lab's operations, enhance sample management efficiency, and optimize your lab's capabilities.

The Smart Solution to Automate Sample Management and Tracking for Your Lab

Maximize your laboratory's efficiency with automated sample management & tracking solutions. Our modern Sample Management System enables you to streamline your lab's operations, enhance sample management efficiency, and optimize your lab's capabilities.

Our Lab Sample Management System Is Compliant With



  • ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED


Streamline Sample Tracking and Management with Cutting-Edge Lab Sample Management System

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Sample Identification Using Barcode

Effortlessly identify and track lab samples by assigning them unique barcodes. Achieve accurate and efficient sample management with this Lab Sample Management System.

BD Vacutainer Guide to Standardize Specimen/Sample Preparation

Consistently achieve high-quality sample processing by following the standardized specimen/sample preparation guidelines provided in the BD Vacutainer guide.

Sample Accession & Segregation

Streamline sample accession and segregation processes with the Lab Sample Management System, ensuring systematic organization and tracking throughout the sample journey.

Streamline Sample Batch Management

Streamline lab sample processing with advanced batch management features. Optimize workflow and boost efficiency by grouping and processing samples together.

Cross Location Transfers

Simplify sample transfer between various locations, ensuring easy LIMS sample tracking & full visibility across multiple labs.

Real-Time Sample Tracking

Effortlessly monitor the status of samples in real time using Lab Sample Tracking Software. Ensure timely and accurate processing and reporting throughout the sample journey.

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Track Different Types of Sample Journeys with Sample Management System

Discover a wide range of sample journeys made possible by our advanced Laboratory Sample Management System. Unleash valuable insights into your LIMS sample management process, optimize workflows, and enhance efficiency with our powerful system, taking productivity to new heights.

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In-House Sample Preparation

Streamline LIMS sample management of in-house sample preparation within your laboratory. It includes critical tasks such as collection, storage, labeling, and preparation for analysis. By streamlining this process, you can achieve accurate tracking and efficient management from the initial sample collection to the final analysis stage.

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Multi-Stage Sample Management

Samples often undergo multiple stages of testing and analysis. Different departments or specialized lab areas are involved in this process, where samples undergo various tests or procedures to gather comprehensive data. This ensures step-wise tracking and efficient management, from sample accession to testing and beyond.


Sample Outsourcing

In Sample Outsourcing, while managing samples, labs may send samples to external facilities or partner labs for specialized testing or analysis. This enables labs to access additional expertise or resources for specific sample requirements. Efficient tracking and managing samples are crucial to ensure timely and accurate processing.

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Sample Archival

After laboratory testing and analysis, samples may require archiving for future reference or research purposes. Ensuring proper storage and tracking measures for archived laboratory samples is crucial to maintain their integrity and facilitate easy retrieval when needed, enhancing sample management's overall efficiency and reliability.

Optimize Your Lab's Potential with Sample Management System and Streamlined Processes

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Enhance Productivity & Save Costs

  • Automate-workflow Enhance lab operations with our Lab Sample Management System. Utilize a real-time dashboard to analyze daily sample load, operational tasks, test sources, machine throughput, and TAT distribution throughout lab operations' pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical stages.
  • No-printing-cost Our Sample Tracking System enables you to troubleshoot bottlenecks in your in-house operations and even for outsourcing and cross-location sample transfers. Minimize costs associated with reruns & sample mismanagement.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Discover a streamlined sample journey through our Sample Management & Tracking Solutions. Standardize and simplify the process, ensuring efficient and error-free management while eliminating the risk of manual errors & data leakages.
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Ensuring Accurate Reports, Every Time!

  • data-privacy Smoothly interface with analyzers & machines using our Sample Management System, enabling automated & error-free result generation without manual intervention.
  • HIPAA-compliant Improve reporting accuracy across various pathology tests, such as genetics, toxicology, anatomic testing, molecular pathology, and biochemistry, by seamlessly integrating instruments and automating result generation in the system. This guarantees precise and reliable reports.
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Maintain Quality with QC Management

  • weekly-software-updates Our Lab Sample Tracking System is designed to analyze & learn from your laboratory machines' real-time throughput, calibration, and quality control (QC) processes. This data-driven approach ensures continuous monitoring and optimization of machine performance, leading to accurate sample processing across the entire testing workflow.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region Our Lab Sample Management System automates essential quality control processes for thorough quality checks. It seamlessly integrates instruments, utilizes configurable controls, and implements predefined QC rules, ensuring efficient and reliable quality control procedures.

What is Sample Process Automation?

Sample Process Automation involves leveraging technology and software solutions to streamline and optimize the management of laboratory samples. This approach incorporates utilizing both a Sample Management System in laboratory and a Lab Sample Tracking System, which are crucial in boosting efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in sample-related processes. Sample Management System is a specifically designed tool to streamline the tracking, organization, and management of samples throughout their lifecycle in a laboratory. The software offers various features and functionalities, including sample accessioning, barcode labeling, inventory management, and data storage, facilitating seamless and efficient sample management. Laboratory Sample Tracking System is an essential element that plays a vital role in sample process automation, allowing seamless real-time tracking and monitoring of samples from collection to analysis. With Sample Tracking System, laboratories can easily track and monitor samples' location, status, and movement, ensuring accurate and timely processing while reducing the risk of errors or delays.

Improving Sample Process Automation: The Benefits of Laboratory Sample Tracking System

Efficient & Accurate Processing

Achieve error-free handling and testing of lab samples with minimal manual intervention. This leads to streamlined processes and significantly improved lab efficiency and accuracy.

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Speedy Tracking & Transfer

Implementing Sample Management System in laboratory allows you to locate samples across multiple labs and quickly transfer their data. Ensure seamless sample tracking and transfer processes.

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Quick Operational Analysis

Analyze the daily sample load, gaining valuable insights about the efficiency of your lab operations. Identify opportunities and make informed data-driven decisions improving performance.

Explore the Features of CrelioHealth's Sample Management System for Efficient Sample Tracking

Easy Sample Identification

Experience the efficiency of our Lab Sample Management System with robust sample identification features, including barcode labeling and unique identifiers, ensuring accurate sample tracking and reliable monitoring throughout the entire process.

Prevents Sample Mismatch

Our Lab Sample Management System utilizes advanced matching algorithms and automated validation checks to prevent sample mismatches, ensuring accurate matching of each sample with the corresponding patient or test request.

Sample Preparation Standard

With reduced error and reliable sample preparation across different tests and procedures, our LIMS Sample Management System provides standard guidelines for sample preparation, leading to test results accuracy and improved lab performance.

Error Free Sample Segregation

Maintaining sample integrity and preventing cross-contamination rely on efficient sample segregation. With our Laboratory Sample Management System enables error-free sample segregation, easy identification, and separation of samples with utmost accuracy.

Quick Accession for Batching

Streamline your lab's sample accessioning process with our Sample Management System, enabling efficient lab sample batching, insourcing, and outsourcing. You can experience enhanced workflow with easily optimized resource utilization.

Effortless Outsourcing

Our LIMS Sample Management System makes communication easy, and automates workflows with real-time tracking features, ensuring seamless coordination and management of samples sent to external laboratories or third-party service providers.

Efficiently Manage Your Daily Sample Volumes at Lab with Our Best Sample Management System

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