Endorse the Resilient LIMS for Lab Specimen Tracking Software

In the energetic realm of laboratories, precision and efficiency are upright as essential elements. Presenting our advanced Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software, an unprecedented solution organized to revolutionize the lab management and tracking of laboratory specimens.

Endorse the Resilient LIMS for Lab Specimen Tracking Software

In the energetic realm of laboratories, precision and efficiency are upright as essential elements. Presenting our advanced Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software, an unprecedented solution organized to revolutionize the lab management and tracking of laboratory specimens.

innovative sample management software that allow easy tracking and archival of samples through scanning barcoded sample labels

Our Lab Sample Management Software Is Compliant



  • ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED


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How CrelioHealth’s Lab Specimen Tracking Software Efficiently Transforms Your Lab Sample Management

creliohealth’s sample management and tracking software is easily accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile to track sample, test, and machine status using real-time analytics

Barcode Labels For Specimen Identification

In modern labs, effective Lab Specimen Tracking Software is crucial. Tracking Solutions use advanced methods, prioritizing barcode Labels for exact identification throughout the lifecycle.

Standardize Specimen Preparation With BD Vacutainer Guide

Enhance lab with CrelioHealth’s Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems, turning the BD Vacutainer Guide for regulating tasks & improved precision, reliability, and ease in handling samples.

Specimen Accession and Segregation

CrelioHealth's Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems smooth accession and segregation, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors in your lab workflow with our advanced tracking system.

Specimen Batch Management

Enhance laboratory efficiency with CrelioHealth’s progressive Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software, facilitating seamless and error-free batch organization and monitoring processes.

Cross Location Transfers

In interrelated laboratories, CrelioHealth's Specimen Tracking System streamlines cross-location transfers, ensuring efficient management and monitoring for a synchronized workflow.

Real-time Specimen Tracking

CrelioHealth's Lab Specimen Tracking Software enables real-time tracking, ensuring constant updates on specimen status and location for inflated operational transparency & efficiency.

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How Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems Boost Your Lab’s Capabilities

Enhance Productivity

Strengthen operational performance and productivity with our Specimen Tracking Software and its real-time dashboard. Gain detailed insights into daily sample batch, operational workload, test sources, machine throughput, and TAT distribution with our Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems.

Save Costs

Utilize our Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software's real-time capabilities to identify and address bottlenecks in both in-house and cross-location operations. This aids in sidestepping unnecessary expenses linked to sample reruns or mismanagement within the Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems.

Eliminate Errors And Leakages

Utilize our Lab Specimen Tracking Software to identify & address real-time bottlenecks, empowering prompt resolution and process increment. The Specimen Tracking Software maximizes management for efficiency, and impeccable processes, and eliminates the chance of manual errors and leakages.

Better Decision-Making

With the implementation of the Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems, the system allows laboratory staff to access specimen and lab details in real-time. The Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software contributes to lift testing quality, resource management, research, and decision-making processes.

Improve Reporting Accuracy

Entitle our Lab Specimen Tracking Software for immaculate interfacing with analyzers, generating automated, impeccable results without manual intrusion. Enhance reporting accuracy for diversified tests by integrating instruments with the Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software for automated results.

QC Management

Our Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems analyze and regulate to real-time machine output, calibration, and Quality Control. This automation includes crucial quality control processes, integrating instruments, scalable controls, & predefined Quality Control rules within the Specimen Tracking Software.

What is Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software?

Lab Specimen Tracking Software is a specialized solution transforming how laboratories manage specimens during testing. Utilizing technologies like barcodes or RFID, it uniquely identifies and tracks each specimen, minimizing errors from manual data entry. Specimen Tracking Software completes lifecycle tracing from collection to storage, offering transparency through real-time monitoring. Automation streamlines workflows, enhancing efficiency, while robust reporting tools aid performance analysis and QC. Ideal for multi-location labs, Specimen Tracking Software facilitates seamless specimen transfers. Ensuring data integrity, the software complies with regulations, featuring audit trails and supporting systematic specimen archival. With a user-friendly interface, Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems empowers effective navigation and utilization, making it essential for accurate, efficient specimen management in modern laboratories.

Monitor Various Specimen Journeys Using the Specimen Tracking System.

In the complex realm of labs, Lab Specimen Tracking Software guides specimens through diverse journeys, each with distinct stages and processes. Navigate from collection to the final destination, covering key stages like specimen preparation, accessioning, testing, and potential transfers within the Specimen Tracking System.

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In-House Specimen Preparation

Boost your lab's efficiency by integrating cutting-edge technologies and utilizing Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems. This advanced in-house specimen devising method ensures precision and reliability, contributing to an enhanced laboratory experience. By optimizing processes and adopting innovative Specimen Tracking Software, your lab can accomplish improved accuracy and streamlined workflows.

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Multi-Stage Sample Management

Commence on a meticulous examination of a multi-stage sample management system, consolidated by the features of the Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software. Thoroughly monitor every phase of the specimen's progression by way of Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems, with the objective of enhancing precision, reducing errors, and ensuring a smooth flow across sample processing stages.


Outsourcing Specimen

Choose a dependable outsourcing procedure for specimen handling, ensuring meticulous care and adherence to quality standards through the implementation of Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems. Utilize this capability to allow your laboratory team to dedicate their focus to core research and analysis, ensuring the streamlined management of lab specimens through Specimen Tracking Software.

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Specimen Archival

Adopt a systematic method for specimen archival with the assistance of Specimen Tracking Software, ensuring the conservation of valuable samples for future reference and research. Implement Lab Specimen Tracking Software for the optimization of repossession processes, the reinforcement of data integrity, and the assurance of the long-lasting preservation of your laboratory's compelling specimen records.

Advantages Of Implementing Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software In Your Lab

Higher Processing Efficiency

Identifying bottlenecks enhances processing accuracy, guarantees error-free handling, & ensures accurate testing with minimal manual intervention, thanks to Lab Specimen Tracking Software.

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Improved Operational Management

With Specimen Tracking Software, the tracking process assists in correctly identifying specimens, thereby simplifying their management and reducing errors in various operations.

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Speedy Tracking & Transfer

The user-friendly interface of Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software allows for easy location of specimens across departments and centers, facilitating the smooth transfer of their information.

Why Is Specimen Tracking Software Important In Your Lab Process?

Explore the benefits of CrelioHealth's Laboratory Specimen Tracking Systems, designed to optimize your pathology lab reporting procedures and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cooperation in identifying the status of specimens throughout their journey within the Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software.

Minimizes potential errors in the handling of specimens, enclosing demanding processes like accession, segregation, and batching.

Boosts your lab outsourcing effectiveness with the streamlined operations provided by Laboratory Specimen Tracking Software.

Revolutionizes the process of specimen archival by integrating the Specimen Tracking System into your operational workflow.

Streamlines the process of relocating specimens, categorizing them based on department and specific test requirements.

Expedites the in-sourcing process of accession and batching through the implementation of the Specimen Tracking System.

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Manage Your Daily Volumes Efficiently With Lab Specimen Tracking Software

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