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Enhance operational performance and efficiency by streamlining routine processes with Laboratory Workflow Management Software, optimizing lab automation for effective management of workflows.

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Unparalleled LIMS Workflow Management That CrelioHealth Offers For A Highly Productive Business

to transform your lab operations and boost productivity with our cutting-edge clinical laboratory information system

Critical Workflows

The Lab Workflow Software solution guarantees seamless and efficient handling of critical workflows, with an unwavering emphasis on precision, timeliness, and operational excellence.

Department-Wise Workflows

Customized Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each department while optimizing operational efficiency and collaboration synergies.

Automated Workflows

The Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System streamlines processes through automated workflows, reducing the need for manual intervention and maximizing overall productivity.

B2B Workflows

The Laboratory Workflow Software facilitates seamless B2B workflows, ensuring smooth interactions between businesses and significantly enhancing partnership collaboration.

COVID-19 Workflows

Laboratory Workflow Management Software aspect dedicated COVID-19 workflows crafted to ensure swift and precise management of pandemic-related testing and protocols.

Mobile Workflows

The Lab Workflow Management System empowers on-the-go management and decision-making by providing flexible mobile workflows that enhance accessibility and convenience.

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Why Do You Need A Lab Workflow Management Software?

Workflow Management

Our Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions, efficiently organize and carefully oversee laboratory workflows, ensuring smooth operations & the optimal allocation of resources for enhanced productivity.

Workflow Automation

Hold our Laboratory Workflow Management Software to effectively automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes within your laboratory, thus enhancing productivity and reducing manual errors significantly.

Workflow Monitoring

Utilize the Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System to monitor and track laboratory workflows in real-time, enabling proactive decision-making and ensuring strict adherence to protocols and timelines.

anatomic pathology laboratory information system dashboard at patient billing for specimen selection, preparation, labeling, tracking, and archival to standardize the anatomical pathology specimen handling

How Leveraging Lab Software Empowers Smooth LIMS Workflow Management In Your Laboratory

Sample Accession

Streamlining Routine Tasks In Every Process:

Employing the Laboratory Workflow Software to organize routine tasks systematically helps staff operate efficiently and embrace standardization in their everyday lab operations with ease.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Automating Redundant Processes:

Utilizing the Laboratory Workflow Analysis, process automation eliminates repetitive, handwritten, and manual tasks, saving time and energy for staff to dedicate to valuable lab areas.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Setting Department-Wise Workflow:

Through Laboratory Workflow Management Software, you can establish workflows independent of each department, enabling staff to carry out their daily tasks without interruption or confusion.

anatomic pathology lab software dashboard that can help you configure anatomic pathology lab reports using dynamic templates, intelligent snippets, the ability to add images, and use speech-to-text features for reporting faster.

How Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System Helps Improve Operational Performance

Configurable Report Templates

Leveraging Dashboards

Utilize interactive dashboards offered by the Lab Workflow Management System to visualize processes within workflows and pinpoint bottlenecks, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Tracking Through Real-time Analytics

Monitor the real-time status of tests, samples, machines, and other elements using advanced analytics provided by the Lab Workflow Software, guaranteeing rapid and well-informed decision-making.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Calculating TAT Using Stats And Graphs

Calculate TAT efficiently by analyzing statistics and graphs with the aid of the Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System, enabling better resource allocation and workflow optimization.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Utilizing Performance Reports

Utilize comprehensive performance reports from the Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System to export metrics for lab operations, facilitating informed decision-making & continuous improvement.

Why CrelioHealth Laboratory Workflow Management Software Is The Last Solution You Need


Customize features and processes within the Laboratory Workflow Management Software meticulously to harmonize with the specific modalities, practices, and operational nuances of your lab. This approach guarantees seamless integration, efficient operations, and performance within the Laboratory Workflow Software environment.


Utilize Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions to set up smooth process flows from inception to completion, containing LIMS Workflow Management. This includes new operational areas like outsourcing, collection centers, home collections, and diverse business sectors such as corporates, insurance management, B2Bs, and multi-centers.

Types of Modalities Our Lab Workflow Management System Supports

Clinical Pathology

Enhancing overall laboratory performance and patient outcomes, our Lab Workflow Software efficiently enables the seamless management of clinical pathology methods, ensuring exact, and timely diagnostics.

Molecular Diagnostics

With the aid of our Lab Management Workflow Solutions, molecular diagnostics procedures are efficiently conducted, thereby supporting advanced genetic testing, analysis, and research endeavors.


Our LIMS Workflow Management system ensures the comprehensive support and efficiency of our laboratory operations by effectively streamlining and managing toxicology testing processes.


The Laboratory Workflow Software is intricately designed to adeptly manage complex genetics workflows, pledging precise execution of genetic testing methods and accurate analysis of results.


The Lab Workflow Management Software effectively organizes radiology workflows, facilitating seamless image acquisition, interpretation, and reporting to enhance comprehensive patient care.

Anatomical Pathology

The Lab Workflow Management System optimizes anatomical pathology workflows by facilitating precise specimen handling and interpretation of diagnoses, ensuring meticulous examination & accurate results.

How Our Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions Upscales Your Lab’s Functionality

auto dispatch delivery lims

Optimizing Your Lab’s Turnaround Time

Our LIMS Workflow Management software provides an efficient solution for managing and expediting laboratory processes, ensuring optimized turnaround times. Meanwhile, the Lab Workflow Software optimizes operations, enhances efficiency, and increases productivity within your lab environment, contributing to streamlined workflows.

interface lab instruments lims

Improve Overall Lab Performance

Enhance overall laboratory performance by incorporating streamlined processes powered by automation through our advanced Laboratory Workflow Analysis. By leveraging this innovative software, can effectively reduce manual errors, resulting in raised operational efficiency and productivity levels across your lab environment.


Increase In Throughput

Increase process throughput by strategically implementing systematic procedures tailored to every department and lab functionality. This approach valuably reduces unneeded delays & removes management bottlenecks, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity with the help of our Laboratory Workflow Management Software.

outsourcing samples lims

Better Quality Control With Standardization

Ensure superior quality control across all laboratory operations by adhering to standardized procedures with the assistance of our Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions. Our Lab Workflow Software enables consistent practices, enhancing quality assurance and delivering accurate results to clients or patients.

What Is Lab Workflow Management Software?

Lab Workflow Management Software refers to specialized software designed to streamline and optimize the various processes and workflows within a laboratory setting. It encompasses a range of features and functionalities aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in laboratory operations. Laboratory Workflow Software typically includes tools for sample tracking, data management, scheduling, automation of tasks, quality control, and reporting. It helps laboratory personnel manage and track samples, workflows, and resources more effectively, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly and that data is accurately recorded and analyzed. Lab Workflow Management System plays a crucial role in modern laboratories by centralizing and digitizing processes, reducing manual errors, and increasing overall efficiency. It enables laboratories to meet regulatory requirements, maintain high standards of quality, and deliver reliable results to clients or patients.

Why Use CrelioHealth’s Lab Workflow Software and Monitoring Tools?

Track real-time operational bottlenecks like sample tracking, TAT monitoring, & machine output analysis across all departments and centers with our Lab Workflow Management System.

Accentuate how Emergency & Critical Reports assist providers, physicians, and clinicians in achieving faster diagnoses with our Lab Workflow Management Software.

Effectively manage TAT for tests using our Lab Workflow Software. Department-wise workflow management and automation establish and regulate the TAT for every test type, as needed.

Advance business management with LIMS Workflow Management. Information transfer, communication, and collaboration become smoother and faster with B2B workflow automation.

pathology lab reporting software

Benefits Of CrelioHealth’s Laboratory Workflow Monitoring System

Smooth and Standardized Lab Management

Enhance efficiency in your laboratory operations while ensuring consistent performance by leveraging our Lab Workflow Software. This allows you to streamline processes, automate tasks, and maintain standardized procedures using Lab Workflow Management Software, thereby maximizing productivity and delivering reliable results.

Increased Staff Productivity and Performance

Enhance your laboratory's performance by boosting staff productivity with our Lab Workflow Management Software. This powerful tool empowers your team to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and maintain standardized procedures, ultimately driving the success of your laboratory operations with Laboratory Workflow Analysis.

Faster and Error-Free Process Outcomes

Facilitate process dispatching and accuracy with our Lab Workflow Management Software. This solution streamlines workflows, ensuring swift and accurate procedures. Through advanced functionalities, our software allows your team to achieve more productivity & precision in operations, contributing to the success of your laboratory outcomes.

Better Stakeholder Collaboration

Enhance collaboration among stakeholders in your laboratory operations by leveraging the seamless integration capabilities of our Lab Workflow Management System. This solution facilitates communication and data exchange between departments, ensuring stakeholders are aligned throughout the workflow process.

Discover Smooth Lab Business Operations With Smart Laboratory Management Workflow Solutions

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