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Redesigning Lab Data Management Software With Modern LIMS

Laboratory Data Digitization

Transitioning from manual paper records to automated data capture during registration, sample collection, and testing via our Lab Data Management Platform (LIMS) and integrated system.

getting rid of complex reporting

Centralized Data Management

Leveraging the capabilities of cloud technology and integration to efficiently and effectively centrally manage data from all departments and centers with our Lab Data Management Solutions.

no more expensive & tedious setup

Data Analytics in Laboratory

Using sophisticated tools in our Lab Data Management System to transform vital data into easily analyzed information, enabling bottleneck identification and informed decision-making.

Types Of Data A Laboratory Data Management Software Company Must Handle

drug compliance

Operational Data

The Lab Data Management System efficiently organizes sample data, test data, Turnaround Time (TAT), data about instrument throughput, and Quality Control (QC) information.


Finance Data

Our comprehensive Lab Data Management Solutions efficiently handle all transactional data, including payments, bills, invoices, and financial inflows and outflows.

pain management

Business Data

The Laboratory Data Management Platform provides insights into B2B data, ROI, profits, losses, and various forms of analytical data for informed decision-making.

addiction treatment

Patient Data

The Lab Data Management Software securely stores health histories, results, essential documents, discharge papers, and paperwork for streamlined access and organization.

A modern LIMS helps store, digitize, process, and analyze all types of Laboratory Data Management for efficient operation and scalability.

Why Choose CrelioHealth's Laboratory Data Management Platform

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100% Configurable and Automated Workflows

Automate sample handling, seamlessly connect instruments, and customize workflows tailored to your specific needs with our Lab Data Management Solutions.

End To End Sample Management

Our Lab Data Management System offers a physician-focused platform, seamlessly integrating the process of order reception & report delivery between your lab and healthcare providers.

Dedicated Provider And Patient Portal

Enhance communication and collaboration with our dedicated provider and patient portal, offering easy access to test results, reports, and information for healthcare providers and patients.

Integrate LIMS Data System with EMR

Streamline your order and result processes by seamlessly integrating your Lab Data Management Software system with any EMR System, boosting automation & enhancing efficiency.

Automate Insurance Billing with Seamless Insurance Integration

Simplify insurance billing by automating & integrating with the RCM system with our Lab Data Management Platform. Improve patient satisfaction with insurance ID and data export features.

Your Mobile-Ready Lab Data Management Software

Efficiently streamline lab operations with our Laboratory Data Management Systems app, improving efficiency across data management, doctors, physicians, and phlebotomists.

Our Lab Data Management System Is Compliant With



  • ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED


Enhances Every Aspect of Your Laboratory Business with Our Laboratory Data Management Systems

Enhance every facet of your laboratory business operations with our innovative Laboratory Data Management Systems, providing streamlined efficiency and improved collaboration across departments.

Operational Dashboard

Use Lab Data Management System's advanced ability to effectively visualize up-to-the-minute data on samples, tests, and instruments, thereby enhancing operational efficiency of the lab.

Multi-Center Finance Dashboard

Utilize a centralized Lab Data Management Platform to efficiently compare, reconcile, and oversee the financial aspects of multiple centers, ensuring comprehensive management.

Business-2-Business (B2B) Dashboard

Simplify and efficiently manage B2B operations with our intuitive Laboratory Data Management Platform, designed for comprehensive control and streamlined navigation.

Quality Control Dashboard

Leverage the capabilities of the Lab Data Management Software to effectively assess, monitor, and analyze your quality control processes in real-time, ensuring improved quality assurance.

What is a Lab Data Management System?

A Lab Data Management System (LDMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize various processes within a laboratory. It serves as a centralized platform to organize, track, and manage data related to samples, tests, instruments, and results. Laboratory Data Management Systems are essential for modern laboratories dealing with large volumes of data, providing tools for sample tracking, workflow management, quality control, data analysis, and reporting. By utilizing LIMS Data Management, laboratories can improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with industry regulations, enabling seamless tracking of samples from collection to analysis. With features like automated workflows, real-time monitoring, and customizable reporting, the Lab Data Management Platform enhances operational performance and decision-making. It is the backbone of a laboratory's digital infrastructure, providing the necessary tools and capabilities to manage data effectively, maintain data integrity, and ultimately improve the quality of research and testing conducted within the lab.

Laboratory Data Management Software That Audits All Processes, Prevents Leakages, And Enhances Quality

Discover our comprehensive Laboratory Data Management Software, designed to meticulously audit all processes, prevent leakages, and enhance overall quality for seamless operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced outcomes.

Enhance Transparency with Audit Logs

Monitor and maintain detailed records of every action and change within our comprehensive audit logs, facilitated by the Laboratory Data Management Platform. This ensures transparency and accountability across all aspects of your lab's operations, offered by our Laboratory Data Management Software Company, giving a clear and traceable overview of activities for enhanced compliance, and decision-making.

Assure Security with Access Control

Safeguard sensitive data and ensure full compliance with stringent security measures by utilizing our comprehensive Lab Data Management Solutions. These advanced Laboratory Data Management Systems enable only authorized personnel to access critical information within the system, thereby maintaining data integrity, security, confidentiality, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of CrelioHealth's All-Powerful
Lab Data Management Software

Discover the advanced capabilities of CrelioHealth's Lab Data Management Software, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your laboratory operations with this comprehensive software solution.

Seamless Lab Specimen Tracking

Tap into the advanced capabilities of the Lab Data Management System to effortlessly track specimens from collection to analysis, ensuring precise handling and efficient results throughout the testing process.

Effortless Test Order Management

Leverage the capabilities of the Laboratory Data Management Platform to effortlessly streamline test orders, thereby reducing errors and improving turnaround times for enhanced operational efficiency.

Easy Quality Control Management

Effortlessly utilize the Lab Data Management Software to effectively manage quality control processes, ensuring accurate and reliable test results for enhanced laboratory performance and efficiency.

Accurate Results With Custom Reporting

The Laboratory Data Management Software allows for the effortless generation of detailed custom reports, supporting informed decision-making and improving operational efficiency in your lab.

Assured Data Security And Compliance

With our Lab Data Management Solutions, ensure data security and compliance with stringent standards, safeguarding patient information to maintain confidentiality and meet regulatory requirements.

Complete Patient Data Management

Efficiently manage patient data from registration to results with the assistance of our renowned Laboratory Data Management Software Company, ensuring enhanced patient care and satisfaction.

Maximize Lab Productivity with Easy-To-Use CrelioHealth's Lab Data Management Software

Explore the features of our advanced Lab Data Management System with a free demo. Our team of product experts will guide you through the extensive features offered by our LIMS Data Management. Contact us today to schedule your demo and learn more.