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Strengthen the capabilities of your laboratory operations with user-friendly Lab Testing Software. Simplify operational management for your staff by performing customizable and automated workflows altered to various departments and centers, clarity and efficiency.

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How CrelioHealth Lab Test Software Enhances
Your Lab Operations

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Sample Accession

CrelioHealth Lab Test Report Software trim sample accession for efficient tracking. User-friendly interfaces ease data entry, reduce errors, & ensure exact recognition throughout testing.

Configure & Automate Department-Wise Workflows

Customize workflows for different pathology departments, like toxicology and molecular testing, with the backing of Test Lab Management Software to optimize & streamline management.

Analyzer Interfacing

Effortlessly integrate advanced Laboratory Testing Software with the highest development equipment, analyzers, and machines to make certain the reliable generation of error-free results.

Integrate Lab Testing Software With IT Systems

Well-organize the incorporation of your lab with the Laboratory Test Report Software with EMR, EHR, HIS, or your client's LIMS, ensuring a seamless and effective handover of information.

Multi-View Operational Dashboard

The Lab Test Software provides a comprehensive dashboard for a multi-view on diverse testing operations. This allows real-time monitoring, permitting administrators for decision-making.

Manage All Laboratory Testing Operations On Mobile

Leverage the Laboratory Testing Software's mobile application to efficiently supervise samples, pending orders, payments, reports, finances, and various other associated components.

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Streamline Stepwise Operational Processes Of Your Lab With Our Lab Test Report Software

Experience a notable reduction in turnaround time (TAT) with our cutting-edge Lab Testing Software. This software brings forth a range of advantages for your clinical laboratory, ensuring these benefits are realized throughout the entire sample process.

Specimen Collection

Effectively enhancing specimen collection processes improves testing procedures and prevents unnecessary sample reruns in laboratories, resulting in notable cost savings through the utilization of Lab Testing Software. This is achieved with the innovative ability of Lab Test Software, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

image showcasing patient order bookings, patient waiting list, and communication channels, including email, sms, and whatsapp in pathology laboratory software

Sample Labeling, Segregation and Batching

Utilizing Laboratory Testing Software simplifies the management of sample data, enabling successful labeling, segregation, and batching of samples based on departments and specific tests. This guarantees the prevention of discrepancies and errors in the handling of specimens through Test Laboratory Management Software.

image showcasing a pending accession dashboard, a list of container types, and sample accession and standardization processes in pathology lab software

Sample Testing

Our Lab Test Software significantly complements the effectiveness of sample processing within the laboratory. Accomplished through advanced Lab Testing Software interfacing, connecting with analyzers, equipment, and machines to streamline workflows, ensuring precise and immediate sample processing for enhanced efficiency.

image displaying sample barcoding in a lab automation tool, a test sample accessioning dashboard with status updates, and the use of pathology software

Report Entry To Generate Lab Reports

The seamless entry of accurate results into the software is guaranteed by integrating Laboratory Test Report Software with analyzers, equipment, and machines. This advanced capability eliminates the requirement for manual inputs, greatly reducing the likelihood of errors, thanks to the sophisticated technology of Laboratory Testing Software.

image showcasing streamlined test sample processing with pathology lims, featuring a dashboard displaying sample tracking and tat analysis

Test Report Signing

Provide pathologists with the capability of securely authenticating and digitally signing reports from any location through the Lab Test Report Software feature. This robust feature guarantees meticulous adherence to rigorous healthcare standards, improving the efficiency of the process when integrated with Lab Testing Software.

image showcasing a dashboard of automated reporting using interfacing, a speech-to-text report entry feature, and a dashboard to enter report values in bulk

Test Report Dispatch

Automate the dispatch of reports with Lab Test Report Software upon validation and signing. Guarantee the swift and dependable distribution of comprehensive digital reports to clinicians, patients, and stakeholders, reducing waiting times for improved efficiency and seamless communication of vital information with Lab Test Software.

image showcasing the pathology software dashboard to efficiently manage and automate the approval process for lab reports with the pathology software dashboard, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of results

What Is A Laboratory Testing Software?

Laboratory Testing Software is a specialized tool crafted to enhance and streamline the operations of a pathology laboratory. This comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates various functions, including patient management, sample tracking, test result generation, billing, and reporting. By deploying this Lab Test Report Software, lab technicians and pathologists can efficiently oversee the entire workflow, from sample collection to report delivery. Moreover, Lab Test Software maintains precision and reduces human errors by automating repetitive tasks and furnishing real-time data analysis. The Lab Testing Software automates processes, enhancing accuracy, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing data analysis for informed decisions. Laboratory Test Report Software boosts lab efficiency, productivity, and overall performance with features like barcode scanning, EMR integration, and quality control management. The advantages of Laboratory Testing software extend to various stakeholders, including patients, physicians, and researchers.

How CrelioHealth Improves Your Lab Overall Using The Best Lab Testing Software Solutions

anatomic pathology laboratory information system dashboard at patient billing for specimen selection, preparation, labeling, tracking, and archival to standardize the anatomical pathology specimen handling

Operational Analytics

Explore the Operations Dashboard within the lab, unveiling a suite of newest features & analytics through our advanced Lab Test Software. This empowers smooth operations & further informed decision-making for raised efficiency.

Sample Accession

Test Analytics

Explore detailed testing analytics, & optimizing testing processes with our leading Lab Test Software. Our advanced Lab Testing Software allows data-driven decision-making for lifted efficiency.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Sample Analytics

Delve into advanced sample management analytics with our Test Lab Management Software, & verify efficient tracking & processing in your lab workflow. Achieve insights for lab sample analytics.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Machine Analytics

Gain insights into the operational metrics of laboratory machines through comprehensive analytics, encouraging optimal utilization of equipment with Test Laboratory Management Software.

anatomic pathology lab software dashboard that can help you configure anatomic pathology lab reports using dynamic templates, intelligent snippets, the ability to add images, and use speech-to-text features for reporting faster.


Explore the capabilities of detailed reports, empowering decision-makers with valuable insights and providing a comprehensive overview of different facets of laboratory operations through Laboratory Test Report Software.

Configurable Report Templates

Test Reports

Analyze detailed test reports using Laboratory Testing Software for insights into result exposition. Lab Test Report Software provides detailed clarity into test-specific data, & better lab decision-making.

Smooth Report Entry UI

Exception Reports

Effectively handle exceptions with Lab Testing Software reports, ensuring quality control and optimizing processes. Lab Test Report Software enhances lab workflows for better efficiency and quality.

Smooth Report Entry UI


Elevate collaboration and efficiency in external partnerships by strategically optimizing your outsourcing approach, leveraging the intuitive detailed reports provided by Laboratory Testing Software.

anatomic pathology software dashboard to search and analyze reports with advanced search filters and search by keywords options for quick interpretation and study

Real-Time Tracking

Implementing Test Lab Management Software facilitates dynamic real-time tracking across innumerable feature of laboratory operations, ensuring transparency and optimizing overall efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

Quality Control

Outsourcing Tracking

Efficiently manage outsourcing with real-time tracking features in Lab Testing Software, fostering collaboration and accountability.

Auto Approval

Archival Tracking

Effortlessly monitor the archival process with Lab Testing Software, insuring exact documentation & prime retrieval of historical data.

Historical Charts & Trends

Sample Tracking

Optimize sample management with Laboratory Testing Software's real-time tracking for precision and traceability in testing lifecycle.

Historical Charts & Trends

Home Collection Tracking

Boost home collection method with Lab Test Software's real-time tracking, ensuring a smooth experience for patients and collectors.

Why CrelioHealth LIMS Laboratory Test Report Software Stands Out

Choose CrelioHealth Laboratory Test Report Software for your lab, the premier solution with unparalleled features tailored to testing laboratories. Here's a guide for your informed decision.

drug compliance

99.9% Server Uptime

Ensure seamless lab operations with CrelioHealth LIMS Lab Test Software, featuring a 99.9% server uptime and robust infrastructure for uninterrupted data access.


Durable Lab Data

Ensure data protection with CrelioHealth Lab Testing Software, offering disaster-proof measures and advanced backup for uninterrupted access and data integrity.

pain management

24/7 Support Assist

Access 24/7 support with Lab Test Report Software. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with queries and technical issues, ensuring seamless lab operations.

addiction treatment

No Installations

Embrace increased efficiency by adopting Laboratory Testing Software. Our LIMS eliminates costs, server rooms, and maintenance, offering flexible cloud storage.

How Laboratory Testing Software Improves Report Management/ Reporting and Delivery


Streamline test laboratory management and complement comprehensive regulation by successfully automating manual processes by way of the advanced capabilities of Test Laboratory Management Software.


Facilitating the hassle-free distribution of comprehensive laboratory results and data with EHR, EMR, and client LIMS, stimulating enhanced collaboration from end to end of advanced Laboratory Testing Software.

Complete Digitization

Improve the efficiency & speed of reporting and management tasks, such as result entry, validation, approval, signing, & fast delivery, through the complete digitization provided by Laboratory Test Report Software.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Scalability Using The Robust Lab Testing Solution

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