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Our Laboratory Information Management Software automates step-wise lab processes to enhance productivity and throughput. From the front desk to report delivery to quality control and managing critical lab information, Our LIMS Software Solutions makes every task easier and more efficient.

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CrelioHealth stands as the best LIMS that not only enables labs to streamline their laboratory operations efficiently but also improves business processes on the go to improve the overall lab performance, scaling your lab’s ROI.

Operational Features That Guarantee High Lab Efficiency

Operational Features That Guarantee High Lab Efficiency

CrelioHealth is among the top 10 LIMS Software providers because it offers unparalleled operational features that drive laboratory excellence through improved quality and accuracy.

Automated Patient Registration & Billing

Our Laboratory LIMS Software streamlines the patient registration process using auto-verification through patient ID scans and auto-generation of bills.

100% Configurable and Automated Workflows

Using our highly configurable workflows in our best LIMS Software, automate sample processing, reporting, and other business processes according to your lab’s specific needs.

Sample Process Automation & Tracking

Simplify sample management throughout all lab processes using sample process automation and track sample status and bottlenecks in real time using our LIMS Lab Software.

Smooth Instrument Integration

Automate result generation seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual data entries and errors using analyzer interfacing and smooth instrument integration.

Custom Report Formats

Configure report formats according to department-specific requirements. Impart company white-labeling and region-specific features, like RTL for Arabic countries and more.

Quality Control Management

The Laboratory LIMS Software offers robust quality control and monitoring abilities, tracking instrument throughput, maintenance and calibration, and other performance metrics.

Business Features That Enhance Business Relationships

Explore the robust business features that offer smooth business management with enhanced connectivity and collaboration to boost business performance and relationships.

Payment Collection & Settlements

Fasten your collection cycles with payment integration and auto-settle bills to simplify financial processes, enabling smooth management and convenient financial reconciliation.

Automated Invoice Management

Auto-generate invoices for B2B payments, dues, and many other payments. Set control on invoice payments by locking accounts in case of exceeded payment credit days.

Price List & Discount Management

Create an organization-wise price list that matches their type of practice. Ensure discount controls with discount approvals to enhance the experience of catering patients.

Seamless Insurance Integration

Automate and streamline the insurance management and billing process with our Laboratory Information Management Software and its seamless RCM integration feature.

Multi-Center Financial Dashboard

Monitor multiple lab centers and take control from a single dashboard in real-time with advanced search and filters and effortlessly improve the financial health of your lab.

Real-time Business Analytics & Reports

Review all your financial and business data using real-time analytics to study, analyze, and plan ahead for your lab’s future. Reconcile business finances easily using MIS reports.

Business Features That to Enhance Business Relationships

Your Mobile-Ready Best LIMS Software

The dedicated mobile app for lab & diagnostics managers, doctors, physicians & phlebotomists provides convenient access to the comprehensive features of Laboratory LIMS Software with advanced capabilities.

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Manage Order Seamless

Without any delays

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Track Sample & Finances

In real-time

empower phlebotomists with greater control through our powerful phlebo app
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Report Validation & Signing

From anywhere anytime

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Real-Time Analytics

For impromptu decisions

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What’s More?
Explore The Powerful Features of CrelioHealth's LIMS Solutions

Unique Sample Labeling

User Management Controls & Audit Trials

CrelioHealth offers labs with user management controls for staff according to their job roles, which enables users with specific access and control for task completion. Audit trials offer tracking and analyzing user activities to verify compliance and rectify anomalies.

Sample Process Automation

Critical Call Out & Emergency Result Alerts

CrelioHealth LIMS Software flags critical and emergency results with rule-based result predictions, helping pathologists and providers act on them faster. Critical call-outs and emergency result alerts help notify doctors on high priority through emails and alerts.

Sample Standardization

Automated Communication & Notifications

Automate communication with patients, doctors, and clients to notify them about test status, payments, dues, booking confirmation, and ready reports using automated WhatsApp, Fax, Email, and SMS communication and notifications features.

Sample Tracking

Sample Outsourcing Management & Tracking

The feature empowers hassle-free outsourcing management and real-time tracking of outsourced samples to various locations. With barcoded sample labels, enable error-free handling and tracking of outsourced samples for all locations.

Sample Tracking

Third-Party API Integration with LIMS Software

Our Laboratory LIMS Software offers smooth API integration with any software, device, analyzer, payment gateways, middleware, etc. Labs often leverage this feature to integrate with EMR/EHR, HIS, RIS, Government Portals, RCM systems, and more.

Sample Tracking

Online Portal for Providers & Patients

Our top LIMS enables a seamless experience for providers by offering an online provider portal for improved connectivity and better business collaborations. Our branded patient portal facilitates patients to store, secure, and manage patient records effortlessly.

Advanced LIMS Lab Software That

Works for All Types of Lab Modalities

Clinical Pathology

Molecular Pathology


Genetic Testing



Works For All Types of Healthcare Labs

Provider Office Labs

Hospital-Based Labs


Urgent Care Centers

Works For Different Shapes of Laboratory Business

B2B Business

Multi-Location Lab Business

D2C Labs

CrelioHealth’s best LIMS Solutions matches the lab requirements for small, mid-size, enterprise, standalone, corporate, and other sizes of labs. Rated as the top LIMS with comprehensive solutions, CrelioHealth LIMS Lab Software offers customization and localization for labs in different geographies.

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Our Top LIMS Integrates with Everything

your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Your Provider's EMRs / EHRs
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Instruments & Analyzers
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
POS Devices & Payment Gateways
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Insurance & Billing Systems
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Open APIs to Integrate with Anything Else

Check how our Laboratory Information Management Software features can transform your lab operations through a Live LIMS Software demo

Transform Your Lab Management with Our Top-rated Laboratory Information Management Software

at creliohealth, we place a high priority on safeguarding your sensitive information with superior security measures embedded in our laboratory information system

Enhance Your Lab’s Productivity & Save Costs

  • data-privacy CrelioHealth's advanced LIMS Lab Software is powered by state-of-the-art technology, designed to streamline and automate your lab workflows.
  • HIPAA-compliant Our Laboratory LIMS Software is esteemed among the top 10 LIMS Software in the market as it eliminates redundant data entries, notebooks, and printing expenses, enhancing the cost efficiency of your medical laboratory.
  • Web-security-encryption Our software product offers unparalleled ease of use for your staff, ensuring seamless process compliance, exceptional efficiency, and the ability to scale your lab business effortlessly.
creliohealth's advanced lis laboratory increases productivity and saves cost

Committed to Privacy and Security!

  • Automate-workflow CrelioHealth's LIMS Software for laboratory keeps data privacy as its top priority. Our Laboratory Information Management Software securely backs up all customer data daily using high-encryption.
  • No-printing-cost All data storage, managed, accessed, or communicated via CrelioHealth is end-to-end encrypted and web-secured through HTTPS connections.
  • Intuitive-easy-use CrelioHealth meets the best LIMS Solutions criteria and proudly offers compliance with HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2, and GDPR. All internal and external access to any data managed by CrelioHealth is audited and logged on the customer account.
creliohealth offers the latest updates and features for our laboratory information system in the market

LIMS Solutions That Meets the Future Trends

  • weekly-software-updates Never pay for software upgrades, as we take care of regular software maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements weekly to ensure you always use the latest, updated version.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region CrelioHealth is dedicated to addressing the growing market demands and future trends, which is reflected in every update or enhancement to our LIMS Lab Software. For example, the rapid implementation of the COVID-19 workflow ensured that our Laboratory LIMS Software meets the latest laboratory requirements and adds value to our customers' daily operations.

What Is Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS)?

LIMS Software is a data-driven lab solution that streamlines end-to-end lab processes to minimize overhead and maximize result accuracy. The software leverages laboratory data storage, management, and analysis to make wise operational and business decisions for medical laboratory practice. The best LIMS Software is a robust and flexible solution that offers lab workflow optimization, smooth sample management & tracking, instrument interfacing, TAT control, quality assurance, seamless lab reporting, enhanced lab data management, and analytics. With its comprehensive functionality, LIMS Software for laboratory facilitates a centralized system with laboratory process automation capabilities that enable effortless analysis and error-free result generation for all processes. The best LIMS also offers features that enhance the patient experience with online patient portals, appointment scheduling, payments, and patient feedback. The solution is a must to empower patients with convenient and secure access to their health information, promoting higher patient satisfaction and continuous patient engagement.

Benefits of LIMS Software

Efficient and Accurate Reporting

LIMS Software enhances the speed and accuracy of reporting by capturing and storing testing information in real-time. It seamlessly integrates with lab equipment, enabling quick recording of test results. Digital data storage eliminates manual reporting, minimizing the risk of human error. This streamlines the data collection and reporting process, eliminating the need for manual recording by lab assistants.

Improves Quality of Patient Care

To deliver optimal care, healthcare providers require access to comprehensive patient medical records, including past test results, doctor's notes, and complete medical history. LIMS Software facilitates the secure storage of crucial patient information, enabling seamless exchange between physicians and healthcare specialists in real-time. This easy accessibility to a patient's complete medical profile enhances operational efficiency and quality of patient care.

Drives Better Future Decisions

With CrelioHeath’s advanced LIMS Lab Software, leverage real-time lab analytics and centralized and dedicated dashboards to practice error-free lab management with leakage control powered by lab standardization and quality control. Comprehensive and meaningful information at your fingertips not only fosters labs to drive better-informed decisions in runtime but also provides them with vital information to plan ahead for the lab’s future.

The Most Affordable LIMS Software Price in The Market

CrelioHealth not only stands under the top 10 LIMS Software position but also offers the most competitive LIMS Software price in the market. Our LIMS Software pricing follows a subscription-based model that suits labs of various sizes & types. The subscription plans include starter, standard, advanced, and enterprise that suit different sizes of laboratories. Additionally, our LIMS Lab Software also offers various solutions dedicated to your lab’s business types, such as B2B labs, Multi-center Labs, D2C labs, Physician office labs, Reference labs, Hospital-based labs, etc. Laboratory Information Management System Software price for such types of lab businesses may vary based on additional features or customized upgrades. This flexibility in pricing allows laboratories to tailor their software package according to their unique needs, ensuring a cost-effective solution that meets their specific requirements and preferences.

How CrelioHealth Stands Out as The Best LIMS Solutions: Tips to Make an Informed Decision

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision & ensure you choose from the top 10 LIMS Software available in the market

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Compare Solutions

In your search for the best LIMS Software, take the time to compare CrelioHealth LIMS Solutions with other solutions in the market. CrelioHealth LIMS Software offers a robust and user-friendly platform specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of laboratories. Compare features, capabilities, cost, and user experiences to discover why CrelioHealth LIMS Lab Software stands out as the top LIMS in the market.

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Request a Demo

Experience the power of CrelioHealth LIMS Solutions firsthand by requesting a live LIMS Software demo. This immersive experience allows you to explore the comprehensive features & functionalities designed to streamline your laboratory's operations. Witness how our software aligns perfectly with the needs of labs of different sizes & types, making it easier than ever to manage your processes efficiently.

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Read User Reviews

Don't just take our word for it – learn from the experiences of other laboratories that have already chosen our LIMS Software Solutions. User reviews provide valuable insights into the satisfaction levels of our clients. Discover how CrelioHealth’s LIMS Software has positively impacted other laboratories and why they trust our Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS Software Solutions) for their diagnostic needs.

Budget Consideration

Budget Consideration

We understand that LIMS Software cost plays a critical role in your decision-making process. Contact us to receive customized LIMS Software price and estimation that align with your laboratory's unique requirements. CrelioHealth offers flexible pricing options, ensuring that our best LIMS Software Solutions not only meets your needs but also fits comfortably within your budget constraints.

By following these steps and carefully evaluating your laboratory's needs, you can confidently choose CrelioHealth LIMS. A live LIMS Software demo can completely help you understand how our solution perfectly solves your primary business challenges and matches your requirements. Join the ranks of satisfied labs that have experienced the numerous benefits of our Laboratory Software. Elevate your laboratory's efficiency and productivity with CrelioHealth today.

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