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Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software Automates Lab Management And Improves Efficiency

latest medical lab management system for improved operations and productivity

Online Physician Provider Portal

Our advanced SaaS LIMS System offers a comprehensive digital physician platform, facilitating direct lab orders and efficient report transmissions to healthcare providers.

EMR & EHR Integration for Automation

Effortlessly integrate and synchronize your SaaS LIMS System with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for seamless automated order processing and result management.

Streamlined Insurance Billing

Simplify insurance billing by automating and integrating with your Electronic Health Record system. Enhance patient satisfaction with insurance ID handling and data export.

Mobile-Optimized SaaS LIMS

A dedicated mobile app designed for clinical lab managers, physicians, and phlebotomists, ensuring efficient lab management and operations with advanced features.

Configurable Automated Workflows

Tailor and automate your sample processing, instrument interfacing, and workflows with ease using our highly configurable SaaS LIMS Software solution.

Patient-Centric Portal with Payment Options

Access our patient-centric portal and mobile app tailored for medical labs, facilitating instant report delivery, payment collection, booking requests, and feedback gathering.

Leading the Pack: Our Awards and Recognitions

Flexible SaaS LIMS Software for Any Specialty

Clinical Pathology

Drive efficiency in lab management with our premier SaaS LIMS Software, delivering smart reporting, seamless interfacing, and instrument integrations tailored to meet the needs of clinical pathology.

Molecular Pathology

Optimize molecular sample management with Creliohealth's LIMS SaaS, featuring automated workflows, data search, sample tracking, and PCR plating automation for enhanced molecular pathology testing.


Easy LIMS SaaS integrations with commonly used toxicology machines like Shimadzu LC-MS 8060 CL, and Immunalysis ImmToxâ„¢ 270 Benchtop. Maximize productivity with automated and faster results by using LIS.

Genetic Testing

Streamline genetic testing procedures with automated solutions and reporting. Our SaaS LIMS System provides efficient multi-stage sample management and tracking, reducing redundancy and optimizing TAT.


Enhance histopathology testing efficiency with CrelioHealth's LIMS SaaS, including robust features like boolean search, sample plating, tracking, & more. Regular processes contribute to improved testing accuracy.


Enhance microbiology testing with tailored report formats, AST reports, and more. Achieve superior results through sample automation, tracking, and analyzer interfacing with CrelioHealth's LIMS SaaS.

Improve Productivity and Accuracy with SaaS LIMS System

maximize productivity and cost savings with creliohealth's lis system

From Patient Booking to Report Dispatch

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Efficient Patient Registration and Data Capture

Efficiently streamline the registration process by seamlessly capturing critical patient demographic and contact details within the SaaS LIMS System.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Comprehensive Billing and Insurance Management

Effectively manage patient billing & insurance information, ensuring accuracy in procedures and smooth repayment processes within the Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Timely Lab Report Delivery Assurance

CrelioHealth's premium SaaS LIMS ensures timely delivery of lab reports to patients and healthcare providers. Advanced tracking capabilities optimize strategies for consistent delivery timelines.

creliohealth's lis information system, safeguards your sensitive information through top-notch measures, ensuring data privacy and security

Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software Secure Your Data

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Privacy-Centric SaaS LIMS

At CrelioHealth, data privacy is paramount. Our SaaS LIMS System guarantees secure encryption and daily backups of customer data, adhering to HIPAA compliance standards.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Stringent Compliance Adherence

We maintain HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II compliance within our LIMS SaaS. All data access is meticulously audited and logged within customer accounts.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Secure Data Communication

CrelioHealth prioritizes security and encryption in data communications. Our HTTPS implementation ensures end-to-end web security, protecting sensitive lab information in our Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software.

latest features and software updates for your lab information system with creliohealth

Data-Driven Insights And Optimized Finances With Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software

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Business Insights in SaaS LIMS

Access business summaries in formats like MIS, Excel, and PDF with a single click. Manage accounting balances and daily collections efficiently through user-friendly MIS reports in the SaaS LIMS System.

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Payment Collection & Tracking

Streamline payment collection with SaaS LIMS, maintaining real-time records. Automate report deliveries and manage collections. Integrate online payments for easy transactions.

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Precision Financial Management

Effectively manage finances with CrelioHealth's top Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software. Real-time insights & make timely decisions with business goals using innovative systems.

Ensure compliance with automated quality control

Ensure compliance with automated quality control

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Automated Quality Control

The SaaS LIMS System has automated quality control based on Westgard Rules, evaluating results against preset criteria to flag deviations for immediate attention. This QC ensures accuracy and reliability per industry standards.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

CAPA Comment Tracking

In the LIMS SaaS, CAPA comments are logged with result exceptions. Lab personnel provide insights for rectifying anomalies, maintaining a robust audit trail for continuous improvement and quality standards.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Efficient Bulk Resolution in SaaS LIMS

The SaaS LIMS System streamlines the resolution of flagged reports. Laboratory administrators manage multiple reports, expediting corrections and preserving data integrity.

Smooth Implementation and Guaranteed Expertise
For SaaS LIMS System

With a decade's expertise in implementing adaptable lab solutions across various facilities like Molecular, Toxicology, Reference, and Physician Office labs, our dedicated team ensures seamless SaaS LIMS System integration. Our flexible solution evolves alongside each lab's unique needs, unifying multiple systems effortlessly. Despite system expansion, our solution remains consistent, guaranteeing security and zero data loss. Supported by our experts and comprehensive Public API documentation, we provide reliable and smooth SaaS LIMS Software integrations, catering to diverse business needs.

Simplify Complex Lab Processes with CrelioHealth’s Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Software

Simplify Implementation

Simplify your setup process, saving valuable time and resources with our user-friendly plug-and-play solution for the SaaS LIMS System.

getting rid of complex reporting

Intuitive User Interface

Navigate various functionalities seamlessly in SaaS LIMS, requiring minimal training and ensuring an improved user experience.

no more expensive & tedious setup

24x7 Assistance

Access uninterrupted guidance and support from our expert team around the clock, ensuring seamless operation of Web-Based-SaaS LIMS Software.

How Does CrelioHealth Ensure Cost Efficiency With
Web-Based SaaS LIMS?

CrelioHealth sets itself apart in the industry by offering highly competitive pricing for Web-based SaaS LIMS Software. Our pricing model operates on a subscription-based structure, accommodating labs of various sizes and types with customized plans available at starter, standard, advanced, and enterprise levels. This adaptable pricing strategy caters to a wide range of lab businesses, including B2B labs, Multi-center Labs, D2C labs, Physician office labs, Reference labs, Hospital-based labs, and more. Pricing for SaaS LIMS System may vary depending on specific requirements or tailored upgrades aligned with different lab types. This flexibility enables labs to customize their software package, ensuring a cost-effective solution precisely to their unique needs and preferences.

One Web-based SaaS LIMS Software and Endless Connections

Integrate Diverse Systems

CrelioHealth provides supported APIs and integrations for LIMS SaaS, facilitating connections with third-party systems and applications. Our integration solutions ensure efficient data transfer, streamlined workflows, and platform interoperability.

getting rid of complex reporting

Accessible APIs

Effortlessly use our intuitive APIs to connect and generate tokens for tasks such as patient registration, meet-up scheduling, specimen collection, and more. Explore the extensive offered by CrelioHealth's innovative system right at your fingertips.

no more expensive & tedious setup

Custom Integrations

Require a specific integration? Just let us know! We are dedicated to meeting and accommodating your unique integration needs, ensuring a seamless fit for your clinical lab operations with CrelioHealth's innovative SaaS LIMS System.

What is a SaaS LIMS Software?

A Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software, or Software-as-a-Service Laboratory Information Management System, offers a comprehensive solution for managing all laboratory operations. Hosted entirely in the cloud, it provides accessibility from any location via a web browser or mobile app, removing the need for on-premise servers or complex installations. Key features include seamless accessibility to manage lab data from any internet-connected device, scalability to adapt to changing workflows and data volumes without costly hardware upgrades, automatic updates for continuous enhancement and security, streamlined collaboration for easy and secure data sharing, alleviation of IT burdens with no need for in-house infrastructure maintenance, and compliance support through built-in features ensuring regulatory adherence. However, not all LIMS SaaS Systems are equal. Factors such as security, integration ability, scalability, vendor support, and industry-specific processes must be carefully considered when choosing a LIMS SaaS.

Optimize Each And Every Step To Get Efficient Outcomes With SaaS LIMS System

Reporting Capabilities

SaaS LIMS System provides lab staff with tools for reporting, aiding in report generation. It offers managers analytics for evaluating performance, enabling process improvements and strategic planning.

Personalized Dashboard

Lab personnel can customize their interface within SaaS LIMS Software for quick access to vital information. Managers gain thorough overviews, facilitating informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Advanced Lab Analytics

SaaS LIMS offers advanced analytics to decipher trends, patterns, & outliers within lab operations. These insights optimize workflows, identify areas for enhancement, and foster continuous improvement.

Robust Data Security

SaaS LIMS adheres to data security protocols and regulatory standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II. This ensures data confidentiality and integrity, mitigating the risk of penalties.

Mobile-Friendly Accessibility

With mobile-friendly interfaces, Web-Based SaaS LIMS Software ensures accessibility on various devices, allow lab professionals to access critical data and perform tasks remotely, enhancing flexibility and reactivity.

Enhanced Interoperability

SaaS LIMS System help interoperability by coherently connecting with other healthcare systems and devices, ensuring smooth data exchange between platforms for complete patient care and collaboration.

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