Creliohealth is Always Trusted by Over 2500 Labs Worldwide as Their LIMS Provider

Creliohealth, a distinguished LIMS Software Provider, is the trusted choice for over 2500 laboratories worldwide, offering swift deployment, seamless implementation, and continuous 24/7 expert support.

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Why Opt for CrelioHealth as Your Preferred LIMS Provider?

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Innovative Cloud-Based Laboratory Software Offered By A LIMS Software Provider

Discover our versatile LIMS product with real-time data visibility and unparalleled user-friendliness. Delivered by top-tier LIMS Software Vendors, our secure lab products set the industry benchmark, offering exceptional value and advantages globally.

get started instantly

Instant Setup

Experience the advantage of swift deployment with our instant setup feature, ensuring you can quickly and seamlessly start utilizing our advanced laboratory software, exclusively provided by renowned LIMS Software Companies for unique efficiency.

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Designed For High Performance

Meticulously crafted for top-tier performance and innovation, our cutting-edge cloud-based laboratory software, provided by Top LIMS Vendors, delivers efficient and reliable solutions tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern laboratories.

high performance

Transparency Is Key

At the core of our loyalty as a leading LIMS Software Provider is transparency. Gain real-time insights and enhanced visibility into your lab operations, empowering informed decision-making and optimizing overall efficiency with our advanced solutions.

scale as you grow

Scalable Solutions

Easily adapt to the evolving needs of your lab with our scalable solutions, provided by reputable LIMS Vendors. Grow seamlessly and without compromising performance, ensuring our innovative software evolves firmly to meet your expanding requirements.

Attain Operational Excellence, Automation, and Patient Satisfaction through Our LIMS Provider Solutions.

Enhance Patient Experience
Drive Revenue Growth
Streamline Lab Operations
Optimize Inventory Costs
Achieve Better Financial Control
patient using diagnostic lab software mobile app for enhanced convenience, improving the patient experience
improve patient experience

Scaling Up Patient Experience Enhancement

Elevate patient satisfaction to unprecedented levels by strategically scaling up our complete and innovative experience enhancement initiatives. Benefit from these exclusive offerings provided by our experienced and dedicated team of LIMS Vendors, ensuring a personalized and top-notch healthcare experience for your patients.

Explore Patient CRM
automated communications
Automate Communications Via Email, SMS, WhatsApp
digital patient experience
End-To-End Digital Delivery
receive patient feedbacks
Get More Patient Feedback
patient exploring lab tests and packages on the diagnostic lab software dashboard for convenient test selection and booking
drive better revenue

Boosting Revenue Growth Effectively

Effectively amplify your revenue growth through the implementation of our specialized and strategic approaches, carefully designed by our expert team serving as both a reputable LIMS Software Provider and a trusted LIMS Vendors. Count on our tailored solutions to deliver optimal financial outcomes, ensuring sustained success for your laboratory operations in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Explore Growth Opportunities
online store bookings
Online Store To Capture Bookings
promotional campaigns
Run Promotional Campaigns To Boost Sales
online payments integrated
Integrated Online Payments
lab technician utilizing lab equipment and advanced medical diagnosis software to enhance lab productivity and efficiency
streamline business operations

Efficient Streamlining of Diagnostic Lab Operations

Efficiently optimize & refine the workflow of diagnostic lab operations to attain heightened overall efficiency, a service uniquely provided by our expert team as a distinguished LIMS Provider and esteemed among the Top LIMS Vendors. Rely on our tailored solutions to ensure a seamless and productive experience in your laboratory processes.

Explore LIMS System
manage sample journey
Manage Complete Sample Journey
automated workflow
Automate Your Medical Diagnostic Workflows
customize forms workflows
Customize Forms & Workflows For Your Business
integrated finance revenue management
Integrated Finance & Revenue Management
dashboard displaying lab inventory stock levels, consumptions, and insights on inventory losses
configurable report formats

Cost Optimization for Inventory Management

Efficiently optimize the costs associated with inventory management through the implementation of our customized solutions, expertly provided by our team as a dedicated LIMS Provider & acknowledged among the forefront of leading LIMS Software Companies. Rely on our tailored approaches to ensure a streamlined and cost-effective inventory management process for your laboratory operations.

Explore Inventory Software
Streamline Purchase From Your Suppliers
Streamline Purchase Orders From Your Suppliers
Reduce Expiry & Wastage Of Inventory
Reduce Expiry & Wastage Of Inventory
Optimize Purchase Based On Consumption
Optimize Purchase Based On Consumption
lab managers reviewing the dashboard and observing a reduction in leakage after implementing diagnostic lab software
medical lab management software for end to end lab finance management

Monitoring and Controlling Finances Effectively

Effectively and proactively monitor and exert precise control over finances, ensuring constant financial safety & accurate management. This service is skillfully provided by our expert team, positioning us as a reputable LIMS Provider and distinguished among the leading LIMS Software Vendors. Rely on our financial solutions for comprehensive and enduring financial control in your laboratory operations.

View Finance Features
Multi-Center Finance Dashboard
Multi-Center Finance Dashboard
Bill-Settlements & Invoicing
Bill-Settlements & Invoicing
Finance MIS & Reports
Finance MIS & Reports

Enhance Your Lab Management with Our Cutting-edge LIMS Software - With Our Trusted LIMS Software Vendors

maximize productivity and cost savings with creliohealth's lis system

Productivity Goes Up And Expenses Go Down

Empower your laboratory operations with our cutting-edge LIMS solutions, boosting productivity and efficiently reducing expenses, a testament to our commitment as a leading LIMS Software Companies.

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Cost Effective LIMS Software Provider

Enhance your budget optimization with our affordable LIMS solutions, delivering substantial savings for your laboratory operations, courtesy of our role as a reliable LIMS Provider.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

Comprehensive solution

Experience the benefits of a complete LIMS solution customized to meet the diverse requirements of your laboratory, guaranteeing efficiency at every stage, brought to you by Top LIMS Vendors.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

User-Friendly Interface

Indulge in a seamless experience with our user-friendly interface, ensuring the intuitive and efficient navigation and utilization of our LIMS software, courtesy of our LIMS Software Vendors.

creliohealth's lis information system, safeguards your sensitive information through top-notch measures, ensuring data privacy and security

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security at CrelioHealth

At CrelioHealth, we prioritize the privacy and security of your data. Stringent compliance, encryption, and meticulous tracking ensure utmost protection. Trust us for rigid commitment to your valuable data's privacy and security.

Sample Accession

Data Privacy in LIS Software

At CrelioHealth, ensuring data privacy is our priority within our Lab Information System Software. As a Top LIMS Provider, we ensure data security, encryption, & daily backups for all customer info.

Pre-Configured & Automated Workflows

HIPAA Compliance and Data Security

We adhere to compliance standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC II. Our system implements auditing and logging mechanisms to track & record data access on customer accounts.

Reliable Equipment Interfacing

Web Security and Encryption Measures

Focusing on web security, CrelioHealth prioritizes secure data communication as a LIMS Provider. We employ HTTPS for end-to-end web security, an essential measure in our Lab Software.

latest features and software updates for your lab information system with creliohealth

Effortless Quality Control Automation for Enhanced Lab Efficiency

Simplify quality control with CrelioHealth. Our automation seamlessly integrates into lab operations for enhanced efficiency, from sample tracking to precise data analysis.

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Precision Through Automated QC

As a leading LIMS Software Provider, our refined system smooth incorporates Westguard rules for automated Quality Control, ensuring the precision & accuracy of lab results with efficiency.

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Comprehensive Exception Handling

The LIMS Software Vendors solution we offer enables the recording of CAPA comments for exceptions, ensuring comprehensive and detailed management of irregularities.

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Efficient Bulk Report Resolution

Efficiently address impacted reports in bulk using our LIMS Software Companies solution, streamlining and accelerating laboratory operations effortlessly.

LIMS Provider with flexible & Customizable solutions for All labs

Plug and play solution available for labs that want to start right away

Immediate implementation with plug-and-play LIMS Software Provider

Customizable solution that meets your unique requirements

Customizable Offerings Catering to Your Laboratory's Needs

Simplified Implementation Across Three Stages: Leading the Way as Top LIMS Vendors


Scoping the project, identifying Single Points of Contact (SPOCs), and gathering master data.

Collaborative Strategy

Collaborate closely and proactively with our proficient team to
effectively define project objectives and set clear, achievable goals.

Requirements Gathering

As a LIMS Software Provider, identify and document your specific
needs to customize the implementation process accordingly.

Customized Project Plan

As a LIMS Provider, formulate a comprehensive plan outlining the timeline, resources, and deliverables to ensure a seamless deployment process.


Transferring laboratory masters to CrelioHealth LIMS and integrating with third-party systems, provided by LIMS Vendors.

Efficient Execution

The solution is implemented by our team of experts following the predefined roadmap, showcasing our role as a dedicated LIMS Provider.

Configuration & Integration

Customize report templates, transfer master data, and integrate the existing system with CrelioHealth LIMS, facilitated by LIMS Vendors.

Thorough Verification

Verify that the solution aligns with your needs by conducting thorough
testing and quality assurance.

User Training

Participate in live training with experts for hands-on support, or access video tutorials to learn and get certified with our LIMS Provider services.

Milestone Tracking

Track progress and commemorate milestones reached, ensuring the implementation remains on course for success.


User training, Go-Live, and benefit from 24x7 support provided by Crelio.

Trial Run

Conduct an extensive trial run to proactively detect and address process gaps, ensuring a successful implementation.

Ongoing Assistance during Implementation

Enjoy ongoing assistance throughout the implementation process, as our dedicated team is ready to address any challenges that may arise.

Post Implementation Support

Receive thorough support and guidance from our experts to ensure a seamless post-implementation experience.

CrelioHealth Lab Information Software Is Compliant With

creliohealth hipaa compliance badge
creliohealth soc ii compliance badge
medical lab management software iso compliance badge
medical lab software gdpr badge for validation

LIMS Software Companies Enabling Seamless Integrations for Unified Systems Without Data Complexities

Seamless Interoperability

Ensure seamless connectivity across systems with the third-party LIMS API integrations, ousting workflow interruptions and system barriers with our LIMS solutions provided by Top LIMS Vendors.

Data Security and Privacy

Ensuring the secure transfer, storage, and access of data with adherence to HIPAA compliance, minimal server downtime within the industry, and seamless integration with third-party systems.

Lab Integration Support

LIMS Provider cooperation in implementing expeditious and effective laboratory integration solutions, fostering a smooth path toward patient care and the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.

Valuable Integration Implementation

Facilitating scalable laboratory operations through efficient LIMS Vendors, breaking away from complex, expensive, and time-consuming foundations, thereby enhancing overall lab performance and efficiency.

Don’t find the lab integration you're looking for? Request it here

*Disclaimer: Some Integrations with other systems may incur additional charges

How Do You Evaluate LIMS Vendors?

Evaluating a LIMS Software Provider involves assessing key factors such as scalability, regulatory compliance, user-friendliness, system functionalities, and the provider's track record. Ensure the system aligns with current and future lab needs, complies with industry regulations, and provides user-friendly features when evaluating LIMS Software Vendors. Scrutinize functionalities such as sample tracking, automation, quality control, and integration flexibility. When assessing LIMS Software Companies, consider their track record, customer reviews, and dedication to ongoing updates. This holistic evaluation ensures choosing a LIMS Vendors that meets immediate requirements and supports long-term efficiency in lab operations.

Accessing Public API Documentation from a LIMS Provider

CrelioHealth, as one of the leading LIMS Software Vendors, offers lab software that facilitates seamless system integration through open APIs, raising operational efficiency & optimizing processes.

image showing a dashboard of all api and webhook documentation
Self Registration

Open APIs

Open APIs facilitate seamless connections, enabling token generation for patient registration, appointment scheduling, and more, through solutions by reputable LIMS Software Vendors.

Capture medical history

Incoming Webhooks

Incoming Webhooks secure timely updates on insurance claims, payments, and critical information, streamlining bill settlement in your LIMS System for optimal efficiency, courtesy of LIMS Vendors.

Unique slot availability

Outgoing Webhooks

Outgoing Webhooks ensure real-time updates on patient registration, confirmation, and scheduling, maintaining accurate records for precise management by LIMS Software Companies.

Interested In Discovering How We As a LIMS Provider Accelerates Your Lab's Growth

Explore the functionalities of our advanced LIMS Software Provider system tailored to optimize lab operations. Engage in our free demo, where our specialists showcase their prowess in managing daily sample volumes efficiently. Utilize this system to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and elevate overall efficiency and productivity. Reach out to us for further insights.