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Experience unmatched accuracy in generating patient reports tailored to your lab's needs with our Medical Reporting Software, equipped with advanced features & customization options.

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Make Your Lab Reporting Experience Super Flexible with CrelioHealth's Medical Lab Reporting Software

boost your lab operations and boost productivity with our growing lims solutions.

Custom Medical Report Templates

Utilize our Medical Reporting Software with ready-to-use and customizable report templates, streamlining lab reporting for your staff while aligning with your lab's branding preferences.

Secure Digital Signing for Doctors

Easily integrate digital signatures from doctors into online pathology reports. This empowers doctors to approve and authorize reports through a standard process securely.

Auto-Approval for Medical Reports

Streamline your medical lab reporting workflow with the auto-approval feature. Implement predefined rules for report approvals, ensuring faster and more efficient processing of reports.

Highlight Critical & Emergency Reports

With a focus on urgency, the Medical Lab Reporting Software prominently highlights emergency reports within the system, empowering you to address critical cases swiftly.

Smart Reports in Medical Labs

Smart reports from the Medical Reporting Software provide detailed insights and explanations about health data, patient guidelines, and health advice for patients, & more.

Explore Trend Reports in Medical Lab

Provide physicians and providers with comprehensive patient reports featuring informative visuals, historical charts, and trends to enhance their understanding of medical lab reports.

Our Medical Laboratory Reporting Software Is Compliant With

  • HIPAA compliant


  • SOC2 Compliance


  • ISO-27001 Compliance

    ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED

  • GDPR


Types Of Modalities We Support in Our Medical Lab Reporting Software for A Seamless Reporting Experience

Clinical Pathology

Our software is tailored for managing lab reporting of clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, and immunology aspects. This ensures accurate sample analysis and rapid report generation, leading to efficient analysis and comprehensive lab reports.

Molecular Pathology

With our software, to efficiently manage molecular pathology test reports, including Genetic Testing, Infectious Disease analysis, and Pharmacogenomics. It enables you to process molecular data and gain valuable insights to aid diagnosis decisions.


With robust support for toxicology testing, our system analyzes substances and chemicals in biological samples. By utilizing toxicology analyzer interfaces, you can efficiently track and interpret results, ensuring accurate and timely reporting.

Anatomic Pathology

Our software handles anatomic pathology, including examining tissue samples for diagnosing diseases. It enables you to document and analyze pathology findings, generate detailed reports, and facilitate communication with physicians.


We support radiology reporting, allowing you to manage various imaging modalities such as X-Rays, CT scans, MRI, and Ultrasound. The software streamlines the reporting process by using digital reporting and distribution through the PACS system.


Our meticulously crafted software for microbiology testing offers robust features and customizable reporting options. Analyze microbial samples, identify pathogens, and generate comprehensive reports for precise disease diagnosis.

Transform Lab Reporting as You Go with Our Advanced Medical Laboratory Reporting Software

supercharge productivity while reducing costs with creliohealth's exceptional lims software solutions

Enhance Productivity & Save Costs

  • Automate-workflow Discover reliable Medical Lab Reporting Software with flexible and user-friendly reporting capabilities. Easily configure report formats for various medical tests.
  • No-printing-cost Reduce marketing and printing expenses by incorporating personalized and branded letterheads into your reports, strengthening your brand identity.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Effortlessly deliver medical reports online to patients, digitally, or via fax with our report read status feature, leading to cost savings on shipment, printing, and paper. You can print medical lab reports when required.
creliohealth prioritizes the protection of your sensitive information with our excellent security measures in our lims solutions

Your Data Is Safe & Secure Always!

  • data-privacy CrelioHealth uses high-end encryption and data security as our Medical Lab Reporting Software complies with HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001:2013, and GDPR.
  • HIPAA-compliant Patient medical reports and lab data are safely stored, accessed, and transferred using secured logins.
  • Web-security-encryption We keep upgrading our security standards to match the market needs. This ensures that your data remains secure and never compromised.
lims solutions update and features are available from creliohealth

Seamless Medical Lab Reporting

  • weekly-software-updates Our Medical Reporting Software offers customizable report formats, making reporting simpler than ever for all users.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region By implementing rule-based criteria, our system facilitates auto-approval and auto-dispatch of reports, significantly reducing the lab reporting turnaround time (TAT).
  • COVID-workflows-us-region Build strong business relationships with stakeholders by prioritizing minimal patient waiting time & quick assistance. To achieve this goal, offer online medical report delivery options via SMS, emails, and a patient app.

What Is a Medical Lab Reporting Software?

Medical Lab Reporting Software is a dedicated digital solution created to streamline and enhance the generation, management, and delivery of medical lab reports. This comprehensive platform empowers physicians, laboratory technicians, and healthcare providers to handle patient data and diagnostic results efficiently. The key features of Medical Reporting Software often encompass customizable report formats, automated report generation, secure data storage, and smooth integration with laboratory equipment and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems. The Medical Lab Reporting Software aims to improve the precision, speed, and accessibility of medical lab reporting, ultimately leading to improved patient care and laboratory efficiency. Users benefit from enhanced reporting capabilities, ensuring greater report accuracy, result interpretation, and an improved stakeholder experience. With its user-friendly interface and advanced data analytics, the software empowers physicians and doctors to make well-informed decisions based on comprehensive and smart medical reports. Medical Lab Test Report Software also supports the integration of various modalities, including clinical pathology, molecular pathology, toxicology, anatomic pathology, radiology, and microbiology. This all-inclusive reporting approach makes handling a wide range of laboratory tests and results a seamless experience.

Benefits Of Medical Reporting Software

Brand Recognition

Leverage the advantage of customization and white-labeling within our Medical Lab Reporting Software. This feature lets you incorporate your lab's unique branding elements, including the business logo, color themes, and taglines. This enhances brand recognition and projects a distinctive and professional image for your lab.

Customizability & Flexibility

With our Medical Laboratory Reporting Software, access ready-to-use, and customizable report formats and templates. You can easily tailor reports to match your lab's unique requirements and align them with your branding preferences. This ensures your staff and stakeholders a seamless and consistent lab reporting experience.

Quick Decision Making

The software allows easy access to patient reports, offering detailed insights and meaningful health data representations. Smart medical reports and historical charts empower physicians and providers with the necessary tools, highlighting emergency reports and enabling quick decision-making and immediate attention to urgent situations.

User-Friendly Interface

With a focus on user-friendliness, our Medical Reporting Software streamlines the lab reporting process, simplifying it for your staff to manage and generate accurate reports. The intuitive interface enables your team to navigate and utilize its features efficiently, resulting in improved workflow efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Explore The Features of CrelioHealth's Medical Lab
Reporting Software

Lab Report Formatting & Setup

Customize medical report formatting to align with your lab's requirements. Use our Medical Report Software to easily configure templates, headers, and footers and add branding elements for a professional look.

Report Activity View

Get complete insights into report activities & status in the Medical Reporting Software. Monitor the progress of reports from creation to approval and dispatch, ensuring a seamless workflow and timely delivery.

Bulk Report Printing

Efficiently save time and effort by bulk-printing multiple lab reports using our Medical Reporting Software. Simultaneously print a batch of reports, streamlining the process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Digital Approval Using App

Easily validate medical reports online using our user-friendly mobile app. Physicians can authenticate and approve reports through dedicated Doctor's Apps, ensuring quick decision-making and improved accessibility.

Auto-Dispatch of Lab Reports

Ensure timely delivery of medical lab reports to patients & providers using auto-dispatch feature. After approval of the reports, our Medical Reporting Software automatically dispatches the reports to the patients.

File Attachments to Reports

Attaching relevant files & documents offer a detailed view of the patient's condition in test reports. Our Medical Lab Reporting Software lets you easily include images, charts, and supporting documents.

Why Choose CrelioHealth’s Medical Lab Test Report Software

Uncover the numerous advantages offered by CrelioHealth's Medical Lab Test Report Software. This advanced solution optimizes your medical lab reporting process and boosts overall efficiency.

With Medical Test Report Software, enjoy effortless template customization and the ability to design your own themes.

Customize reports for patient understanding, e.g., RTL format or Arabic language-based headers and banners in the Middle East.

Take advantage of auto-validation and auto-approval features to streamline medical lab reporting processes.

Implement efficient workflows for critical results, ensuring prompt actions and enhanced patient care.

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Improve Report Management & Communication Using Our Modern Medical Reporting Software

Discover the potential of our advanced Medical Lab Reporting Software with a free demo. Empower your lab with a customizable solution that streamlines reporting processes, minimizes errors, and boosts productivity. Contact us now to witness how our software can revolutionize your medical lab reporting.