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latest medical lab management system for improved operations and productivity

Online Physician Provider Portal

Our Medical Lab Solutions System, through the digital physician portal, allows labs to take orders and send reports directly to healthcare providers.

Integrate Medical LIMS With Any EMR

Integrate your Medical Lab Information System with any EMR available in the market for seamless automation of your orders and results.

Automate Insurance Billing With Seamless Insurance Integration

Streamline the insurance billing process by automating it and integrating it with your EHR system. Enhance patient satisfaction with special features such as insurance ID, data upload, and data export.

Your Mobile-Ready Lab Software

The dedicated mobile app for lab & diagnostics managers, doctors, physicians & phlebotomists makes it easy to manage and operate your medical lab efficiently, with advanced lab management features.

100% Configurable and Automated Workflows

Automate your sample processing, interface instruments & customize workflows as per your requirements with our configurable Medical Lab Management System.

Unique Patient Portal With Payment Options

Our patient portal and mobile app for medical labs allow you to instantly deliver reports, collect payments, take booking requests, and get reviews.

Leading the Pack: Our Awards and Recognitions

Advanced Medical Lab Software for All Type of Labs

Clinical Pathology

Optimize entire lab management with leading Medical Lab Software that delivers smart reporting, interfacing, and instrument integrations suitable for clinical pathology.

Molecular Pathology

Comprehensive molecular sample management with automated & custom workflows, data search, sample archival & tracking. Enhance molecular pathology testing with PCR plating automation.


Easy integrations with commonly used toxicology machines like Shimadzu LC-MS 8060 CL, and Immunalysis ImmTox™ 270 Benchtop. Maximize productivity with automated & faster results.

Genetic Testing

Simplify genetic testing processes with automated solutions and reporting. We offer multi-stage sample management & tracking that optimizes TAT with minimal work redundancy.


Improve histopathology testing experience for your staff with boolean search, sample plating, tracking features & more. Our process standardization helps you improve the testing accuracy.


Improve microbiology testing with custom report formats, antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) reports and more. Deliver better results with sample automation, tracking and analyzer interfacing.

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Enhance Productivity & Save Costs

  • Automate-workflow CrelioHealth’s best Medical Lab Software is designed using cutting-edge technology to seamlessly automate your lab workflows.
  • No-printing-cost CrelioHealth's Medical LIS System is one of the best Medical Lab Solutions in the market, designed to increase cost efficiency by eliminating the need for redundant data entries, notebooks, and printing costs.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Our Medical Lab Software ensures effortless compliance, improved efficiency, and business scalability with unmatched ease of use. Get hands-on experience with a free Medical LIMS demo.
creliohealth utilizes top-notch measures to ensure data privacy and security, safeguarding your sensitive information with our medical lab information system

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security: CrelioHealth Ensures Safety of Your Data

  • data-privacy CrelioHealth's Medical LIS System is designed with data privacy in mind. Our Medical Lab Information System ensures that all customer data is secure, encrypted, and backed up daily.
  • HIPAA-compliant We are compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR & SOC II, and all internal, as well as external data access, is audited & logged on the customer account.
  • Web-security-encryption At CrelioHealth, we prioritize the security and encryption of all data communications. That's why we use HTTPS for all our connections, ensuring end-to-end web security for lab information and other sensitive data.
medical lims software updates and features from creliohealth

Upgrade Your Medical LIMS With Latest Software Updates and Features

  • weekly-software-updates Never pay for upgrades to your Medical Lab Information System again! At CrelioHealth, we regularly maintain, upgrade, & enhance our products every week to ensure that you always have access to the latest version.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region We continuously improve our products to meet the ever-changing demands of the market, such as upgrading COVID-19 workflows for all our customers.

What is Medical Lab Software?

Medical Lab Software is designed to store and manage samples, tests, and test results in a centralized database for medical research labs. This software enables secure transfer of testing data and patient records between multiple labs or locations. This provides lab technicians and administrators with greater accessibility and convenience. Medical Lab Management Software platforms are utilized for managing essential laboratory data. This includes patient information, test results, compliance details, and other related information. It is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire lab process and eliminates manual processes, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency. With its advanced reporting capabilities, Medical LIMS Software enables lab managers to analyze data and identify trends. This helps them to optimize lab operations and improve overall patient care.

Benefits of Medical Lab Software

Efficient and Accurate Reporting

By accurately recording and storing testing information in real time, Medical Lab Software increases the speed and accuracy of reporting. The software synchronizes with lab equipment to record test results in seconds. And, digital data storage eliminates the need for manual reporting and reduces the risk of human error. This streamlines the data collection and reporting process and eliminates the need for a lab assistant to manually record each detail.

Improves Quality of Patient Care

Healthcare providers need access to a patient's medical history, test results, and doctor's notes to provide the best care. This information helps them to make informed decisions about treatment. Medical Lab Software helps to store critical patient information. This can be conveniently exchanged between physicians and healthcare specialists in real-time. This easy accessibility to a patient's entire medical profile ultimately improves the quality of patient care.

Explore The Features Of CrelioHealth's Medical Lab Software

Sample Management

Medical Lab Management Software simplifies the tracking of samples from collection through testing. It enables lab staff to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Workflow Management

The Medical Lab Management Software automates lab processes such as sample processing, results reporting, and billing. This streamlines lab operations, freeing up staff time for other tasks.

Quality Control Management

Medical Lab Management Software includes features for quality control, such as the ability to track and manage instrument calibration and maintenance, and to monitor lab performance metrics.

Data Storage & Retrieval

The Medical LIMS Software ensures secure storage of patient information, test orders, and results. This enables convenient access to patient data and the ability to retrieve relevant information swiftly when needed.

Data Security & Compliance

Labs can maintain compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR & SOC II by using Medical Lab Management Software. This minimizes chances of incurring penalties.

Instrument Integration

Our Medical Lab Management Software integrates with laboratory instruments. This integration enables seamless automation of data transfer, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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