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Our secure and reliable LIS (Laboratory Information System) is designed to elevate your lab management. Experience the power of our LIS in laboratory management, optimizing your lab processes, and achieving better outcomes.

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Comprehensive Solutions That Meet the Basic-To-Advance Lab Management Complexities

Seamless Data Digitization

Digitize your lab data from patient registration to report delivery and beyond to enable seamless information flow across your lab operations.

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Complete Process Automation

Automate all lab processes to enable efficient lab management that defines higher productivity, smooth operations, and better throughput than ever.

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Smooth System Integrations

Integrate your Laboratory Information Systems with any EMR, HIS, RCM, or other systems for interoperable lab operations, enabling better connectivity and accessibility among stakeholders.

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Standardization & Quality Control

Our LIS System helps you adhere to international quality standards and compliance policies, embarking on better quality control & standardized laboratory practice.

CrelioHealth LIS (Laboratory Information System): The Holistic Solution for Medical Lab


Streamline all front-desk processes enabling error-free management right from registration to tasks ahead, enabling seamless user and patient experience.

  • Configurable Forms for Patients & Orders
  • Multiple Configurable Rate Lists
  • Automated Patient Feedback

Sample Collection

For efficient order management, our LIS System Software provides ready-to-use B. D Vacutainer and other guidance that helps you adhere to quality standards.

  • Collection Vacutainers Based on Test & Sample Type
  • Define Collection Instructions for Your Staff
  • Prompt Important Instructions for Critical Tests

Sample Accession

One of the best Lab Information Systems that empower smooth sample acknowledgment at every step of the sample journey, right from labeling to archival.

  • Sample Barcoding
  • Segregation & Quality Checks
  • Scan To Receive Samples
  • Automate Sample Archival
Automated & Configurable Workflows

With our customizable Lab Information System, configure workflows as per your lab’s requirements, modalities, and more for improved management.

  • Critical Workflows
  • B2B Workflows
  • COVID-19 Workflows
  • Mobile Workflows

Sample Processing

With LIS laboratory sample processing is easier than ever as it facilitates sample batching, tracking, and TAT management along with the power of automation.

  • Batch Processing
  • Sample Process Tracking
  • Turnaround Time Management
  • Complete Process Automation

Operational Analytics and Dashboards

Drive quality control and efficient laboratory operations and make real-time informed decisions on the go by visualizing and tracking meaningful operational data.

  • Multi-View Operational Dashboard
  • TAT Analytics
  • QC Automation and Tracking
Lab Report Entry & Management
Lab Report Entry & Management

Boost the accuracy of test report entries using user-friendly reporting management features in our best Laboratory Information System Software.

  • Automated Reporting Using Interfacing
  • Multiple Templates for Tests
  • Bulk Entry of Report Values Using Excel
  • Speech-To-Text Report Entry

Report Validation & Approval
Report Validation & Approval

Fasten up the report validation and approval processes using rule-based validation for reports that fall under the normal ranges.

  • Conditional Automated Approvals
  • Multi-Approval Process
  • Approve Reports on The Go

Report Dispatch
Report Dispatch & Delivery

Say no to traditional report dispatch and delivery methods utilizing electronic delivery and many other robust options in our LIS (Lab Information Systems).

  • Automated Report Delivery
  • Read Statuses for Delivered Reports
  • Bulk Report Print and Download
Lab Report Entry & Management
Payment Collection & Settlements

Simplify the process of offline & online payment collection and maintain real-time records using Crelio’s advanced Lab Information System Software.

  • Integrated Online Payment Collections
  • Capture Offline Payments on Order Booking
  • Configure Workflows Based on Payment Status
  • Bank Settlement & Failed Payment Reports

Report Validation & Approval
Invoice Management

Generate automatic invoices for seamless transactions between B2Bs & patients. Use Laboratory Information Software ledgers for various transactions and B2B clients

  • Auto invoicing and payments
  • Organizational Ledger
  • Account Ledger for All Transactions
  • Cash Transfers & Expense Management
Lab Report Entry & Management
Price List & Discount Management

Take control of test price lists for different B2B clients and discount lists for different clients and demographies, enabling smooth B2B management.

  • B2B Rate Lists
  • Conditional Automated Discounting
  • Discount Approval Via OTP

Report Validation & Approval
RCM Integrations

Allow patients to make faster and smoother insurance claims through our LIS Information System’s smooth RCM integration feature.

  • Integrate Instantly to Auto-Generate Claims
  • Supports HL7, SFTP, And Many Other Types of Integrations
  • Capture Results of Claims on The Portal
Lab Report Entry & Management
Real-Time Business Analytics

Track your lab finances & business data for all centers, organizations, and B2B clients, and make real-time business decisions with our best LIS Software.

  • Multi-Center Finance Dashboard
  • Mobile App Finance Monitoring
  • Performance Analytics

Report Validation & Approval
Finance & Business Reports

Our Laboratory Information System (LIS Software) makes financial reconciliation & accounting super easy with filter-based MIS reports and real-time comparisons

  • MIS & Finance Reports
  • Performance & Comparative Reports
  • B2B dashboard
  • Business & Revenue Reports

Advanced Features

Unique Sample Labeling

Analyzer Interfacing

Eliminate manual entries and efforts and ensure faster and smoother sample processing with analyzer interfacing. CrelioHealth’s LIS Automation Solutions offers smooth analyzer interfaces for most types of lab modalities, assuring the accuracy of test results.

Sample Process Automation

Critical Call Out & Emergency Result Alerts

Auto-notify pathologists, doctors, and healthcare providers about critical and emergency results using flags, notifications, or emails, enabling them to prioritize and make faster decisions for patients, improving patient care.

Sample Standardization

API Integrations

Integrate various tools, devices, systems, payment gateways, or software for uninterrupted information transfer. Our LIS Automation Software offers third-party API integrations that enhance business connectivity and ensure smooth transactions.

Sample Tracking

User Management & Audit Trials

Our LIS Software Solutions allow labs to assign users access according to their roles so that users can focus on dedicated tasks only. Leverage audit trails to track every user's change or task while reviewing, tracking, or auditing processes that require fixing.

Sample Tracking

Automated Communication & Notifications

Automate alerts and communication to users on specific occasions, such as critical/emergency results or TAT-exceeded tests. Send automated emails to staff during discounts or edits as a verification step, eliminating anomalies.

Sample Tracking

Provider & Patient

Elevate provider and patient experience and help them stay connected with the lab using our LIS Software's online provider and patient portal. CrelioHealth also stands as the best Lab Information Systems to enable white-labeling of the Patient Portal.

Sample Tracking

Mobile Apps for Complete Lab Management

Practice mobile lab management to manage, track, and take control of all laboratory operational, business, and reporting tasks at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, using our LIS laboratory mobile app for doctors.

Sample Tracking

Sample Outsourcing Management & Tracking

Automated outsourcing of test samples and leverage API-based outsourcing, batch outsourcing transfers, outsourced center revenue management, and real-time outsourcing tracking for effortless sample outsourcing management.

Sample Tracking

Sample Archival and

Automate the sample archival and retrieval process using color-coded sample placements with mapped sample information to easily identify sample locations, preventing handwritten sheets that are prone to errors.

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Best Laboratory Information System That

Works for All Types of Lab Modalities

Clinical Pathology

Molecular Pathology


Genetic Testing



Works For All Types of Healthcare Labs

Provider Office Labs

Hospital-Based Labs


Urgent Care Centers

Works For Different Shapes of Laboratory Business

Home Collection

B2B Business

Multi-Location Lab Business

D2C Labs

Integrates With Everything

your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Your Provider's EMRs / EHRs
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Instruments & Analyzers
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
POS Devices & Payment Gateways
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Insurance & Billing Systems
your provider's EMRs / EHRs
Open APIs to Integrate with Anything Else

CrelioHealth matches the lab requirements for SME labs, Enterprise labs, standalone labs, corporate labs, and many others. It also provides comprehensive solutions for B2B, multi-center, government-based labs, hospital-based labs, etc.

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Advantages Of CrelioHealth’s Best LIS System

Insights on Patient’s Historical Trends

Error-Free Management

CrelioHealth's LIS System & automated solutions ensure error-free management at every process to enable improved operational accuracy and leakage control at finance and business management.

Upload Prescriptions for Tests

Guaranteed Leakage Control

Real-time traceability, analytics, and dashboards offer smooth end-to-end tracking of bottlenecks and loopholes in your lab operations and business, implying maximal leakage control and reliability.

QR Code-Enabled Remote Bookings

Drives Better Decisions

Having the right and meaningful information at hand in real-time allows lab professionals to make better and quicker decisions about different lab processes, improving performance and outcomes.

Standardization & Quality Control

Standardization & Quality Control

CrelioHealth’s LIS System, through its solution, helps labs comply with standard operating procedures in their daily operations, enabling standardization, quality control & assurance in lab testing procedures.

Innovative & Best Lab Information Systems to Revolutionize Your Lab’s Outcomes

secure & personalized b2b portals

Digitization Of Data Improves Efficiency

With CrelioHealth’s cloud LIS System, laboratory management is digitized for quick and improved accessibility, faster information transfer, and paperless management, improving staff experience and enabling higher lab efficiency.

Pre-Printed Barcode Support

Paperless Management

Custom Barcode Labels

Faster Information Transfer

Bulk Printing of Barcodes

Quick Accessibility

automate & streamline payment collections

End-To-End Process Automation Drives Accuracy

CrelioHealth LIS Automation System automates end-to-end operational, financial, and business processes to eliminate redundancy of tasks and impart error-free management, thus elevating staff performance and boosting productivity and higher throughput.

reduce redundancy

Reduce Redundancy

error-free operation

Error-Free Operations

optimize TAT

Optimized TAT

simplify invoicing & management

Integrated Systems for Uninterrupted Operations

Integrated LIS Systems allow continuous operations, faster report delivery and information transfer to stakeholders, smooth business transactions, and speedy report deliveries and collaborations.

Scan & Receive Hands-Free Mode

Speedy Information Exchange

Sample Status Management

Delay-Free Business Transactions

RT PCR Plating

Easy to Send/Receive Reports to Stakeholders

credit management for prepaid customers

Interoperability Boosts Healthcare Collaborations

Simplify communication and collaborations within your healthcare network with interoperable LIS System Software to improve the overall user experience with speedy transactions and impromptu decision-making.

Connected Lab Experience

Connected Lab Experience

Uninterrupted Collaboration

Uninterrupted Collaboration

Leading the Pack: Our Awards and Recognitions

What is a Laboratory Information System (LIS System)?

A Laboratory Information System (LIS) is specialized software crafted to manage and streamline laboratory operations and data. It finds utility in medical or clinical settings, facilitating tasks like sample tracking, result entry and reporting, quality control, and workflow automation. Adopting Laboratory Information Systems leads to improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, fostering better communication between laboratory personnel and healthcare providers while ensuring secure storage and retrieval of laboratory data. Crucially, LIS in laboratory plays a pivotal role in enhancing the patient experience by automating lab processes, enabling swifter turnaround times for test results, thereby minimizing patient waiting times. Moreover, healthcare providers can access and review patient test results more expeditiously, facilitating quicker diagnosis and treatment decisions. Ultimately, our best LIS System in laboratory contributes to a smoother and more satisfactory patient experience by ensuring precise and timely laboratory testing and reporting.

Benefits of Laboratory Information Software

Streamlined Workflows

LIS Systems leverage digitization and automation to streamline workflows, enabling systematic process execution and improving the quality of staff performance. With streamlined workflows in Laboratory Information Software, labs can adhere to standard operating procedures that are vital for medical labs and improve the accuracy of results, elevating efficiency towards patient care. On the whole, our best Lab Information Systems that streamline various lab workflows help boost overall lab performance, throughput, and therefore the lab’s ROI.

Efficient and Accurate Reporting

The LIS Laboratory System, through analyzer interfacing and sample process automation, offers efficient and accurate reporting. It seamlessly captures, stores, and manages testing information in real time. Lab equipment integration with LIS (Lab Information Systems) ensures instant recording of test results, eliminating the need for manual reporting and reducing human error. The solution streamlines data collection and reporting, optimizing efficiency and turnaround time. By utilizing the best LIS System, laboratory professionals can rely on automated lab solutions to enhance reporting quality, resulting in improved patient care & overall lab performance.

Improves Quality of Patient Care

The Laboratory Information System (LIS) enables seamless access to patient medical histories, test results, and physician's notes. Laboratory Information Software securely stores and exchanges critical patient information in real time among healthcare professionals. This effortless accessibility to comprehensive medical profiles enhances operational efficiency and improves the quality of patient care. With LIS, laboratory professionals can make informed decisions based on on-demand information, improving treatment outcomes.

Benefits of Laboratory Information System for Lab, Staff & Patients







Streamlined Operations

Paperless Management

Seamless & Connected Experience

Real-Time Decision Making

On-Demand Data Accessibility

Convenient Booking and Payments

Improved Quality Control

Faster Communication & Collaboration

Digitally Available Reports

Our LIS Automation System Is Compliant With

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Explore the Significance of LIS in Laboratory Operations with Our Laboratory Information Software

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