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A Medical Laboratory Information System (LIS) enhances lab accuracy through standardized processes, workflow automation, and quality control, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining high service quality.

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How CrelioHealth Medical LIS Elevating Your Lab with Precision, Connectivity, and Insights.

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Patient Registration System

Facilitates the seamless and efficient integration of patient registration within the Medical Lab Information System, which holds vital demographic & contact information with precision.

Customizable Report Templates

Empowers users by allowing customization of comprehensive report formats within the sophisticated Medical LIS System, meeting specific laboratory requirements precisely.

Security and Compliance

Safeguard data integrity and ensure regulatory compliance by implementing robust access control measures and complete audit trails within the Medical Laboratory Information System.

EMR/EHR Integration

Facilitates secure data exchange by seamlessly connecting with Electronic Medical Records within the integrated Medical Lab Information System, ensuring seamless interoperability.

Interactive Dashboards

Facilitates efficient data interpretation by providing interactive displays within the integrated Medical Lab Information System, enabling expeditious visualization and insightful analysis.

Mobile App Compatibility

Enables effortless remote access and enhances functionality through dedicated mobile applications within the user-friendly and complete framework of the Medical LIS System platform.

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Versatile Medical LIS for All Types of Labs and Specialties

Clinical Pathology

Optimize lab management with a top-tier Medical Laboratory Information System, offering intelligent reporting, seamless interfacing, and specialized instrument integrations for clinical pathology activity.

Molecular Pathology

Manage molecular samples seamlessly in the Medical LIS System with automated workflows, customizable processes, and adept tracking. Hoist molecular pathology testing through automated PCR plating.


Seamless integration with frequently utilized toxicology machines such as Shimadzu LC-MS 8060 CL and Immunalysis ImmToxâ„¢ 270 Benchtop. Raise capacity with automated processes, delivering faster results.

Genetic Testing

Simplify genetic testing procedures through automated solutions and reporting in the Medical LIS System. Benefit from multi-stage sample management and tracking, optimizing TAT with minimal redundancy.


Optimize histopathology testing with the Medical Lab Information System, featuring boolean search, sample plating, tracking, and enhanced process standardization for improved accuracy & operational efficiency.


Elevate microbiology testing in the Medical Laboratory Information System with custom report formats, AST reports, and enhanced conclusions through sample automation, tracking, and analyzer interfacing.

Ready to Redefine Lab Outcomes? CrelioHealth’s Medical Lab Information System is Your Answer

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Single Solution for Patient Booking to Report Dispatch

  • Automate-workflow Facilitates efficient patient registration, capturing important demographic and contact details into the system effortlessly for improved accuracy and enhanced data management.
  • No-printing-cost The Medical Laboratory Information System captures and oversees patient billing and insurance details, facilitating precise billing and streamlining reimbursement processes.
  • Intuitive-easy-use Ensure timely lab report delivery with CrelioHealth's Medical LIS. System adeptly sends reports to healthcare providers and patients, utilizing tracking for accelerated delivery.
creliohealth's lis information system, safeguards your sensitive information through top-notch measures, ensuring data privacy and security

CrelioHealth's Medical LIS is Dedicated to Data Security

  • data-privacy CrelioHealth's Medical LIS System is designed with data privacy in mind. Our Medical LIS ensures all customer data is secure, encrypted, & backed up daily.
  • HIPAA-compliant We are compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR & SOC II, and all internal, as well as external data access, is audited & logged on the customer account.
  • Web-security-encryption At CrelioHealth, we prioritize robust data security, utilizing HTTPS for all connections to ensure comprehensive end-to-end web security for lab information and sensitive data.
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Gain Superior Control and Visibility in Your Finances with Medical LIS

  • weekly-software-updates Effortlessly access a comprehensive business summary with Medical LIS, managing accounting details with user-friendly MIS reports, easily searched, filtered, and shared in system.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region Efficiently manage payments with our advanced Medical LIS. Simplify report delivery, automate collections, & seamlessly integrate online payments in B2B & patient for transactions.
  • COVID-workflows-us-region Effectively manage financial aspects with CrelioHealth's Medical LIS. Gain real-time insights for informed decisions. Invest in our innovative system for orderly financial tracking.
creliohealth's lis information system, safeguards your sensitive information through top-notch measures, ensuring data privacy and security

Automate Test Result Quality Control with Integrated Module

  • data-privacy The Medical Lab Information System uses automated quality control based on Westgard Rules, evaluating test results & flagging deviations for high accuracy & reliability.
  • HIPAA-compliant Medical LIS System logs CAPA comments linked to result exceptions, providing detailed insights for a complete audit trail, aiding continuous growth & quality standards loyalty.
  • Web-security-encryption The Medical LIS facilitates bulk resolution of flagged reports stirred by rarity, allowing administrators to address multiple reports, operational efficiency & maintaining data integrity.

Count on Our Dedicated Experts for Smooth
Medical LIS System Implementation

With more than ten years of proficiency in implementing flexible lab solutions across Molecular, Toxicology, Reference, and Physician Office labs, our committed team guarantees a seamless integration of the Medical Laboratory Information System (Medical LIS). Our adaptable solution evolves alongside each lab's unique demands, effortlessly bringing together multiple systems. Despite system expansion, our system remains consistent, ensuring security and zero data loss. Supported by our experts and comprehensive Public API documentation, we provide reliable and seamless lab software integrations, addressing a variety of business needs.

Three-phase of Medical Laboratory Information System Implementation Aided by Expert Support

Easy Digital Requisition and Bookings

Quick Setup

Enhance productivity and conserve resources with the straightforward implementation and seamless operation of our plug-and-play solution within the Medical LIS System framework.

Get Higher Claim Success Rates

User-Friendly Design

Effortlessly navigate through a diverse range of features with minimal training, assuring a seamless and enriched user experience within the comprehensive Medical Laboratory Information System.

Minimize Delays in Reports Delivery

24X7 Support

Experience continuous & dedicated 24/7 expert support within the Medical Lab Information System, ensuring a seamless & well-supported user experience all over your interaction with the system.

The Most Agile RIS PACS Software for Medical Imaging Management

Integrate Various Systems With Medical LIS
Flexibility of Using Open APIs
Devices Integrations

What is Medical Laboratory Information System?

A Medical Laboratory Information System is an advanced software solution designed for the efficient management of clinical laboratories and hospitals. Medical Lab Information System meticulously tracks patient samples, generates detailed reports for various medical tests, and seamlessly integrates with electronic health records. This integration ensures efficient data sharing, contributing to a more interconnected healthcare environment. Workflow management features optimize laboratory processes and quality control measures guarantee the precision of test results. With a focus on patient information management, the Medical LIS System plays a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy within medical laboratories, ultimately improving patient care.

Transformative Features of Medical LIS Turning Labs into Hubs of Efficiency and Success


Comprehensive Reporting

Empowering lab staff, the comprehensive Medical LIS System robust tools for detailed reports and comprehensive insights across various processes. Concurrently, it equips managers with insightful analytics for thorough performance evaluation, fostering continuous process improvements and enabling strategic planning with precision. This approach ensures the Medical LIS stands as an invaluable asset in optimizing lab operations and achieving organizational excellence.

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Laboratory Analytics & Insights

Within the comprehensive framework of the Medical Lab Information System, these invaluable insights play a pivotal role in optimizing workflows, identifying specific areas for enhancement, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The analytics embedded in the Medical Laboratory Information System contribute to a take-charge approach in refining lab operations and ensuring ongoing excellence.

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Mobile Accessibility

With user-friendly and mobile-responsive interfaces, the Medical Laboratory Information System ensures seamless accessibility across various devices. This feature not only empowers lab professionals to remotely access critical data but also allows them to perform essential tasks with ease. The flexibility and reactivity provided by the Medical LIS contribute to a streamlined workflow for laboratory professionals.

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Interoperability and Connectivity

The advanced Medical Lab Information System (Medical LIS) excels in fostering interoperability by connecting with other healthcare systems. This integration ensures a burnished exchange of data, encouraging collaboration and establishing comprehensive patient care. This connectivity ensures that medical professionals have the necessary tools for effective decision-making and patient management.

Curious about the affordability of CrelioHealth's Medical LIS?

CrelioHealth stands out in the market by offering the most competitive pricing for Medical Laboratory Information System software. Our pricing structure operates on a subscription model, catering to labs of diverse sizes and types with plans tailored to starter, standard, advanced, and enterprise levels. This adaptable pricing model accommodates various types of lab businesses, including B2B labs, Multi-center Labs, D2C labs, Physician office labs, Reference labs, Hospital-based labs, etc. Depending on specific needs or customized upgrades, the pricing for Medical Lab Information System may vary for these different lab types. This flexibility empowers labs to customize their software package, ensuring a cost-effective solution that precisely aligns with their unique requirements & preferences.

These Are The Benefits of Medical LIS System For Labs


The adoption of an advanced Medical Laboratory Information System revolutionizes laboratory operations through streamlined processes, automation, and efficient resource utilization. Medical LIS System guarantees a significant reduction in turnaround times, ensuring the swift delivery of diagnostic results. Rigorous automation minimizes inaccuracy, enhancing the precision of laboratory outcomes and increasing comprehensive productivity. The integration of a Medical Laboratory Information System marks a new era characterized by enhanced efficiency and truthfulness in medical laboratories.

Improves Quality of Patient Care

Within the Medical Laboratory Information System, meticulous data management and stringent adherence to quality control measures ensure utmost precision, significantly reducing errors. This systematic approach strengthens the authenticity of diagnostic conclusions by consistently producing more accurate test results. The seamless integration of precise data management and robust quality control within the Medical Lab Information System not only minimizes errors but also elevates the overall dependability, accuracy, and integrity of healthcare insights, instilling confidence in diagnostic precision.

Patient Care

The integration of the Medical Lab Information System ensures a flow of operations, providing effortless access to patient records, swift retrieval of test results, and accelerated turnaround times. In essence, Medical LIS significantly contributes to the increase of patient care by facilitating quicker diagnoses, enabling timely interventions, & tending to improved communication between healthcare providers & patients. This comprehensive system not only streamlines processes but also establishes a foundation for more efficient healthcare delivery, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and patients a like.

Ever Considered The Impact Of Medical LIS On Your Lab's Success?

Discover the capabilities of our advanced Medical LIS for optimized lab operations. Experience its comprehensive features in a free demo, where our experts will demonstrate its efficiency in managing daily sample volumes. Leverage this Medical Lab Information System to streamline processes, maximize resource utilization, and elevate efficiency and productivity. Reach out to us for deeper insights