Redefine Radiology Management with The Next-Gen PACS Imaging Software

Experience the most intelligent approach to radiology reporting and management with our highly secure PACS. Our PACS Imaging Software ensures seamless PACS image storage, extensive manipulation capabilities, and prompt communication across the radiology network.

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Overcome Radiology Management Challenges with Our Smart PACS Imaging Systems

Unparalleled Workflow Optimization

Optimizing Radiology Workflows

Empower your radiology practice with our PACS Imaging System to boost productivity. Our PACS Digital Imaging System ensures efficiency by optimizing radiology workflows, reducing errors, and improving turnaround time (TAT).

Convenient & Reliable Data Management

Simplified PACS Image Management

Effectively manage large volumes of patient data using the PACS System, ensuring secure PACS image storage, exceptional accuracy, and convenient sharing, all while implementing lossless compression techniques.

Quick Communication & Collaboration

Hassle-Free PACS Image Sharing & Collaboration

Effortlessly engage in collaborative PACS image sharing that is easily accessible on PACS image viewer. Our top-tier PACS Imaging System enables smooth connectivity for effective collaboration among healthcare professionals.

How CrelioHealth PACS Imaging System Stands Out From The Rest

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More PACS Image Storage More Value For Money

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Less Cost
Super Affordable For An Avg. Study Size

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To Upload A Single Image Faster Upload With Loss Less Compression

How CrelioHealth PACS Imaging Software Boosts Imaging Excellence

Our Advanced PACS Imaging System seamlessly integrates with the RIS, ensuring efficient storage of imaging results, expedited reporting, & seamless communication throughout the radiology network.

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PACS Imaging Software for Seamless Image Management In PACS

Digitally Available Images

Digitally Available Images

Healthcare professionals can securely view, analyze, diagnose, and share patients' digital radiology images, studies, and scans from various modalities using a DICOM viewer, accessible anytime.

High Quality Images Transmission

PACS Imaging With High-Quality Images Transmission

Facilitates seamless transfer of PACS imaging studies while preserving image quality. Our PACS Imaging Systems enables quick upload of high-precision images with lossless compression.

Hassle-free Sharing & Distribution

Seamless PACS Image Sharing & Distribution

Equip your radiology center staff with a seamless way to securely manage and share images. Generate study links using PACS Imaging Software for transferring images to radiologists, surgeons, doctors, and patients, eliminating the need for film printing.

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 No Overheads on Physical Storage

No Overheads On Physical PACS Image Storage

Standing as one of the best PACS Imaging Systems that use a cloud platform, it requires no extra expenditure on discs, drives, pen drives, or any other physical PACS image storage.

Low Maintenance Cost And Low Server Downtime

High Server Uptime With Minimum Maintenance Cost

With our PACS Imaging Systems, get guaranteed 99% PACS server uptime for smooth and uninterrupted continuity of radiology operations with zero server maintenance costs.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

24/7 Backup & Disaster Recovery

We are a top imaging PACS Systems provider in the market that offers secure backup of your PACS imaging data all the time and claims smooth business continuity with disaster recovery benefits.

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Automating Radiology Processes with PACS Imaging Software

organized appointment scheduling management

A Completely Connected Experience with PACS & RIS

Integrating PACS Digital Imaging with RIS facilitates radiology management, reporting, and result management. Smooth integration enables a completely connected experience for radiologists, providers, and surgeons effectively.

Emergency Management & Critical Call

Customized & Faster Reporting For Speedy Diagnosis

Easy and on-demand access to the PACS image viewer and custom radiology report formats enable speedy reporting capabilities. The ability to attach annotated scans to reports improves patient experience.

Effective Diagnosis with Patient History

Streamlined Scheduling & Patient Management

Manage modality worklists efficiently using PACS Imaging Systems. Discover organized patient management through automatic synchronization of patient appointments to imaging devices.

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Connected Experience

Manage Emergency Cases Effectively Using Critical Call

Use the most Agile PACS Imaging Software to manage emergency cases for better patient outcomes. Get critical call highlights and notifications on patient reports for faster decision-making.

Faster Reporting & Speedy Diagnosis

Dedicatedly Improving Diagnosis With Patient History

A robust platform that offers flexible PACS image storage capabilities with past health records assists doctors in diagnosing patients' health more effectively than ever.

Efficient Finance Handling

Retrieve Data Using Boolean Search & Advanced Filters

Search past and present patient reports and imaging studies easily using the Boolean Search option. This allows searching and filtering reports using keyword search options in PACS.

Explore CrelioHealth's PACS Imaging System for Unique Features Enhancing PACS Image Management

The OHIF-based PACS Imaging Software stands out with all-powerful and advanced image manipulation capabilities, providing unparalleled control and precision for effective PACS image management.

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Flexible Image Manipulation

Flexible Image Manipulation

The user-friendly PACS Solution interface offers exceptional image viewing capabilities such as magnification, rotation, window leveling, panning, and depth adjustment, improving diagnostic abilities and expediting assessments.

Advanced Multi-view Display

Advanced Multi-View Display

With PACS System's intuitive features, easily compare multi-view radiology images within patient studies, utilizing 2D multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) across axial, sagittal, & coronal perspectives.

Progressive OHIF-based PACS Viewer

Progressive OHIF-Based PACS Viewer

Our PACS Imaging Software system continuously provides updates and improvements to the Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) PACS image viewer.

What Is A PACS Imaging System?

A PACS Imaging System is a medical technology infrastructure designed to digitally acquire, store, distribute, and display medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds. It streamlines the workflow of medical imaging departments by replacing traditional film-based methods with electronic versions. PACS Imaging Systems consist of several components, including imaging modalities (such as scanners), a secure network for transmitting images, workstations for viewing and interpreting images, and long-term storage archives.

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Importance Of PACS Image Management

The importance of PACS image management lies in its ability to enhance efficiency, accessibility,
and quality of patient care. Here's why it's crucial:


PACS eliminates the need for manually handling and storing physical film, reducing the time it takes to retrieve and share images. This streamlines workflow processes, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.


Digital images stored in PACS are easily accessible from multiple locations, allowing healthcare professionals to view them remotely. This facilitates collaboration among medical teams and enables quicker consultations and decision-making.


Digital images produced by PACS Systems tend to be of higher quality than traditional film-based images. This enhances diagnostic accuracy and reduces the need for repeated imaging, minimizing patient exposure to radiation and improving overall healthcare outcomes.

Key Features of PACS Imaging Software

Discover the capabilities of CrelioHealth's PACS Imaging Software for efficient PACS image management. Enhance the operations of your radiology imaging center with our comprehensive software solution.

Image Storage and Retrieval

Image Storage and Retrieval

PACS Imaging System enables healthcare providers to store extensive amounts of medical images digitally, facilitating easy retrieval and viewing, thereby eliminating the necessity for physical film archives.

Remote Access

On-Demand Remote Access

PACS allows healthcare professionals to retrieve medical images from various locations, providing significant value for remote diagnosis, consultations, and collaboration among healthcare teams.

Integration with RIS and EHR

Integration With RIS And EHR

PACS Imaging System integrates with other healthcare information systems like RIS & EHR to offer a holistic view of patient data. This integration streamlines patient care and optimizing workflows.

Image Distribution

PACS Image Sharing

PACS facilitates the distribution of medical images to diverse healthcare professionals engaged in patient care, including referring physicians, surgeons, and specialists, and also assists them in diagnosis & treatment.

Viewer Tools

PACS Image Viewer Tools

PACS image viewers enable medical image examination and interpretation. Radiologists & Healthcare professionals can manipulate images, adjust contrast, zoom in, & perform additional functions to assist in diagnosis.

Security and Privacy

Data Security And Privacy

PACS Software prioritizes security and privacy, implementing measures such as user authentication, encryption, and audit trails to safeguard patient data and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Benefits Of CrelioHealth PACS Imaging Software

Complete Remote Accessibility

PACS System provides remote accessibility through a cloud platform, enabling healthcare professionals to make an informed decisions swiftly, thus aiding in fast diagnoses for better patient care.

Secure & Unlimited PACS Image Storage

Hosted on the cloud servers, CrelioHealth offers unlimited storage space for PACS imaging scans. HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001:2013 compliance ensures secure PACS image storage.

PACS System Integrated With RIS

Managing appointment bookings, patient records, and reporting is easier and effortless, while Imaging (PACS) System offers smooth integration with any Radiology Information System (RIS)

Seamless Patient Management

Enable hassle-free patient management through the patient journey with PACS that automatically synchronizes patient data with visit details and other information, along with real-time updates.

How CrelioHealth RIS And PACS System Works

how crelio pacs radiology software works

Single Application to Connect Multiple Modalities

A simple, easy-to-use single application to connect all types of devices that support DICOM



All X-Ray devices like Wipro GE Healthcare, Amazon Consultants, Siemens Healthcare, etc., with DICOM protocol are supported.

ultrasound (USG)

Ultrasound (USG)

All Ultrasound equipment like Shimadzu Co., Hitachi Medical Corporation, Esaote, etc., that include DICOM protocol is supported.

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

All MRI machines like Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, and Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Toshiba) that follow DICOM protocol are supported.

computed tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography (CT)

DICOM-supported CT Scan devices like Hitachi Medical Corporation, Philips Healthcare, Canon Medical Corporation (Toshiba), etc., are suitable.

positron emission tomography (PET)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Works with all PET machines like GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, etc., that are DICOM-protocol supported.



Fluoroscopy devices like Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare, etc., that use the DICOM protocols are supported.

nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Suitable on nuclear medicine devices like Philips Healthcare, Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Toshiba), etc., with DICOM viewer support.



Angiography equipment like Siemens Healthcare, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Cordis, etc., that follow DICOM protocols are supported.

Practice Digital & Uninterrupted Radiology Management Using The Next-Gen PACS Imaging Software

Explore streamlined PACS image storage, radiology imaging management, and transfer capabilities with our cutting-edge PACS Imaging System. Simplify radiology management, streamline reporting, and enjoy unlimited storage space and constant accessibility with the added advantage of cloud integration. Reach out to our team of specialists for a personalized live demonstration showcasing the efficiency of our PACS Imaging Software in enhancing radiology management workflows.