image showcasing radiologist analyzing patient scans and studies received from lab using annotations and descriptions available in crelio ris pacs while reporting

Effortless Radiology Management with Cloud-Based RIS And PACS System

Experience quick image accessibility, hassle-free reporting, and improved collaboration by streamlining radiology management with our Cloud RIS integrated with the PACS. Our Cloud-based RIS supports DICOM-viewer, eliminating the need for film printing & storage.

How Cloud-Based Radiology Information System Transforms Complete Radiology Management

Unparalleled Workflow Optimization

Unparalleled Data Management

Manage large volumes of patient data right from order scheduling to image storage, accessibility, and sharing, leveraging radiology cloud storage across your network.

Convenient & Reliable Data Management

Optimized & Streamlined Radiology Workflow

Boost work efficiency and productivity without hindrances, achieve swift radiology turnaround times (TAT), and minimize manual errors using our advanced Cloud-based RIS.

Quick Communication & Collaboration

Quick Communication And Collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication among radiologists, providers, and patients through a user-friendly Cloud-based RIS, enhancing overall patient satisfaction & patient care.

Why Choose CrelioHealth as your PACS System Radiology Vendor?

cloud storage

The Only

Cloud-Based RIS and PACS System Available Globally

cost saving

Complaint With

HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, And ISO 27001:2013 Security Regulations

time processing

Unlimited Storage

That Offers Limitless Capacity with Lossless Compression

Seamless Reporting and Sharing Capabilities Enhanced by Radiology Cloud

Enhance the capabilities of your Radiology centers by incorporating the seamless Cloud-based Radiology Information System (RIS) coupled with PACS, providing dynamic radiology reporting templates, snippets, and customizable formats.

image illustrating radiology reporting dashboard that makes radiology reporting effortless with easy-to-search reporting templates, intelligent snippets and custom report formats

Revolutionizing Radiology Reporting for Unmatched Ease

Utilizing the Cloud-based RIS can simplify the online radiology reporting and management process for all involved parties and reduce unnecessary burdens associated with film printing throughout the radiology journey.

Dynamic Templates & Intellegent Snippet

Dynamic Templates and Intelligent Snippets

Creating personalized report views is now simpler than ever with dynamic radiology reporting templates and snippets. The use of pre-written texts generated from keywords and the incorporation of speech-to-text reporting capabilities further streamline the process, minimizing any potential delays.

Custom Report Formats

Customizable Radiology Report Formats

Effortlessly tailor radiology report formats using readily available templates and convenient editing features without any constraints on characters. Our Cloud-based Radiology PACS enables doctors to seamlessly alleviate the hassle of configuring new formats each time, expediting the radiology reporting process.

radiology workflow integrated with PACS offers a reporting software dashboard that allows lossless compression of radiology scan images & studies to upload it on cloud or attach it to radiology reports

Cloud RIS With Streamlined Radiology Workflow Integrated With PACS

Leverage the seamless integration of Cloud-based RIS and PACS to examine, diagnose, and collaborate on patient studies across various modalities, accessible anytime and anywhere through your web browser, significantly reducing turnaround time.

Digitally Available Images

Digitally Available Radiology Studies

Our Cloud-based Radiology Information System, along with PACS capabilities, enables physicians and radiologists to digitally review imaging scans through a web-based DICOM viewer.

Lossless Image Upload & Transmission

Lossless Radiology Image Upload & Transfer

The smooth integration of a Cloud RIS with PACS facilitates the swift uploading of high-precision radiology images and studies, ensuring a rapid & accurate diagnosis within seconds or minutes.

Effortless Sharing & Distribution

Effortless Report Sharing & Distribution

Cloud-based Radiology Information System offers streamlined workflows that enable the sharing of studies with radiologists, surgeons, doctors, and patients through a link, eliminating the need for film printing or other associated overhead costs.

The Most Responsive Cloud RIS PACS for Radiology Imaging & Scan Management


More Storage Capacity
More Value for Money


Less Cost For An Avg. Study Size


To Upload A Single Image
Faster Upload with Loss Less Compression

Upgrade Your Radiology Management Experience With Cloud-Based RIS PACS

Boost the efficiency of Radiology Management by leveraging the capabilities of the most robust Cloud-based RIS integrated with PACS. This advanced software facilitates seamless order management and enhances report research and analysis skills.

image showcasing powerful radiology reporting software that uploads multiple radiology scan images and studies with lossless compression capabilities, annotations and higher storage capacity

Unmatched Benefits of Radiology Lab Management

Optimize the workflow at your radiology lab by automating processes, starting from scheduling appointments to generating reports and sharing. This automation aims to minimize operational and reporting turnaround time.

Remote Reporting

Manage Digital Reporting Remotely

PACS System, coupled with an RIS and hosted in the cloud, enables doctors to access and report on medical images remotely, providing the convenience of tele-reporting from any location.

Doctor Assignment & Management

Doctor Assignment & Management

Cloud RIS platform facilitates the assignment of doctors to specific cases to enable efficient management of doctor-approved report counts and centralize financial and revenue handling.

Image Viewing & Management

Radiology Image Viewing & Management

Integrated with PACS, Cloud RIS enables simultaneous viewing of studies in a DICOM viewer during the reporting process. The radiology cloud advantage offers seamless attachment of studies to the patient portal without the burden of storage overhead.

image shows report view of radiology report software with advanced features like boolean search, multi-layer and keyword based search filters, report research & analysis feature.

Advanced Search for Report Research & Analysis

Optimize your research and analysis with the top-notch Cloud-based Radiology Information System, designed to elevate the utilization of radiology reports and provide on-demand access to insightful & analytical information.

Appointment & Scheduling

Boolean & Advanced Report Search

Radiology report interpretation is made easier by using keywords through advanced filters based on date or specific criteria. Improve accessibility with quick research and analysis of historical cases.

Worklist data management On Machines

Export Results Over a Click

Generate multiple reports in bulk concurrently in a click using our Cloud-based RIS and PACS, incorporating advanced search features and filters to improve radiology studies.

image of radiology patient scheduling software dashboard that illustrates patient worklist seamlessly with automated control

Effortless Bookings Management with Auto-Control

With an advanced Cloud-based Radiology PACS, efficiently handle daily orders for both online and walk-in appointments, streamlining the scheduling process and reducing manual redundancies.

Boolean & Advance Report Search

Scheduling & Appointment Bookings

Establish control over online appointment bookings based on time, working hours, & holidays. Effectively handle various types of booking schedules over a range of demographics, incorporating time-dependent auto-discount controls.

Export Results

Worklist Management on Imaging Machines

The CrelioHealth Cloud RIS PACS transmits worklist data directly to your imaging device, streamlining the process while eliminating the need for manual data entry during a patient visit.

What Is a Cloud-Based Radiology Information System?

A Cloud-Based Radiology Information System (RIS) is a medical software solution that manages and organizes radiological information in healthcare settings. Radiology information includes patient data, imaging studies, and other relevant diagnostic and interventional radiology procedure information. Cloud RIS offers PACS integration, radiology reporting, and stakeholder communication and collaboration, which are easier than ever. By leveraging radiology cloud storage, healthcare providers can benefit from increased accessibility, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved scalability. Cloud-based RIS contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of radiology departments in healthcare organizations.

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Features Of Cloud-Based Radiology Information System (RIS)

The key feature of a Cloud-based RIS is that it operates on cloud infrastructure, allowing users to access and manage the system remotely over the internet.

Image Storage and Retrieval

Patient Data Management

The Cloud-based Radiology Information System stores & manages essential patient demographic information, scheduling details, and other relevant information.

Remote Access

Workflow Management

Cloud-based Radiology Information System helps schedule radiology appointments efficiently, manage workflow, and optimize resource utilization.

Integration with RIS and EHR

Image Tracking and Archiving

The Cloud-based RIS System tracks and archives radiological images, making it easy for healthcare professionals to retrieve and review patient studies when needed.

Image Distribution


Radiologists use the Cloud-based RIS to create and manage diagnostic reports. These reports are often integrated with PACS for seamless access to images.

Viewer Tools

PACS Integration

Cloud RIS integrated with PACS allows seamless storage & retrieval of medical images and information between the RIS and the imaging devices.

Security and Privacy

Billing and Coding

Cloud-based RIS Systems often include billing and coding functionality, helping healthcare providers manage the financial aspects of radiology services.

Security and Privacy

Remote Access

Cloud-based Radiology Information Systems enable healthcare professionals to access the RIS from different locations, improving flexibility and collaboration.

Security and Privacy

Security and Compliance

Cloud-based RIS providers implement robust security measures to protect patient data and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, such as HIPAA.

Security and Privacy

Information Exchange

Enables communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals involved in the radiology workflow, such as referring physicians, radiologists, and technologists.

Additional CrelioHealth Radiology PACS Software Offerings

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Link-Based Faster Sharing

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Secure Communication

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Integrated Billing and Invoicing

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Inbuilt Feature-Packed Di-com Viewer

benefits tick

Secure Patient Registry

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Consent Based Sharing & Deletion

image showcases radiologists analyzing and studying radiology images through cloud radiology software accessibility
image showcasing dashboard to upload high-quality radiology images on crelio pacs cloud storage on secure server

Benefits Of CrelioHealth Clous-based RIS and PACS Systems

Digitally Available Images

Faster Reporting & Speedy Diagnosis

Improve the efficiency of reporting by employing customized report templates in the Cloud-based RIS PACS System. Facilitate the annotation of images and studies, directly linking them to radiology reports accompanied by detailed descriptions, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy and improving patient care outcomes.

High Quality Images Transmission

Flexible Image Manipulation

The robust interface of the PACS, along with unmatched image viewing capabilities like magnification, rotation, window leveling, panning, thickness adjustment, etc., enhances diagnostic capabilities and facilitates prompt assessments.

Hassle-free Sharing & Distribution

Advanced Multi-View Display

The user-friendly features of our Cloud RIS PACS allow you to analyze multi-view radiology images within patient studies using 2D multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), which includes axial, sagittal, and coronal views, facilitating a comparison.

Hassle-free Sharing & Distribution

Progressive OHIF-Based PACS Viewer

The CrelioHealth Cloud RIS PACS platform continually delivers updates and enhancements for the Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) viewer. By choosing CrelioHealth as your PACS Software vendor, you can be assured that there will be no compromises on the quality and maintenance of radiology imaging management.

How CrelioHealth Cloud-Based RIS And PACS Work

how crelio pacs radiology software works

List Of Modalities That Our Radiology Solution Is Best Suited For, Transforming The Imaging Experience For All


CT Scan

ultrasound (USG)

PET Scan


computed tomography (CT)





nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine



The above modalities that use the DICOM protocol are well-supported for CrelioHealth Cloud-based RIS and PACS.

Cutting-Edge Cloud-based RIS and PACS System to Propel Your Radiology Center into The Future

Dive into an agile Radiology Management journey, paired with a cutting-edge Cloud-based Radiology Information System (RIS) and smooth data transfer facilitated by our advanced PACS technology. Save business costs through the effortless management of radiology cloud storage, simplified reporting that comes with lossless compression, and constant availability, all enriched by the perks of PACS integration. Connect with our team of skilled professionals who will provide specialized assistance and deliver a complimentary live demo, illustrating the effectiveness of our Cloud-based RIS and PACS Software in managing radiology tasks.