image showcasing radiologist analyzing patient scans and studies received from lab using annotations and descriptions available in crelio ris pacs while reporting

Reduce Errors and Diagnose Faster with Reliable Radiology Imaging Software

Address productivity challenges in your lab with CrelioHealth's advanced RIS Imaging Software. It is designed to tackle scheduling, data management, compliance, and integrations all in one place.

Affordable Radiology Imaging Solutions to Overcome
Radiology Management Hurdles

Unparalleled Workflow Optimization

Unified Workflow Management

Efficiently manage sub-specialization, accelerate report turnaround times, and optimize request/result distribution workflows through advanced image management in radiology.

Convenient & Reliable Data Management

Collaboration and Communication

Improve communication between the radiology lab, referring units, and other stakeholders for seamless coordination facilitated by our Radiology Image Management Software.

Quick Communication & Collaboration

High-Performance and Reliability

CrelioHealth's Imaging Radiology Software Sets the Standard for High-Production Environments, Providing Unmatched Uptime for Dependable Radiology services.

Enhance Workflow with the Radiology Imaging System's Seamless PACS Integration

Effortlessly integrate any PACS system with CrelioHealth's Radiology Imaging Center Software. Our Radiology Imaging Software seamlessly collaborates with diverse PACS and EMR systems, guaranteeing smooth radiology workflows and enhanced communication across departments.

image illustrating radiology reporting dashboard that makes radiology reporting effortless with easy-to-search reporting templates, intelligent snippets and custom report formats

Radiology Imaging Solutions for Faster Radiology Reporting

Enhance efficiency in reporting and save time with RIS Imaging Software. Seamlessly integrate Radiology Image Management with PACS to automate tasks, oversee worklists, distribute reports, and access images effortlessly.

Dynamic Templates & Intellegent Snippet

Customized Report Formats

With CrelioHealth RIS Imaging Software, get customizable report templates to suit your requirements. Easily set up new report formats and quickly share reports across multiple stakeholders.

Custom Report Formats

Dynamic Templates and Intelligent Snippets

Our modern RIS Radiology and Imaging Software offers dynamic templates and intelligent snippets. Utilize speech-to-text reporting to enhance the reporting experience with streamlined efficiency.

Custom Report Formats

Automated Report Distribution

Leverage integrated RIS Radiology and Imaging Software alongside PACS to automate report distribution to referring physicians, specialists, and healthcare professionals.

Worklist data management On Machines

Multiple Report Formats

Simplify data sharing and empower professionals with diverse report export formats using our RIS Imaging Software, facilitating effortless transmission and collaborative care.

radiology workflow integrated with PACS offers a reporting software dashboard that allows lossless compression of radiology scan images & studies to upload it on cloud or attach it to radiology reports

Collaborate & Diagnose Faster with Secure Radiology Image Sharing Platform

We offer an innovative Radiology Image Sharing Platform, easily integrated with PACS, functioning as a comprehensive Radiology Image Viewer.

Digitally Available Images

Effortless Digital Image Access

Our Radiology Imaging Center Software offers easy access to patient studies. Doctors & radiologists can effortlessly view images using a DICOM viewer, for smooth radiology image management.

Lossless Image Upload & Transmission

Lossless Image Upload and Transmission

Facilitates quick uploading of high-precision images & studies for precise diagnosis, and improving radiology image management.

Effortless Sharing & Distribution

Simplified Sharing and Distribution

Share studies with healthcare professionals and patients using a URL link. Eliminate the need for printing or additional work, streamlining radiology image sharing and distribution efforts.

image showcasing powerful radiology reporting software that uploads multiple radiology scan images and studies with lossless compression capabilities, annotations and higher storage capacity

Best Radiology Image Viewing Software with Secured Data Management

CrelioHealth RIS Imaging Software enhances your radiology workflows with seamless PACS integration, robust security measures, simplified data access, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Remote Reporting

High Data Security

Ensure the utmost security for your radiology image storage with CrelioHealth's RIS Medical Imaging System. Benefit from PACS and RIS System integration, creating a secure repository for medical images while safeguarding sensitive patient data.

Doctor Assignment & Management

Single Access Point

Integrate our RIS Imaging Software with any EHR to provide a single access point for comprehensive patient data. Improve accuracy in diagnoses by easily accessing patient information.

Image Viewing & Management

Reduced Errors and Cost-effectiveness

Our robust Imaging Radiology Software significantly reduces data entry errors and costs associated with radiology operations.

Agile Radiology Image Viewing Software for Seamless Image Management in Radiology


More Radiology Image Storage


Less Cost For An Avg. Study Size


To Upload A Single Image

Why is Radiology Image Management Important?

Firstly, effective Radiology image sharing ensures seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals, enabling quick access to critical medical images for accurate diagnoses and timely treatment decisions. Utilizing Radiology Image Sharing Platforms enhances communication and coordination, leading to improved patient outcomes. Additionally, robust Radiology image storage systems guarantee the safe and secure archiving of medical images, preserving patient data integrity and facilitating long-term analysis and research. A reliable Radiology image viewer plays a central role in accessing and interpreting medical images with precision and efficiency, supporting clinicians in making informed decisions. Integrating these aspects within a comprehensive RIS Medical Imaging Solution optimizes workflow efficiency, enhances patient care, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards, ultimately contributing to the overall success of radiology practices.

Which Software is Used for Radiology Imaging?

In Radiology, various software solutions are utilized to streamline imaging processes and enhance diagnostic capabilities. These include Radiology Imaging Systems designed to manage and interpret medical images efficiently, providing tools for image acquisition, storage, and analysis. Additionally, Radiology Imaging Software facilitates image interpretation, enabling radiologists to manipulate, annotate, and report findings with precision. Within radiology centers, specialized Radiology Imaging Center Software is implemented to oversee patient scheduling, billing, and administrative tasks while integrating seamlessly with imaging equipment and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Overall, these comprehensive Radiology Imaging Solutions, encompassing RIS Imaging Software among others, play a vital role in optimizing workflow efficiency, ensuring accurate diagnoses, and improving patient care within radiology practices.

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Benefits Of Our Leading Radiology Imaging Solutions

Discover the optimal solution for your Radiology lab with our globally trusted Radiology Imaging Software. Our Radiology Image Sharing Platforms enhance workflow automation, ensuring seamless operations tailored to your unique needs.

image shows report view of radiology report software with advanced features like boolean search, multi-layer and keyword based search filters, report research & analysis feature.

Enhance Radiology Report Analysis with Advanced RIS Imaging Software

Access insightful and valuable data effortlessly with our advanced Radiology Imaging Software Solution.

Appointment & Scheduling

Boolean Report Search

Seamlessly explores radiology reports with our state-of-the-art search functionality, enabling precise retrieval of data. Enhance research accuracy by incorporating relevant keywords and filters using our Radiology Imaging Solutions.

Worklist data management On Machines

Bulk Report Export

Boost your radiology reporting efficiency with our RIS Imaging Software, which empowers you to export multiple reports simultaneously, streamlining your workflow.

image of radiology patient scheduling software dashboard that illustrates patient worklist seamlessly with automated control

How Does Radiology Imaging Software Simplify Tasks for Staff?

Our Radiology Imaging Software revolutionizes the registration & scheduling of patients by digitizing processes & automating daily tasks, freeing up staff to prioritize critical responsibilities.

Boolean & Advance Report Search

Digital Patient Management

The implementation of Radiology Imaging Software facilitates radiologists and physicians with access to real-time medical updates and histories.

Export Results

Efficient Inventory Control

Centralizing material inventory through Radiology Imaging System Software can assist radiology managers in making informed decisions, reducing costs, and maintaining efficient budgets.

Additional Benefits of Our Radiology Solutions

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Custom Report Formats

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Automated Appointment Reminders

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Integrated Billing and Invoicing

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Inbuilt Feature-Packed Di-com Radiology image viewer

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Secure Patient Registry

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Consent Based Sharing & Deletion

image showcases radiologists analyzing and studying radiology images through cloud radiology software accessibility

Our Radiology Imaging System Is Highly Flexible and Supports Multiple Modalities


CT Scan

ultrasound (USG)

PET Scan


computed tomography (CT)





nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine



Scale Your Radiology Labs with Trusted Radiology Imaging Software from Leading Radiology Centers

Unlock the Full Potential of image management in Radiology with State-of-the-Art Radiology Imaging Software. Our cutting-edge RIS imaging Software optimizes lab operations, providing efficient reporting, seamless sharing, and comprehensive analytics. Seamlessly connect across your network using our intuitive Radiology Imaging Solutions, integrated with PACS for efficient Radiology image sharing and storage. Contact our experts today for a live demo of the best RIS Medical Imaging Software, empowering your lab's growth and success.