image showcasing radiologist analyzing patient scans and studies received from lab using annotations and descriptions available in crelio ris pacs while reporting

A Leading Radiology Software Is Your Key to High Productivity

Managing a busy radiology imaging center efficiently is often challenging, leading to bottlenecks and reduced productivity. Our modern Radiology Solution streamlines operations with features like data management, scheduling, an exhaustive list of integrations, and more.

Automate Operations and Streamline Lab Management with Our All-in-One Radiology Software Solution

Unparalleled Workflow Optimization

Streamline Appointment Scheduling

CrelioHealth's Radiology Software Solutions improve imaging center efficiency through streamlined scheduling and automated reminders.

Convenient & Reliable Data Management

Simplify Data Management and Retrieval

Our Radiology System simplifies data management, securing patient information and enabling rapid data access for accurate diagnostics.

Quick Communication & Collaboration

Seamless Integration with Leading Tools

We offer the best Radiology Software, seamlessly integrating industry-leading tools for optimized lab management with enhanced compatibility & data exchange.

Optimize Radiology Lab Management with Our Exceptional Radiology Software

Enhance your radiology imaging center with our cutting-edge Radiology Solutions. Experience dynamic reporting templates, customizable formats, and secure, lossless sharing and distribution. Also, we easily integrate RIS & PACS for your convenience.

image illustrating radiology reporting dashboard that makes radiology reporting effortless with easy-to-search reporting templates, intelligent snippets and custom report formats

Enhance Reporting Workflows with Our Radiology Software Solutions

Simplify radiology reporting and management with our cutting-edge Radiology Software. Our Cloud-based solution streamlines the entire radiology process, ensuring efficiency for all stakeholders.

Dynamic Templates & Intellegent Snippet

Customized Report Formats

Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up new report formats with every case. Our solutions provide customizable report formats through user-friendly templates. Eliminate character limits, speed up reporting, and focus on what matters most – patient care.

Custom Report Formats

Dynamic Templates and Intelligent Snippets

Our Radiology Software Solutions come with out-of-the-box dynamic templates and intelligent snippets that personalize the reporting experience. Pre-written texts, keyword-based prompts, and speech-to-text capabilities enhance efficiency.

Custom Report Formats

Automated Report Distribution

Our software, in combination with PACS, automates the distribution of reports to referring physicians, specialists, and other healthcare professionals, ensuring timely access to critical information.

radiology workflow integrated with PACS offers a reporting software dashboard that allows lossless compression of radiology scan images & studies to upload it on cloud or attach it to radiology reports

Best Radiology Software with PACS Integration

With our Radiology Solutions, integration with PACS becomes seamless. Analyze, diagnose, and effortlessly share patient studies from various modalities through your browser, significantly reducing radiology TAT.

Digitally Available Images

Effortless Access to Digital Images

Radiology Imaging Center considers us the best Radiology Software because, once integrated with PACS, it empowers doctors and radiologists to view digital scans using a DICOM viewer easily.

Lossless Image Upload & Transmission

Lossless Image Upload and Transmission

The RIS or Radiology Softwares and PACS ensure swift, high-precision image and study uploads, enabling accurate diagnoses within seconds.

Effortless Sharing & Distribution

Simplified Sharing and Distribution

Radiology Software Solutions lets you easily share studies with other healthcare professionals and patients using a link without printing or extra work.

What is Radiology Information Software (RIS?)

Radiology Software or Radiology Information System (RIS), such as CrelioHealth, is a specialized computer application meticulously crafted to enhance efficiency and streamline radiology department operations. It seamlessly manages patient data, images, and reports, simplifying tasks for a smoother workflow. Automated scheduling, simplified report creation using templates and voice recognition, and seamless image access via PACS integration significantly reduce administrative burdens while expediting processes. For radiology facilities, this isn't just any solution; it's the best Radiology Software, a vital asset that enhances productivity and ensures top-notch patient care.

What is PACS?

PACS, or Picture Archiving and Communication System, is a pivotal component of modern Radiology Software Solutions. It stands out as the best Radiology Software for efficiently managing and distributing medical images, greatly benefiting radiology departments and healthcare organizations. PACS excels in image archiving, ensuring easy access and seamless sharing of radiological data. This not only streamlines radiology workflows but also enhances diagnostic accuracy.

Explore Crelio PACS

Streamline Radiology Lab Management with CrelioHealth’s Radiology System

Radiology System streamlines lab management through workflow automation,
ensuring efficient and error-free operations.

image showcasing powerful radiology reporting software that uploads multiple radiology scan images and studies with lossless compression capabilities, annotations and higher storage capacity

Boost Your Lab's Productivity with Smart Radiology Solutions

Our Radiology System is the ultimate solution for optimizing every aspect of your radiology facility. It offers a comprehensive suite designed to enhance your radiology imaging center's efficiency, precision, & overall performance.

Remote Reporting

Integrated Interpretation and Quality Tasks

Optimize interpretation and quality tasks, fostering improved communication in unified PACS or multi-PACS environments. Get dynamic prioritization, demand-supply alignment, and intelligent radiologist assignment.

Doctor Assignment & Management

Doctor Assignment & Management

Our Radiology Solution helps you easily assign doctors for specific cases, manage doctor-approved report count, and handle finances & revenue from a single place.

Image Viewing & Management

Efficient Radiology Workflow Management

With CrelioHealth Radiology Software Solution, streamline workflow with intelligent worklist organization, ensuring that the most qualified radiologists provide precise diagnoses.

image shows report view of radiology report software with advanced features like boolean search, multi-layer and keyword based search filters, report research & analysis feature.

Report Research & Analysis with Cutting-Edge Radiology System

Get the best software for comprehensive research using radiology reports. Access analytical and meaningful information effortlessly, putting the power of data at your fingertips.

Appointment & Scheduling

Advanced Report Search & Analysis

Easily explore radiology reports with advanced search. Improve research precision by adding keywords and filters, all powered by CrelioHealth.

Worklist data management On Machines

Streamlined Report Export

Efficiently export bulk reports simultaneously using cutting-edge Radiology System. Utilize advanced search options and filters to elevate radiology studies across diverse demographics.

Worklist data management On Machines

Automated Report Customization

Customize your radiology reports effortlessly with our best-in-class Radiology Solution. Our advanced features automate customization, delivering precise and meaningful information.

image of radiology patient scheduling software dashboard that illustrates patient worklist seamlessly with automated control

How does Radiology Software Simplify Tasks for Staff and Technicians?

CrelioHealth's Radiology System seamlessly transforms patient management for staff by digitizing registration and scheduling, providing instant access to comprehensive patient histories and real-time updates.

Boolean & Advance Report Search

Digital Patient Management

CrelioHealth's Radiology System digitizes patient registration and scheduling, allowing instant access to comprehensive histories and real-time updates for radiologists and physicians.

Export Results

Smart Resource Control

Radiology Solutions centralize material inventory, aiding radiology managers in informed decision-making, cost reduction, and efficient budget maintenance.

Export Results

Anywhere, Anytime Access

CrelioHealth's Radiology Software Solution allows staff members to access patient information and data from mobile devices, ensuring connectivity and responsiveness.

Additional Benefits of Our Radiology Solutions

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Custom Report Formats

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Automated Appointment Reminders

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Integrated Billing and Invoicing

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Inbuilt Feature-Packed Di-com Viewer

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Secure Patient Registry

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Consent Based Sharing & Deletion

image showcases radiologists analyzing and studying radiology images through cloud radiology software accessibility

List Of Modalities That Our Radiology Solution Is Best Suited For, Transforming The Imaging Experience For All


CT Scan

ultrasound (USG)

PET Scan


computed tomography (CT)





nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine



Innovative Radiology Software Solutions Trusted By Leading Radiology Imaging Centers

Upgrade your radiology management with our advanced Radiology Software Solutions. Our software simplifies lab tasks, providing custom reporting, easy sharing, and analysis advantages. Easily connect across your network with our user-friendly Radiology Software, seamlessly integrated with cloud PACS. Connect with our expert for a live demo of the Radiology System, ensuring a smarter and more efficient radiology lab.